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Enter email address. Welcome to Christianbook. Sign in or create an account. Search by title, catalog stock , author, isbn, etc. By: Lori Copeland , Virginia Smith. Watch Video. Wishlist Wishlist. More in Amish of Apple Grove Series. Advanced Search Links. Add To Cart. Add To Cart 0. Paperback Book. Though he's grateful to his friends Colin and Emma for helping him get on his feet again after a few bad choices and some hard living, surely the Lord doesn't want him to stay in Apple Grove forever.

Doesn't the Almighty have plans for this reformed rowdy cowboy to build a life of his own? Related Products. Lori Copeland. Lori Copeland , Virginia Smith. Have a question about this product? Ask us here. Cait and Grace headed to where the McCormack sisters were chatting with a group of young people. When her friend wrapped her arms around her new husband and kissed him, Meg looked away. Meg didn't want to be interested, but Miss Trudi had a way of speaking that drew you in. Just to be on the safe side, she grumbled, "I'm not interested.

Miss Trudi shook her finger in Meg's face. There's just something about making whoopee out under the stars that keeps a heart young, a mind sharp, and"-she leaned close to whisper in Meg's ear-"your coochie ready to do the hoochie! Meg nearly swallowed her tongue, trying not to picture the eighty-year-old in her birthday suit. There's still time to snag your man. Meg didn't want to admit to the nerves jangling inside of her.

She waited a beat until they settled back down and said, "I don't think so. A firm believer in playing fair, Meg shook hands, but had a funny feeling that Miss Trudi had an ace up her sleeve. Needing a few moments to herself, she sought out her dad to tell him she was going for a short walk and would be right back. She was relieved that the widow wasn't with him. Mary Murphy was very observant and might pick up on what was really bothering Meg. But if her father suspected she was brooding, he didn't let on.

Daniel Eagan downshifted then accelerated through the curve in the road leading him toward his new home-his new life in Ohio. Weeping hemlocks and spruce trees grew side by side with oak and maple trees. The sheer size and number of the trees were daunting. The shades of green melded into a blur as he picked up speed on the straightaway. Up ahead, there was a break in the trees; he slowed down to see if it was a driveway or the street he'd been looking for: Eden Church Road.

It was a pond just a few feet from the edge of the road. The weathered split-rail fence by the road was covered with vines. He couldn't guess what it was-he'd have to wait until spring. He checked his watch and saw that he'd made good time and could slow down and admire his surroundings.

The Amish of Apple Grove Series

What he saw made him smile. There was a brightly colored, inflatable, kid-sized canoe on the other side of the pond next to a beat-up rowboat, with a fence just beyond. Seeing the horses grazing on the other side of the fence, he wondered if the owners competed in equestrian events, like his friends back home in Sussex County, New Jersey.

He'd have to find out later; he wanted to get to his destination before late afternoon. He'd started to wonder if he'd missed his turn when all at once he noticed the bright yellow water tower looming ahead and knew he was almost there. He drove past a cornfield with a ship's mast and crow's nest and had to pull over, grab his cell phone, and snap a picture out the window to send to his cousin back home.

As he approached the water tower, he noticed writing on the side of it; in bold green letters it read: Marry me, Edie, Love Bill. He wasn't sure if it was the John Deere color scheme or the fact that someone would write a marriage proposal on the side of a water tower that tipped him off to the fact that he wasn't back East anymore-life was definitely different in the Midwest. He only hoped he'd fit in. He couldn't go back; he could only go forward. A few miles later, he saw the sign for Eden Church Road and slowed down to make the turn. He smiled. The county name at the top of the street sign-Licking County-just added to the charm.

The road ahead wound through gently rolling hills. Ten minutes down the road he noticed a farmer's wall-stones piled a few feet high and deep-outlining the property he could see up ahead. A huge barn, corral, and freshly painted white, two-story farmhouse, complete with the requisite wraparound porch and rocking chairs, were off to the left.

