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In German and Italian cards, the last ones as well as the printings of 4th Edition both show a similar frame design and the copyright date French FWB cards are easy to recognize, all have a black line around the frame similar to English Unlimited and Revised cards. Easy to identify Cards. These cards are identifiable with minimal knowledge, that is: — The list of Revised and 4th Edition. Only cards with land art counted were included in both sets.

Exceptions: Some Italian FWB cards exist in two versions left and middle , one showing round i dots:. Italian 4th cards have round i dots and the old white and black second version mana symbols. Mana symbol versions compared left old, right redesigned :. Features NOT to rely on: — The letters g, p, y touching vs. Sometimes both are touching as the names aren't aligned the same on all cards. It can vary depending on print runs and storage conditions. The feature that applies to all cards is the difference in the alignment of typescript and mana symbols.

In FWB cards, they are a bit lower aligned than in 4th cards. It's only possible to determine the set if both versions of the same card are compared. That's because the alignment is not the same on all cards within the same set. On the other hand, many cards differ in wording, line breaking, etc.


The following list describes a distinctive deviation in each respective card pair, cards that are identical except for alignment are pictured FWB on the left, 4th Edition on the right. German 4th Edition cards exist with and without a black dot on the back , FWB cards always have it. Cards with the black dot can be either. German FWB has front cut print variants, 4th Edition does not. Italian FWB cards exist with and without three cards reported so far: Red Elemental Blast and two Plains a black dot on the back , 4th Edition cards never have it.

Cards without the black dot can be either, but are most likely 4th Edition.

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List of hard to identify Cards. If you still doubt any statement, drop a message. To obtain correct results, the steps need to be followed in order and may be skipped only if not applicable. Collectors' Edition. Unlimited Edition Revised Edition. Summer Magic.


Foreign Limited Foreign Unlimited 4th Edition. Alternate 4th Edition. Arena League Promos. Mirage 5th Edition. World Championships. Tempest 6x9 Promos. World Championships Urza's Saga. Anthologies 6th Edition. Mercadian Masques. Coldsnap Theme Decks. Time Spiral Player Rewards Promos. Shards of Alara Magic Thus, it can be assumed that moonstone rings have been popular for hundreds of years. During the Hippie Movement, moonstone rings became popular once again, when the aura of mystique surrounding moonstone, along with its name made it one of the ring stones of choice.

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Rainbow moonstone is not actually a "true" moonstone; rather it is labradorite that has adularescence, which caused it to be known as "moonstone", and then the name stuck. Moonstone rings with the highest transparency and a blue sheen are the most treasured, along with cat's eye and star moonstone rings.

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