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It was a long way from the worst thing I've ever read, the first Mayor I've read, and I won't be hurrying to read the rest of the series. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again.

Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Open Season by Archer Mayor.

Joe Gunther - Book Series In Order

Joe Gunther of the Brattleboro, Vermont police force has a serious problem: in a community where a decade could pass without a single murder, the body count is suddenly mounting. Innocent citizens are being killed—and others set-up—seemingly orchestrated by a mysterious ski-masked man. Signs suggest that a three year-old murder trial might lie at the heart of things, b Lt. A man of quiet integrity, Lt.

Gunther knows that he must pursue the case to its conclusion, wherever it leads. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Original Title. Joe Gunther 1. Brattleboro, Vermont United States. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Open Season , please sign up. Lists with This Book.

Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jan 21, James Thane rated it really liked it Shelves: joe-gunther , archer-mayor , crime-fiction. This is the novel that introduced Vermont detective Joe Gunther, the lead character in a series by Archer Mayor that has now reached twenty-nine books and counting. When we first meet Gunther, he's a detective on the Brattleboro, Vermont P.

He has bigger things ahead of him, but for now he's assigned to investigate a rare murder in a town that hardly ever sees one. The victim is a man named Jamie Phillips who has walked into the home of an elderly woman in the dead of night. The woman has been This is the novel that introduced Vermont detective Joe Gunther, the lead character in a series by Archer Mayor that has now reached twenty-nine books and counting. The woman has been receiving threatening messages; her cat has been murdered, and the person responsible has warned her that he will be coming to give her the same treatment that he gave the cat.

Frightened out of her wits, the woman, Thelma Reitz, is sitting in her darkened home with a shotgun in her lap, and when Phillips walks through the door, she lets him have it. Gunther immediately senses that something is out of whack here, and he becomes convinced of it when he discovers that Phillips and Reitz had both served together on the jury in an infamous murder case three years earlier.

A young woman had been sexually assaulted and then murdered in her apartment. A ton of evidence pointed at the building's janitor, a young, black Vietnam War vet named Harris. Harris was tried, convicted and sentenced to prison, and everyone assumed that justice had been served. He begins digging back into the case and discovers that maybe it wasn't so open-and-shut after all. This is potentially embarrassing to his department and to the others who were involved in the case, but Gunther persists, being driven along by a mysterious man in a ski mask who seems to be orchestrating events and who also appears to be one step ahead of Joe and his colleagues all along the line.

It's an interesting and cleverly-plotted story, and Gunther is an immediately sympathetic protagonist. One of the strengths of this series is that Mayor has a gift for establishing his settings, and even in this first novel, the town of Brattleboro and the surrounding environs are expertly rendered. The reader feels as if he or she had been plunged into the middle of a Vermont winter. A couple of the characters who will accompany Gunther through the series are introduced here, and it's fun to see them all once again as we first met them.

This is a series that has remained consistently excellent throughout, and anyone looking for a very good regional mystery series would be hard-pressed to find a better one. View all 3 comments. Feb 07, Koen Kop rated it liked it. So afraid it would happen This novel has me snookered one of the new English idioms it taught me, along with "druthers", "granola-head", "bull session", "humdinger", "ten-four", "add to the hopper", "greasy spoon", etc. I went back home. Expensive, but the wife and I thought it would feel strange having Christmas here.

She stared hard at me suddenly, the tears finally pouring down her face in earnest. The piano wire was broken, and her voice was ragged and full of pain. I don't see how you can drink tonic water without something to kill the taste. I buried my hands in my pockets. I'm afraid I cornered the market there, like most old men. How my mother put up with him, I could never guess.

In fact, it was so much on the fringe, it was hard to tell whether the homes or the trees were gaining the upper hand in taking over the real estate. My personal bet was on the trees. Mostly evergreens, they stood tall and dark, their bristling skirts massive and ancient in the flat, gray light.

The trailers, by contrast, sandwiched between the icy crusts on their roofs and the rough turmoil of ground-up, dirty snow around them, looked like the remnants of a civilization long on the ropes. It reminded me of someone's pessimistic vision of the future. We sat in opposing plastic padded chairs, like contestants in a game show. View all 13 comments. Apr 14, Cathleen rated it liked it Shelves: police-procedural , crime , reads. Gunther is the prototype of the veteran detective: battle-scarred, solitary but not antisocial, and dogged.

Gunther's character, perhaps because it's the first in the series, is lightly drawn. The plot wasn't entirely predictable, but it wasn't difficult to piece together how the crime would be solved. I'd be curious to see how and to what extent the locale plays in subsequent novels Set in Brattleboro, Vermont, Open Season is the first in Archer Mayor's Joe Gunther series of police procedurals. I'd be curious to see how and to what extent the locale plays in subsequent novels, so I may follow one or two more in the series. Jan 24, Kirsten "I wonder what airplane food was like in the 18th century?

What an incredible first novel. I'd never tried this author. Am I glad I did! This had a great plot and some incredible action! It was intelligent and had some appealing characters.