As he drove past, he saw a crowd of people gathered out on the lawn. He slowed down and took it all in-the women dressed in myriad colors standing amid the background of grays and dark blues of the men in jackets and ties.

There were long tables clothed in white and folding chairs sporting ridiculously large bows. Everyone seemed to be talking, laughing, and having a wonderful time. A wedding-he wondered if it was Edie and Bill from the water tower. As he drove past, he saw a figure up ahead and laughed.

His heart stuttered as the figure windmilled her arms to keep from falling, barely regaining her balance. Swerving to the shoulder, he threw the gearshift into park, cut the engine, and ran toward her as she lost her balance a second time. This time she pitched backward off the fence and into his waiting arms.

She weighed more than he'd thought she would, but that wasn't as much of a problem as the warning bells going off in his head as her curves brought his libido roaring to life. He opened his mouth to speak as she turned her head, and he nearly lost himself in the endless blue of her eyes. The sprinkling of freckles across the bridge of her nose captivated him, and they both laughed suddenly, for no apparent reason. He gently set her on her feet and noticed the bright green polish on her bare toes.

It somehow fit the intriguing young woman. Irritation tangled with thoughts he had no business thinking. The imp's head was even with his shoulder. She tilted back to look up at him. He was here for a new teaching job, and he was used to being the boss. Kids, and their parents, respected his authority. Why was this disconcerting new acquaintance giving him a problem? She put her hands on her hips, giving him a measuring look, and he began to wonder if she was older than he'd first thought.

He took in the swirl of pale green silk-but then remembered that some of the teenagers he'd taught dressed as if they were in their thirties. Looking for other clues as to her age, he focused on her face. The freckles hinted at youth, but he just wasn't sure. He shook his head and demanded, "Does your mother know you walk on fences? Now he'd gone and done it. It was obvious she'd lost her mother recently. Damn him for noticing the color and texture of her hair. If she was a minor, the local law would be taking him out behind the first available barn and shooting him for harboring the kind of thoughts he was having.

He had to put some distance between them. At her lilting laughter, he withdrew his hand and balled it into a tight fist. He didn't like to be laughed at. While he searched for the diplomatic words to put her in her place, she crossed her arms beneath the breasts he was trying his best to ignore and said, "Well, Dan Eagan, you would have been a welcome addition to the teaching staff a dozen years ago when I was there. Creed didn't have the high school girls' hearts all aflutter, like I am sure they will be when you walk into class. She smiled and he noticed the fine lines around her eyes and the maturity that comes with living life.

He narrowed his eyes. He clasped her hand in his and realized she'd known all along what he was thinking-and she seemed to enjoy the fact that he'd been caught off guard. In his book, he owed her Encouraged by the catch in her voice and interest in her gaze, he drew her even closer.

When she tumbled against him, he felt the jolt of energy all the way to his soul. Her eyes said yes, but her body tensed as if she wanted to say no. He waited a heartbeat for her to make up her mind. The instant she relaxed against him, he lowered his mouth until it was a breath from hers. Unable to resist her sassy mouth, he brushed his lips against hers. She might have expected heat, but it was their first kiss-a kiss that shouldn't even be happening-so instead of heat, he gave her softness and the promise of more to come. Then, unable to resist, he pressed his lips to the freckles on her nose and eased her out of his arms, wondering what had possessed him.

Indecision filled her gaze for a heartbeat before she grinned and launched herself at him. Before he could think of a reply, she was walking away from him, searching the side of the road for something. He could have sworn she said her mind, but when he asked her again, she called out over her shoulder, "My sandals-I dropped them when I fell. Dan found himself following her-he just couldn't seem to keep his distance.

He reminded himself that he wasn't ready for a relationship, and given what he'd been told about the size of Apple Grove, if he started an affair with the winsome Meg, one of their residents would be sure to find out. Was he ready for that? Meg watched Dan's eyes change from a soft, clear gray to the color of winter storm clouds and she wondered if he was angry or aroused.

