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I see from other reviews that it was a freebie so I must've downloaded it at some point. Wow, I'm sure glad I did. What a terrific story, well written and edited, relatable and interesting characters, and a truly touching love story. I don't see why so many readers complain about the fact that the nemesis in the story was a woman. Can't a story have a female villain just as easily as a male. That's not I'd never heard of this author before, and I had this book on my Kindle, unsure where I got it.

That's not to say that there is any kind of insinuation that all women are bitches or incompetent or evil. Following that kind of logic, we could say the same about gay characters and gripe every time one of them is portrayed negatively. Fact of the matter is that villains, like heroes or heroines come in all sexual orientations, genders, etc. If there was anything at all disappointing to me, it was the rather abrupt ending. I kind of hope that this short free read is just a precursor to a longer novel featuring these characters.

I'd love to see a story about Noah as the first openly gay pro hockey player. As for the nonlinear plot, I liked it. It's kind of odd how reviewers and readers bitch when it is a boring chronological plot and then bitch even louder when it's not. Just my opinion. View 2 comments. Apr 03, Julio Genao rated it it was ok Shelves: novella. Happily, the final conflict is now almost—but not quite yet—out of date. Well-done, despite a cartoonish antagonist and slightly underplayed sex scenes.

I about died with the doofy poem; I should be so lucky. View all 4 comments. Apr 13, clear skies rated it did not like it Shelves: romance , friendship , hockey. This is not a bad story but it isn't a very good one either. My love for sports and mm are rarely a good match. Noah is a hockey player for a team in Toronto. Callum is from England and has come to Toronto to work on some IT software for the Bobcats new stadium. The setting was one-dimensional, whilst I understand some readers are negative about the facts about sports, that doesn't mean one ignores the whole element their book is based on.

There was next to nothing about ice-hockey here. The sett This is not a bad story but it isn't a very good one either. The setting may as well been a mid-Western for all it mattered. The story was about the relationship - the ice-hockey was just the much needed plot device. As a reader this annoys me to no extent.

The fact an element is only added to make the characters face a little difficulty before they puke out their 'I love yous'. There was nothing interesting about Noah or Callum at all, and we can also welcome back the 'horrible female character in mm stories' because that never gets old. God forbid we have a woman in mm fiction that isn't insane and a bitch.

The end just made me want to smack something and that's all I'll say. Dreamspinner offered this book for free for some reason. It was pretty lackluster and a forgettable read - but a quick one regardless. Apr 13, MLE rated it it was ok Shelves: mm , kindle-archive.

The structure of the story didn't bother me all that much, and I kind of liked finding out how they got together in that way. I just thought the story fell kind of flat. I didn't have much connection to the characters, nor did I think all that much of their bond. The secondary characters felt even thinner, and the villains were pathetically obvious, and lacking in any substance.

Oh look it's the evil, jealous, woman, again! I thought the resolution was unsatisfactory, and I really didn't like The structure of the story didn't bother me all that much, and I kind of liked finding out how they got together in that way. I thought the resolution was unsatisfactory, and I really didn't like Noah's decision.

It felt like he made the worst choice possible. I didn't mind that it wasn't happily ever after I just wished that he had made a better choice for himself, and his lover. Jun 13, Camille Adams rated it it was ok Shelves: m-m-rom-erotica , did-not-finish.

A Wicked World

Technically, sufficiently well-written. Creatively, flat on the page. Not bad. Just not good enough to scale the boredom wall I've hit recently. May 13, Penumbra rated it liked it Shelves: format-ebook , own , freebie-dreamspinner-press , free-ebook , dusty-bookshelf-challenge , dreamspinner-give-a-way. The story Noah is told in third person through the eyes of Callum Walker. The author wrote this story switching from the present to the past. The past dealt with Callum, his business trip to Toronto and his relationship with Noah.