The Joe Gunther Mysteries

I really enjoyed it and can't wait to move on to Book 2. Archer Mayor's police procedural featuring Joe Gunther has a lot going for it, so it took me a while to figure out why it was taking me so long to read it. Here's what it has: A good, original plot, with some odd twists and turns; a wonderful sense of place in Brattleboro, Vermont; a sympathetic, well-drawn protagonist who narrates in first person with a distinctive voice; a great climax that really does, finally, keep you turning the pages. After some reflection, I could put my finger on a couple Archer Mayor's police procedural featuring Joe Gunther has a lot going for it, so it took me a while to figure out why it was taking me so long to read it.

After some reflection, I could put my finger on a couple of things that slow the book down. One is that the dialogue is at best prosaic and at worst wooden. There is no wit. The characters plod through their dull lines. The other thing is that there are too many characters who don't contribute to the plot or add anything else meaningful to the reader.

Gunther's love interest, Gail, is hardly even one-dimensional, intermittently there, and often inexplicably absent. The police chief, Brandt, is just plain annoying, fussing around with a pipe who does that? A troubled colleague, Kunkle, likewise is really just a distraction, adding nothing of any significance to the plot and not really helping us understand Gunther.

Gunther's close friend and mentor, Frank, is a bit more interesting, but ultimately the reader understands too little of his motives and sees too little of him to feel anything like sympathy, let alone caring for him. Oddly, Gunther's nemesis as he is forced to reopen a three-year murder case -- known as Ski Mask because that's what he wears as he makes it clear to the police they jailed the wrong person -- emerges as a quirky character that in some way both Gunther and the reader actually do care about.

For me, the pluses outweigh the minuses and I can give the book 4 stars, keeping in mind the subjective nature of these ratings. I liked the book for the reasons listed and especially liked the climactic scenes in a driving New England snowstorm. However, having visited Vermont once with Joe Gunther, I couldn't say I'd hurry back for another adventure with him. Mar 17, Thomas rated it really liked it Shelves: us-rural-crime. This murder mystery starts out with a bang. An old lady kills an intruder with a shotgun, in Brattleboro, Vermont. This type of crime is rare in Brattleboro and then Detective Joe Gunther finds out that it was a setup.

More strange crimes happen and they all have one thing in common: All of the victims served on the same jury.

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Detective Gunther does solve who is orchestrating the crimes, but not before more people die. He must reopen the murder case of the man that the jury convicted. When he do This murder mystery starts out with a bang.

Open Season

When he does, he finds reason to doubt the guilt of the convicted man. I liked the author's description of Vermont winter storms: "Night had fallen halfway into the trip, narrowing our already limited view to a hypnotizing funnel of onrushing snow. I give it 4 out 5 stars.

The plot is believable and the characters are written well. May 27, Gail Sealey rated it really liked it. Fun to read references to Vermont. The detective Gunther is a great character.

Mayor writes a great story. Fun read. Nov 23, Judy rated it really liked it. It was worth the wait. Archer Mayor was a new author for me, and he writes about small-town police in Vermont. Such a small town, Brattleboro, Vermont, is experiencing one murder after another. They are not just murders, but several are staged to attract attention. This is an exciting police mystery—somewhat bloody, but keeps you guessing how Lt. Joe Gunther will solve the case. View 2 comments. Good solid opener for a police series set in Vermont. A little too much detail in the seamier side of things, but good characters and strong setting.

Will read another in this series for sure. Nice writing. Apr 11, Chris rated it really liked it. This book has good character development, an original plot and a great sense of place Brattleboro, VT. It was first published in , the first in a long series that I somehow missed up to this point, but I will look forward to more. Jan 14, Carolyn in SC CD rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery-thriller-not-a-cozy , in-a-series-that-i-enjoy , suspense.

Liked it very much. My first in the series, and I hope to read them all in order that will take a while! Innocent citizens are being killed - and others set up - seemingly orchestrated by a mysterious ski-masked man. Signs suggest that a three-year-old murder trial might lie at the heart of things, but it's a case that many in the department would prefer remained closed. A man of quiet integrity, Lt.

Gunther knows that he must pursue the case to its conclusion, wherever it leads. I completely enjoyed this story and the reading of it by the narrator. I read along using a Kindle. The narration was very faithful and included a professional performance theatrically speaking. I found the story to be a true page turner, although it seemed fairly unrealistic at times. Of course, it is fiction!

Open Season (Joe Gunther Mysteries #1) (Paperback)

In any vent I have already purchased the second novel in this series on both Kindle and audiobook. Thank You The narrator lowers his voice and becomes inaudible at times. Action packed book with good characters and plot. I really liked the narrator. I would suggest this book if you like murder mysteries. Not at this point. Has Open Season turned you off from other books in this genre? How did the narrator detract from the book?

The infinite "F" word references never ended I understand characters have facets but this was too much. If you could play editor, what scene or scenes would you have cut from Open Season? Tone down the "F" word comments! Who wants to hear that? Any additional comments? Archer Mayor has introduced a great character in this complicated, very readable and convincing plot.