He turned toward her and she got distracted by his strong jaw and the deep cleft in his chin. The temptation to touch it with the tip of her tongue had her staring at him, mesmerized He was built like a linebacker, but moved with the grace of a dancer. But the last thing she needed in this life was to get involved with another football player-a reminder of a past that would never be her future. She used to have a weakness for broad shoulders and muscular biceps.

When she'd fallen against Dan, tingles of awareness set off sparks of desire wherever their bodies had touched. He was a big man-the only part of her that hadn't brushed against him were the soles of her feet. She shivered at the thought; the reawakening of her libido was acutely painful.

That was the only explanation she could think of for why she'd been tempted beyond reason to kiss him-really kiss him: she'd lost her mind. Maybe it was the celebratory atmosphere of Dan and Edie's wedding Whatever the trigger had been, she'd acted on the impulse and had been rewarded. Although he'd been a perfect stranger, there was something perfectly wonderful about Dan Eagan, something she intended to explore-later. The sound of his deep voice broke through her wandering thoughts. When Dan handed her the other sandal, she drew in a calming breath.

It had been years since a man had affected her. It felt as if she'd been reawakened to sights, sounds, scents, and touch after years of moving through everyday life without feeling anything. She laughed as she stopped to slip into her other shoe. When she straightened up, he reached for her hand, entranced by her refreshing honesty. I'm a long way from home. The plaintive note in his voice tugged at her heartstrings.

She may have jumped the gun by tangling tongues with Dan before she got to know the man, but there was no use regretting a kiss that she would be replaying in her mind for days to come. Deciding to go with her gut, she said, "Town's closed up on account of Edie and Bill's wedding, but I know where we could get a good cup of coffee-my treat-and I could introduce you to some people. When Dan smiled, laugh lines formed around his eyes.

A Wedding in Apple Grove

It was nice to be attracted to a man who she hadn't known since grade school. This was a first for her and she felt giddy. There was an air of mystery about him, his personality a puzzle to be figured out-she couldn't wait to get started. She laughed and felt the years fall away. Easy in his company, she marveled that the day had done a complete one-eighty. Nothing like a little gut-burning passion to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Thoughts of Miss Trudi's prediction occurred to her and she asked, "Are you a betting man, Dan Eagan? That was a loaded statement-she'd have to find out what was behind that comment. As he moved to open the passenger side door for her, she stepped back and shook her head. A sidelong glance in Dan's direction had her mouth drying up. She swallowed-it was either that or drool. She knew she wouldn't be waiting long before she'd be following up that heart-pumping kiss with another. Good Lord, she needed to talk to Honey B.

She smiled up at him, took his hand, and led him away from the car and toward the boisterous crowd still gathered in Edie Parrish's backyard. Trudi Philo looked up from where she sat beneath the hundred-year-old oak tree and slowly smiled. Meg couldn't help but laugh. With a shake of her head, she grinned. Dan Eagan. He leaned close so he could gently grasp her hand. Like the crafty old dear that she was, Miss Trudi patted Dan's hand and drew him into the empty chair beside her.

Small world. Miss Trudi's eyes flashed a split-second warning that Meg was wise enough to heed. Our familial relationship had absolutely no bearing on the decision. Meg stared at Dan and noticed the tinge of pink on his cheeks. Was he embarrassed? It made him all the more human in her eyes. Unable to help herself, she gave in to the overwhelming need to tease.

Won't you, Dan? The sidelong look he cast her way had her fighting to hold back a bubble of laughter. Fifteen minutes in the man's company and she felt more alive than she had in months. Deciding to give the poor man a break, she urged, "Why don't you tell your aunt how we met? I'm sure she'd find it humorous. Dan's jaw clenched, and Meg wondered if she'd gone too far. Once she started to tease, it was hard to stop. He drew in a deep breath and rumbled, "Meg was walking on top of the fence and was about to fall off when I came along.

