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Samir Khalil Samir , il. Des actions de protestation voient le.

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Plus significatif encore, cette condamnation intervient dans une affaire qui. Pour une fois unanimes, quelle que soit leur couleur politique ou. La recommandation. Les signataires affirment que la. En revanche, le. Barack Obama en a-t-il trop fait? Par une. Ces deux femmes. Jeux Olympiques: George W. Le 12 juillet, un juge de la province de Punjab n'a pas reconnu que Saba Younis , 12 ans, et sa soeur Anila. Francis Y Daljit S. Pour avoir. Le souverain pontife, qui s'exprimait. En dehors. Parmi les moyens de lutte. S'adressant aux parlementaires le 10 mars , M.

Musulmane, elle portait le hijab, ou voile, pendant. Dans ce sondage, moins de la. L'Eglise catholique de Pologne soutient les syndicats dans leur opposition au travail dominical. En effet, dans. Car ce chantier est particulier. Pourtant, fallait-il. Ces deux rapports. Christians, Hindus and Muslims from Lahore: We need a law against forced conversions. Asia News Activists of religious groups and civil society. The site, a Greek Orthodox cathedral for nearly 1, years, was forcibly converted by Ottoman Sultan.

Chinese authorities use the latest technology to monitor dissent. Big Data is allowing WeChat and other social media to track every move of citizens. The Bible is recognized as one of the books with the most significant impact on the world. In China, that impact means a run-in with authorities. Having even a photocopy of the Bible is a capital offense in China, where believers of all stripes are consistently persecuted, harassed, surveilled. JW Headquarters Already in Russian law enforcement has conducted raids on JWs in 10 cities in 6 regions in Russian agents conducted searches in about 40 regions throughout.

Henan province, in Central China, has seen some of the worst religious persecution, and has served as a model for repression across China. With a population of about. Krasnodar Territorial Court upholds deportation of 2 U. Interfax Religion Church Times Baroness Cox visited the region of the Nuba Mountains. The event was intended as a follow-up to the Ministerial to Advance. As Bitter Winter has previously reported, authorities have damaged and destroyed statues of Laozi, who is considered to be the founder of Daoism.

Multiple Daoist temples across. Christian calendars, couplets or religious texts are banned and suppliers penalized, as authorities provide to believers counter-propaganda extolling Communism. At a National Summit for Religious and Church Leaders at Rhema Church Rhema Summit two weeks ago, the CRL Rights Commission threatened church leaders that if they did not come up with solutions for the abuses and malpractices in the religious sector and particularly in the church on that day,.

Turquie no. The tribunal of the first instance rejected their demand, judging that the. In China, universities are regarded as a bastion for promoting socialism through education. As a result, the suppression of religious students is never-ending. So, when two students at a university in eastern Shandong. And the firings of Christians from. By Mushfig Bayram, Forum 18 Religious communities including Jehovah's Witnesses meeting for worship continue to be raided, with interrogations lasting between 20 minutes and 14 hours and in some cases involving torture.

Other religious communities also face renewed questioning, especially on finances, and whether children under the age of.

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Ostrovskogo, d. Proposed amendment bill raises religious freedom concerns for Adventist schools, churches. Adventist Schools.

China’s Campaign of Repression Against Xinjiang’s Muslims | HRW

Statistics: Anti-Muslim, anti-Jewish and anti-Christian incidents in HRWF There were 81 acts of violence and homicide attempts, incidents targeting Jewish places and anti-Jewish threats. In , JTA By Victoria Arnold, Forum 18 At least 23 Jehovah's Witnesses are in pre-trial detention, 28 under house arrest, and 42 under travel restrictions as more than face "extremism"-related criminal charges.

If convicted they could face up to 10 years' imprisonment. Memorial human rights group condemned Dennis Christensen's "shameful. Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group Church of Scientology wins case in appellate court of Caen against the former head of Miviludes, Georges Fenech. It also banned him from exercising freedom of religion for five years after his term, the equal longest such ban. A judge refused to explain what he will.

Police monitored China Gospel Fellowship and swooped in when all pastors were in one place. A tree planted in a Paris suburb in memory of a young Jewish man who was tortured to death in has been chopped down, authorities said Monday, confirming the latest in a series of anti-Semitic acts in France. France 24 As Chinese officials go on a demolition campaign, many Buddhists driven out of temples have been left destitute and impoverished. Muslims are blacklisted for memorising the Koran for a state-run competition, and imams are rotated to stop them influencing congregations.

Dennis Christensen behind bars for 6 years: Outcry of the international community. China expends great energy to suppress religion, and even more energy to hide the suppression. Closing streets, monitoring social media, bullying reporters. Chinese government officials like to come up with a vast swath of reasons, pretty much all untrue, as reasons to destroy religious sites.

In an effort to suppress religious beliefs, the authorities often cite various high-sounding reasons for forcibly demolishing churches and Buddhist temples, such as claiming that these. Deng Yi, a Christian from the True Jesus Sect house church, and her son, a student at a university in the eastern coastal province of Shandong, found themselves.

Increasing actions against religion, from arrests to deportation to anti-Christmas propaganda, aim to forestall a Soviet-style regime collapse. In seeking to explain the pressure placed on believers, analysts point to one main fear on the. EEAS He has been convicted. As the year-end statistics are tallied, the extent of persecution in China becomes clear. Thousands arrested, many tortured, 19 dead, all from one church. Recently compiled year-end statistics show just how much the persecution. Dubai is politically and economically the most important of them.

