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The 'Unbreakable' Stack is a delicate sparkling mix of the Basic Diamond Stud and the beautiful intricate Fitzgerald Ear Cuff of which you can continue to add to your stack piercing free. My simple everyday classic stack with a touch of subtle sparkle from three of the Basic Diamond Studs in my third, fourth and fifth top ear piercings teamed with two of the mystic huggies in my first and second piercings.

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This stack can be completely tailored to your own personal piercing preferences with as many studs and huggies as your ear permits. Add the Basic Ear Cuff for piercing free details and the Basic halo pendant for my signature style. There are a number of definitions of a moon child but one of the lesser known is that of "a person who feels more than others".

Her First Delicate Piercing 3 (Her First Delicate Piercing, book 3) by Aphrodite Hunt

An aspect of my own personality that I have come to accept is both a positive and negative but I embrace happily as an intrinsic part of who I am. The 'Moon Child' stack is a stack I wear with pride. Action driven by intention which leads to future consequences I've always lived my life with my belief in karma at the forefront of everything I do and the knowledge of the positivity I put into the world, will always come back to me.

I wear my Basic Halo pendant every day as a reminder to myself of that positive cycle. The 'Karma: Stack was inspired by my belief and the circular symbol which is represented in the cycle of Karma. Nose Bones : Nose bones consist of post with adornment on one side and a small ball that is a slightly larger diameter than the post on the other side. When worn, the small ball keeps it in place.

Like a twist nose stud, they have a flush fit. These are best for healed piercings. Pin : This is simply a straight post, but this nose stud style is not meant to be worn as-is; a piercer will have to custom bend your pin nose stud into an L-shape.

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These are perfect for those who don't quite fit in regular barbell lengths. This is also a favorite nose ring backing for those that find the screw twist difficult to use since the L-Shape is easier to insert into the piercing than the screw and more secure than the nose bone. They give you a different look than stud nose rings and tend to be more noticeable. Captive bead rings are easy to insert, and the bead can be decorated for extra flair. You can also opt for a faux hoop, like the one shown, for the hoop aesthetic in an easy-to-insert format.

The thickness of the hoop will depend upon the gauge of your piercing; larger gauges will make for a bolder hoop look. Never pull the ends apart in a seamless ring. Instead, twist up and down in opposite directions to open, then twist back into place. Faux Hoop Nose Rings : This style of nose ring gives you the look of a hoop with the easy insertion and comfort of an L-shape backing. Choosing a gemstone nose ring Choosing the right size diamond or gemstone depends on how much bling you want to present. The most popular size is a 2. If you're hoping to flaunt your nose piercing, then a diamond is the way to go.

After all, if you're splurging on a nice rock, then you want to show it off a little. If you're opting for a more discreet look, then the 2mm or 1. Keep in mind that the 1. Prong settings vs. You can choose a standard bead or opt for pearls, Baltic amber, opals, or other fun bead styles.

If you're looking for a bold, traditional look, CBRs are the way to go. Also referred to as horseshoe barbells, the two balls on the end make it a bold septum jewelry choice. Curved barbells are similar to circular barbells, but their curvature is less intense. These aren't as common as circular barbells, but they are a favorite for those who prefer subtlety. Clicker Rings: If you're looking for unique designs as well as comfort, then clicker rings are a great choice for your septum piercing. The hinged mechanism makes it one of the easiest jewelry styles to work with.

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But, now that we're older, wiser and obviously way more sensible, we've got some questions about the right way to get a cartilage piercing that we'd like answered. If you walk in and the floor is dirty, assume everything probably is! Next, look at their portfolio or ask for their Instagram. Check their stuff out and see if you like it. If they don't have pictures of their work, they're probably not showing it for a reason.

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And do your research. People spend more time searching for the best place to get a taco than they do finding a decent studio to get a piercing. You're spending money on this, so make it good. Chances are, if it's really cheap, the place is no good and you'll just have to spend money on getting it done again.

A post shared by J. A piercing gun isn't designed for cartilage, only soft tissue and even then I wouldn't recommend it. Piercing cartilage with a gun can create hardcore hypertrophic scarring and even blow it up. People have this stigma about needles but they're actually way less painful because they're designed to pierce skin, whereas a gun just delivers blunt force to push an earring through.

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Trouble Makers! The rook is also a favourite and it's not too difficult to heal. If you're going for a conch piercing, start with a stud hoops can put pressure on the hole when it's new and be super irritating and make sure the post on the earring isn't too long at the back. Some piercers leave studs so long they're like an antenna which catch on everything.

I'm all about multiple piercings as well. If you've got the time and commitment, two piercings in the upper lobe look great with a mix of studs and hoops.