The s The story Noah is told in third person through the eyes of Callum Walker. The story starts out in the present and I have to admit I was lost from the beginning. Maybe it was the writing style used for the present, or the lack of information, but I had no idea what was going on. Then when the story switched to the past, it took me quite a while to figure out that we were reading about Callum's actions in the past. I found it annoying. I know that description will annoy some people, but I use it in reference to how the majority of female characters are portrayed in fiction, not real life.

Noah gave away his power or choices to Callum so that in the end it was Callum who made the final important decision for Noah. However, Amy, the character I felt was over-exaggerated, like an over-the-top cartoon villain. I think if she was more subtle and sneaky, she would have made a better character. I give this story 3 Stars. Apr 16, Vivian rated it really liked it Shelves: freebies , romance-contemp.

I hate being the sort of person that whinges for half star ratings--I mean suck it up and decide, right? Well the last line is so perfect that it nailed the score. The story itself is a fun twist on "two ships in the night" meets sports theme. The guys are lovable, the chick's mental, and Noah and Callum negotiate their relationship successfully. View all 9 comments.

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Jun 01, Christina Marie rated it liked it Shelves: m-m-romance , sports-athletes-and-jockstraps , friends-to-lovers. I was left feeling mildly apathetic about this book. It had some really good moments. I thought parts of it were fun and cute. And some parts were bland. Callum is installing software at a new stadium, Noah is a professional hockey player, and the two meet at the gym.

They eventually become friends. I completely missed any chemistry that existed between t I was left feeling mildly apathetic about this book. I completely missed any chemistry that existed between them. I think this is due to the way the story is structured. It jumps past little chunks of their relationship.

They meet and become friends. There is no sexual tension. A few weeks pass in a paragraph and they are in love. And I was all like…wait. When the hell did that happen? Anyway, I enjoyed some chapters. But then they would get painfully boring or hysterically corny. The sex was minimal. Big however, if there is going to be sex I personally prefer dirty little details. Alluding to things just annoys me.

Keep your vagueness, it has no business here!

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I think the reason it felt a bit bland at times is because something was just missing. Outside of their relationship, the issues they had to deal with were just. So, there was Amy. She starts out nice. And I could deal with that because at least something was happening aside from weight lifting. Then she abruptly turns into a villain towards the end. Too many things happen abruptly and randomly in this book. Moving on. There are weird unnecessary timeline switches. The beginning of each chapter is in the present which is actually a little in the future , while most of the story takes place when Noah and Callum first meet.

While I did enjoy Noah , I also found it lacking. The writing was great, there were funny moments, the characters were adorable and their relationship realistic. View all 3 comments. Apr 10, Carey rated it really liked it. Nice short read. ETA: Almost forgot to mention the no condoms or lube. I was very WTF about that esp for 2 guys on opposite sides of the ocean that just met. Story is set in the future when there is an HIV vaccine so no need for condoms. My bad.

View 1 comment. May 31, Antonella rated it it was ok. Begin with Ami's review , add a predictable story with too many unnecessary details and you get two stars. I got it for free, but I don't feel like giving a higher rating because of that. Apr 10, Debra rated it liked it Shelves: kindle-free , athletes , short-or-novella , m-m. This was a nice quick read. Would read the next one to see more about how the HFN ending further develops. May 30, Sandra rated it it was ok Shelves: sexy-athletes , novella , m-m , dreamspinner , contemporary-romance , freebie-was.

I've spent all my luck finding you. Ok so the bare bones of this story, I liked. Because of the length of the book, the relationship got pretty serious pretty quick. But I'm ok with that. I liked their interactions and the basic plot. The things that pulled me out of the story and brought the rating down: 1 Amy - if you've read this, that's all I need to say. If not, let m 2. If not, let me explain. She is horrible. In every possible way a human can suck, she sucks harder. But chose one way for her to suck, not every way! She annoyingly flirts to get 'favors'.

She is unprofessional and uses these tactics at work because she is incompetent. But then not only is she apparently a criminal involved in scamming her company, but is also a raging homophobe, the likes of which I've only seen from conservative hick-Dad characters hide spoiler ]. And, of course, there's one innocuous phone call from his mother to ensure we know what a bitch she is how dare as invite him to dinner , lest we mistakenly think there are some decent women in the world.