According to the constitution of ,[1] Islam is. By Felix Corley, Forum 18 Full list of known administrative prosecutions in to punish exercising freedom of religion or belief. Of these, ended up with punishments, including fines, worship bans, seizures and destruction of religious literature, and one deportation.

Kazakhstan's authorities are known to have. By Mushfig Bayram Forum 18 The judge ordered that the New Testament be destroyed. Police had found the New. David Baer, Pastor Gerhard A. By Felix Corley, Forum Compared to the first year they were implemented, punishments in Russian-occupied Crimea for ill-defined "missionary activity" doubled in Of 23 prosecutions for sharing faith or holding worship at unapproved venues, 19 ended in punishment.

Also, 17 cases were brought for communities not using. Belgian ban on kosher slaughter has Jews worried about what comes next. Since its establishment in , the Kosher Poultry factory grew together with the. The offense will be officially removed once the bill. World Watch Monitor The agency delivered a keynote speech to a conference on discrimination of Muslims. The event took place in Vienna on 12 December at the headquarters of the Austrian Union. FRA presented its results.

By Olga Glace, Forum 18 Police stopped a Baptist husband and wife from singing and offering Christian literature outside Lepel's market. A court fined the couple one month's average wages each. Bailiffs are seeking to. Authorities should also return church properties and allow the members to resume worship services.

On December. On the occasion of the recent events that took place last night in Strasbourg, the Adventist Church condemns all forms of violence, and even more so, if possible, under the pretext of religious intolerance or the imposition of a religion. This Commentary is unique. It is the first resource to be. A Minsk official involved in the four registration rejections since told him of "an. The secret police claimed the talks promoted terrorism, which both men reject.

The judge sought to have Mazhenov's. By Mushfig Bayram, Forum 18 Police raided Protestants enjoying a meal, searching the home without a warrant, confiscating a New Testament. Officials tried to pressure one guest to accuse the host and the pastor of holding "unauthorised religious meetings", threatening to take her two children and ordering her mother-in-law. Of these reports, were verified. Statistics Canada reported Thursday that the number of incidents reported to police rose to in from. A new online tool to help free Muslims from hatred has just been released by FRA.

Given concern about incidents directed at Muslims, the database will assist.

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Just this week, North Korea. This bill promotes. Written by Don Byrd The U. House of Representatives yesterday unanimously passed H. It also supports efforts to hold accountable the crimes of ISIS directed at religious minorities. Asked why the military were involved, officials said "it is a special operation". Police threatened Baptists they "will come every Sunday and disrupt the Church service every time until we give.

According to reports, although. When viewed. The textbooks particularly demonize and target. By Mushfig Bayram, Forum 18 After a 19 November raid, Protestants are threatened with prosecution for having legally-bought religious literature. Officials who in September tortured Protestants and thieves who stole property from them remain unpunished. And 16 male police officers together "humiliated and pressured" a year-old female Jehovah's Witness.

November 22, Rome, Italy. Lina Ferrara, Notizie Avventiste. Each year, worldwide, the Adventist Church dedicates one Saturday to religious freedom. We have followed with great concern news. In September, Lushan county authorities dispatched over 50 police officers to tear down the church that cost nearly one million RMB to build.

By Jiang Tao Bitter Winter Court fines Kazan devotee of Vaishanivism for conducting Harinama On November 14th, the Supreme Court of Tatarstan left in force a decision of the Soviet district court of Kazan, which on 17 September fined the leader of Vaishnavism, Maxim Murashov, 10, rubles for conducting a harinama a Hindu religious. The data, submitted by 16, law enforcement agencies up from 15, agencies in , provide information about the offenses, victims, offenders, and locations of hate crimes. Even the most innocent faith-related practices or rituals may cause troubles with authorities in present-day China.

By Piao Junying Bitter Winter Not only are. The number of hate-crime incidents targeting Jews increased. Authorities in Henan not only illegally clamped down on a church but also harassed and threatened young children. The citizens of Ireland voted recently, in a nationwide referendum, to remove a clause from their constitution that had made blasphemy a criminal offense. A gathering of believers from across China at an Apostolic house church was unexpectedly disrupted when nearly law enforcement officers showed up, acting on a tip-off from a local party cadre.

By Felix Corley, Forum 18, and John Kinahan, Forum 18 Azerbaijan restricts freedom of religion and belief, with interlinked freedoms of expression, association, and assembly. Forum 18's survey analyses violations including prisoners of conscience jailed and tortured for exercising freedom of religion and belief, strict state literature censorship,. Of these 67 incidents, 49 took. Jehovah's Witness activity "in any form" would face criminal punishment, the General Prosecutor's Office announced.

But this does not mean that Beijing is curtailing Islam nationwide. Indeed, members of the Muslim Hui community are enjoying a flowering of faith in what is, officially, still an atheist communist nation. Ismail, a Hui who works for a state-owned enterprise in the Ningxia autonomous region, says he openly practices his faith. It is because we are Uighur. Hui participation in the hajj pilgrimage to Mecca has increased over the past several years, say scholars. Another sign of renewed religious commitment: Ismail says he has noticed more Hui women in his hometown wearing veils in recent years.

By contrast, a local paper in the Xinjiang town of Karamay reported last week that residents with long beards, headscarves, veils and clothing with an Islamic crescent moon and star would not be allowed to board public buses while the city played host to a sporting event. Obviously this is what we see in Xinjiang and in Tibet. Unlike Tibetans or Uighurs, who speak a Turkic language and are racially distinct from the Han, the Hui are not agitating for increased autonomy, much less a split from China.

One reason may be influenced by geography.