I caught her. Damn, she'd done it again, and after she'd been doing so well lately. It would have to be Sheriff Wallace catching her backsliding into her old habits. Sometimes the eight-year difference in their ages felt like two She'd been on the wrong side of the man more than once growing up. The last time had been her wake-up call that she wasn't immortal.

The memory of having been caught and, worse-having to be rescued a third time-made her face burn with embarrassment. The sheriff had seemed like a god to her youthful imagination the time he'd climbed up the water tower and reached out his broad-palmed hand to grasp hers, pulling her to safety. She owed the man her life. Since she hadn't come up with a way to repay the favor, the very least she could do was listen to him. She liked Miss Philo; she just got carried away every once in awhile and forgot about her colorful language.

In her defense, she'd learned most of it working alongside her father. The sheriff held out his hand while she continued, "Dan, I'd like you to meet Sheriff Mitch Wallace," she said with a nod in the lawman's direction as he joined their little group. She could tell by the teasing tone of his voice that he wasn't bothered by the fact that she didn't.

I can't remember when you weren't. Dan's face was alight with amused interest as her childhood high jinks were being recounted. Aren't you going to answer? Meg cleared her throat. She didn't want to dredge up any more of her past history. That was enough for one night. Although she enjoyed the odd moments when memories of her mother came flooding back, she didn't like to dwell on them because they always reminded her of mother's untimely death.

As if he sensed the direction of her thoughts, Mitch chuckled, drawing her attention back to him. She blew out a breath and said, "I didn't get stuck every year. If being the subject of morning gossip over coffee at the local diner didn't bother him, maybe he'd fit right in. The points in his favor were rapidly adding up. When he started to chuckle, she had the overwhelming urge to stick her tongue out at him. It was a struggle, but she managed to control the urge. Mitch didn't miss a beat or seem to notice the byplay between Dan and Meg.

The Amish of Apple Grove Series — Lori Copeland Books

I came back to town with my criminal justice degree and old Sheriff Stuart hired me as one of his deputies on the spot Honey had gone for help and lost her heart to the heroic deputy Mitch Wallace that night. When Dan looked at Honey and smiled, Meg added, "Dan Eagan is our new phys ed teacher at the high school. Can't always find a game on TV, though. Dan smiled as Meg introduced him to the latest newcomer. He owns Bob's Gas and Gears and is the man you want to know if you've got car trouble.

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He can fix anything under the hood. In my spare time, I like to tinker with engines. Dan grinned and Meg's belly did that fluttery thing again. There was something so boy-like about Dan's open smile, as if he hadn't a care in the world and was ready to experience everything all at once. Her dad got that way about cars too. The ladies laughed and made room as the McCormack sisters joined them. Peggy's smile was friendly and flirtatious, a combination that baffled Meg. She herself could never manage to pull off that particular look; Meg was either friendly or she was flirtatious.

Even if you've only been here a few years, you feel as if you've always lived here. People care about each other here-always have, always will. Dan hung on every word and was quick to agree. Warmth spread from her belly to her heart. It felt good to have Dan pay her a compliment-intriguing wasn't quite what she hoped for, but it was still good, wasn't it?

Before she could decide, Sheriff Wallace's sister Beatrice walked over to say hello. It's open three days a week," Miss Trudi proudly proclaimed. We can have the book you need sent over from any of the libraries in our group. He shook his head. I'm always looking for new recipes to try out. It was nice that he wanted to know more about the library. His interest in her town, added to the fact that he could apparently cook, gave him major points in Meg's book. The way Dan interacted with Apple Grove's townsfolk only added to his appeal.

He was relaxed, open, and friendly. She could see that he'd be an asset to their community and had a feeling that the kids at the high school would respond well to Dan. Time would tell, and the gossip chain would keep everyone in town up-to-date on his progress. When her father and the Widow Murphy walked over, she introduced them. She owns Murphy's Market in town. Mary Murphy was polite as always, and even though Meg wasn't sure how she felt about her father spending time with Mrs.