But then at the beginning of every chapter it jumps to the present for no apparent reason than to let us know that, "yes, Callum is still waiting for that phone call" and to let us know what mundane daily activity he is now participating in. We really only needed to see the present time at the very beginning and the very end. To be honest, I skipped the middle ones and did not miss a thing.

Apr 15, Jilrene rated it it was amazing Shelves: mm , fluffy-warm-fuzzies. I love hockey. Ben Ryder has delivered a hat trick with Noah. The book opens with Callum slightly stressed about something. As he goes through this one day in London we get flashbacks to his time in Toronto. I liked the way this flows. It seems natura I love hockey. It seems natural that he would remember meeting and getting to know Noah. I love Callum and Noah!

They are both so fun and engaging. I hope we get to see Noah and Callum again. Mar 31, Anke rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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  4. To view it, click here. Let's start with the writing style: Every chapter started with the now which was in fact in the future, don't know why , some paragraphs about what the protagonist was doing waiting for something.

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    A short view to the index cleared that - he was waiting for a call. Then it moved on to 4 months earlier, where he had to do a job in Toronto and there meeting Noah. The story unfolded and until some point it was a really engaging story. But slowly the woman in the story got more and more aggravating, Let's start with the writing style: Every chapter started with the now which was in fact in the future, don't know why , some paragraphs about what the protagonist was doing waiting for something. But slowly the woman in the story got more and more aggravating, infatuated with Noah and trying to manipulate Callum to help with problems at work.

    More and more she was portrayed as scheming, but harebrained and obviously only there to create drama for the storyline. In the end Callum was the know-it-all, not only besting Amy, but getting the whole project done and even provide Noah with more hockey-time. What a man. I enjoyed this story much more than I expected to. I admit I peeked at a few reviews before I started so I thought it might not be something I would enjoy, but I really enjoyed both the pace and the storyline.

    The switch back and forth to Callum waiting in London for Noah's news from Toronto was a nice touch.

    Noah (Englishmen Stories, #1) by Ben Ryder

    And I liked the ending. It was much more realistic than I expected. The author didn't take the easy path with a simple sweet HEA that wouldn't have really fit. This is a good read for a lazy afternoon or a day at the beach on vacation, or just a day when you need a sweet "feel good" story. Apr 24, Macky rated it really liked it. Very nice free short, that is actually quite a decent length. Nothing majorly exciting but the romance is sweet and there's a bit of added angst with the addition of a scheming female and Noah the hockey star having to make choices around his status as a star not wanting to out himself.

    Callum is a lovely character and it was really nice to see him get his man Lost a star because the timeline is a bit confusing at times and I didn't agree with the choice they made at the end but apart from that v Very nice free short, that is actually quite a decent length. Callum is a lovely character and it was really nice to see him get his man Lost a star because the timeline is a bit confusing at times and I didn't agree with the choice they made at the end but apart from that very good for a free read.

    Sep 10, Tami rated it liked it. A nice short novella about two guys falling in love. It had some sweetness and was nice thought out. I liked the writing, it had a good flow and even the structure with the flashbacks worked. The main character Collum could have been a little more fleshed out, I found him interesting, but I didn't learn enough about him. Still, for a rather short novel it was well composed.

    An enjoyable read. Apr 10, Fangtasia rated it really liked it. Plot is a bit predictable, but with likeable main characters and very well-written. Stories with a mix of present day and flashbacks tend to be confusing, not so in this case. Very well done. Two things I would wish for: that the work be prophetic in the matter of the HIV vaccine, and that the story would have been a bit longer, maybe with an epilogue to give us a glimpse of the guys a couple of years in the future.

    Aug 29, Maree Repa rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this book. I really liked the main character, Callum he seemed like a sweet guy. Very enjoyable! Apr 11, Mercedes rated it it was ok Shelves: mm-romance. This was going OK and I was even liking it a bit until Yeah until Amy turned out to be the real ugly b1tchy villain.

    Seriously authors?