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All pages and the cover are intact, but the dust cover may be missing. Pages may include moderate to heavy amount of notes and highlighting,but the text is not obscured or unreadable. May NOT include discs, access code or other supplemental materials. Your Comprehensive Training Guide to Puppies. Subtitle Surviving the First Six Months. Publisher: Omnibus Press; 2nd edition November 15, The item is in good condition with bends, creases and edge wear. See photos for details. Condition is Very Good.

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Delivery Options see all. Denise Zimmerman. Michael Miller. Rabbi Aaron Parry. Linda Johnson. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. It includes more spells and recipes than ever before, an expanded section on essential oils and herbs, magical concentration exercises, magical ethics, and much more.

There is also greater coverage of the Wiccan religion and its deities. Other books in this series. Add to basket. Music Composition Miller Michael. Consecration: A Means of Empowerment. Learning to Ground Yourself Before Ritual. Visualization Techniques You Can Use. Focus Is No Hocus Pocus. Fasting Before Ritual. Magick Music. Using Music in Ritual. Chants: Find Your Magickal Voice. Sacred Rituals Need a Sacred Place.

What Makes a Sacred Place Sacred? Setting and Respecting Sacred Boundaries. Crafting an Altar.

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What's So Special About an Altar? What Do Altars Look Like? Altar Specs. Altars Big and Small. Sanctuary: Indoor vs. Outdoor Altars. Permanent vs. Moveable Altars. What Goes on Your Altar? What Is a Magick Circle? Round vs. Getting Started. How to Cleanse the Sacred Space. How to Define the Circle.

How to Put Up the Circle. Where's the Altar? Summon, Stir, and Call: Calling in and Working with The Elements. The Elementals. The Deities. The Ancestors. The Watchtowers. Entering and Exiting a Magick Circle. Working Magick Within the Magick Circle. After the Magick Is Done. Relaxation: Good Communication. Conversation Within the Circle. How to Take Down the Circle. All About Pentagrams. P entagrams vs.

How Old Is the Pentagram? What Does the Pentagram Stand For? Five Points. Pick Your Pentacle. The Path of the Pentagram. Pentagrams in the Air. What About Inverted Pentagrams? To Wear, or Not to Wear IV: Working Magick. Esbats: Wicca Celebrates Moon Magick. Working with Lunar Energy. The New Moon: Initiation.

The Waxing Moon: Growth Potential. The Waning Moon: Taking Away. The Dark Moon: Take a Break. Drawing Down the Moon. Once in a Blue Moon. Seasonal Moons of the Lunar Calendar. January: Wolf Moon. February: Storm Moon.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft, 3rd Edition

March: Chaste Moon. April: Seed Moon. May: Hare Moon. June: Lover's Moon. July: Mead Moon. August: Wyrt Moon. September: Harvest Moon. October: Blood Moon. November: Snow Moon. December: Oak Moon. Blood of the Moon. Menstruation, Magick, and the Lunar Cycle. All About the Sun. What Are the Sabbats? Quartering the Year: Greater and Lesser Sabbats. Natural vs. Human-Made Holidays. Light the Balefire: When to Celebrate.

As a Solitaire, or in a Group. What's in a Wiccan Sabbat Ritual? The Wheel of the Year. Yule December 21 : Winter Solstice. Ostara March 21 : The Spring Equinox. Beltane April 30 : Handfasting of the Lord and Lady. Lughnassad August 2 : The Early Harvest.

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Mabon September 21 : Harvest Festival. The Guardians of the Watchtower. A Little Help from Your Friends. Tree Spirits. In the Company of Tapping into the Power of Spirit Guides. Spirit Animals. What Is Magick? Magick, Magic, and Prayer. Where Magick Starts. How Magick Works. Magickians and Witches: Highs and Lows. Magickal Ethics. Working with Magickal Energy. The Magick Circle Revisited. Building a Cone of Power. Directing a Cone of Power. Protect Yourself.

What Magick Can Do for You. Does the Witch Have to Harm to Heal? From High Ritual to Everyday Magick.

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All Kinds of Magick. Working with Magickal Colors. Magickal Signs and Symbols. Magickal Alphabets. Magickal Symbols. Magickal Inscriptions. That Something Extra. Magickal Clothing. Magickal Jewelry. Energy and Attitude. Channeling Chakras. Magickal Attitude. Talismans, Amulets, and Charms. Magickal Recipes. In Harmony with Nature. Working Magick with Crystals and Stones. Magickal Properties of Crystals and Stones. Finding, Buying, and Storing Crystals and Stones. Learning More. Working Magick with Herbs and Botanicals.

Magickal Herbs and Botanicals. Finding, Buying, and Storing Herbs and Botanicals. Working with Essential Oils. All About Essential Oils. Finding, Buying, and Storing Essential Oils. To Know If Wicca Is Right for You. Where to Start. When to Advance Yourself in the Craft. The Responsibilities of Being a Witch. What to Do with the Responsibility To Dare To Take the Challenge. To Confront the Issues of the Day. To Get Involved in Your Community.

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To Will To Follow Through. To Make a Change in the World. To Stand Firm in Your Beliefs. To Keep Silent To Listen and Learn. And Walk the Walk. Astrology: The Cosmic Muse.