Murphy, she had to admit the woman had a way of making everyone feel comfortable in her presence. She'd have to ask him later what he thought. Of all the folks gathered in Edie's backyard, her father and Sheriff Wallace would have Dan's character defined and dissected most accurately and ready for public consumption by the time the wedding guests dispersed. Was the man trying to irritate her? He looked at her father and then back at her.

Her dad smiled. It's always best to know about it before she works on your house. Her dad smiled at Dan. Dan fell silent, digesting what he'd just been told. Meg took that as a good sign that he was at least willing to listen. She caught herself staring. In her defense, the man was gorgeous-and damn him for waking up those particular thoughts after all these years. She'd been comfortable in her rut If Jimmy was in town, she would spend all of her free time with him until he left town again.

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Lately her dad went off by himself. She'd heard through the grapevine that he was visiting the widow but she hadn't come right out and asked him yet. It wasn't easy to give her dad the third degree, the way he had done to her and her sisters for so many years. Besides, it wasn't really any of her business, was it? She glanced over at her dad and watched the proprietary way he slid his hand to the widow's waist. The signs were there for a blind woman to see, so how had she missed that particular fact? In a moment of clarity, she realized it was because she'd been so wrapped up in her own little world, merely existing in between Jimmy's visits, that she'd kept her emotions hidden-like sorrow and pain-but the downside was she also didn't experience happiness or joy.

Face it: up until today, she'd been a workaholic with an empty life. She had walked a straight path and kept her emotions in check most of the time-except for her temper. She had a hair-trigger temper. She had a feeling that was all about to change. When she looked over at Dan, her gaze collided with his and she sensed that he'd been watching her. There was no doubt in her mind that they had a definite spark that could lead to something amazing. She wouldn't see her on-again, off-again boyfriend for a few more months and, not for the first time, wondered what he did-and who took her place in Jimmy's life back in the city-during those long months they spent apart.

Her stomach clenched as the cold truth slithered into her belly. Maybe it was time she started living. She definitely wanted to get to know Dan Eagan better. Meg wondered if she was the only one who saw the longing in Honey B. Why was the man so hardheaded about courting Honey B.? It was clear to everyone in town that they were perfect for one another. Dan looked skeptical. Is it that popular around here? He was looking at Meg when he asked, so she answered, "You'd be surprised. There are women everywhere who like to knit or crochet.

Dan's smile was like a magnet, and a few of the unattached females in town wandered over until they were surrounded by women, the men having stepped back to make room for the swirl of skirts and waft of perfume. She introduced him to women between the ages of eighteen and eighty and stood back and watched the way he chatted and smiled with everyone.

He didn't resist, and to Meg's dismay, she felt the green monster of envy rear her ugly head. She'd just met the man, and although he'd been the one to make the first move, she'd taken it up a notch. But that didn't explain the feelings swirling around inside of her, other than the fact that so many of her emotions had been bottled up for too long, waiting for a promise from Jimmy that was never coming. It was easier to accept than the reality that she'd fallen hard and fast the moment their eyes met. Meg nodded and said, "He seems to be enjoying himself, getting to know the good people of Apple Grove.

Joe Mulcahy walked over carrying a plate with a slice of green cake and cream-colored icing. Meg was laughing as she held out her hand.

Miss Trudi joined in their laughter and added, "Mrs. Parrish had the devil of a time convincing Peggy and Katie to create the wedding cake of Edie's dreams when they found out the recipe came off the back of a pudding box. Meg held the plate close and sniffed at it. His aunt patted his arm before hooking her arm through his. Meg felt the heat of her dad's gaze on her. When she lifted her eyes, he was waiting to speak. Meg could either tell the truth or fib She looked over at the table and the rapidly shrinking cake and sighed. Her dad crossed her arms and stared down at her.

Not a good sign. Time to fess up.