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Print out this mallorn leaf template to fit a normal 8. Trace the leaf shape onto a sheet of dark green, dark brown, or black craft foam and cut it out. Then use a ball-point pen or other sharp tool to draw the veins onto your leaf shape, pressing down so that they are indented into the foam. To paint the leaf, I use acrylic craft paint in two shades of green.

Simple, Healthy Lembas Bread Recipe & Mallorn Leaf Template

Mix one part fabric glue to every two parts of paint to make it flexible enough for repeated use. Heat the leaf carefully at your heat source and curve it to shape. Bend the side points of leaf in first, remembering to leave enough air space inside for the lembas. For more information on heat-shaping foam, check out my Craft Foam Armor Tutorial. Heat and shape the long central point, wrapping it around to the opposite side of the leaf.

Mallorn Leaf - Ivy or Beech shape?

The creates a sort of tab that helps to hold the leaf shut. You're done making your leaf now!

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  • Simple, Healthy Lembas Bread Recipe & Mallorn Leaf Template.

To make the lembas, I used an adaptation of this recipe. Bark … Smooth and grey.

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More detailed information can be found at various horticulture websites. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Would you like to become a site member? You can register or login here. Some basic info … Height … Both American and European beeches grow to 50 — 60 ft. Spread … 40 — 70 ft.

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Seeds … There are one to three nuts inside a bur. Bark … Smooth and grey Growth … Slow to Medium.