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Hear from a collection of Indigenous filmmakers, musicians, and artists about the stories they tell. The pioneering film critic and feminist explains why she still loves the heroines of director Howard Hawks. Animator Domee Shi tells us how she went from studying at Sheridan College to directing her first Pixar short in less than 10 years. A new batch of remembrances from the dauntless Dante, including how he got away with making Gremlins 2 , how a fast-food giant burned Small Soldiers , and how his long-held dream of making a Bugs Bunny movie became a nightmare.

The Sundowner Diaries

The director and die-hard cinephile on the bait-and-switch ad campaign for Gremlins , convincing Roger Corman not to use the title Hollywood Hookers , and "the worst poster in history". The revolutionary company is making theatre-going more affordable than ever — but will this model survive? As we welcome Art Cinema: Painters on Screen to the Lightbox, we explore films that blur the lines between the canvas and the moving image.

From Rembrandt to Basquiat , Frida to Mr. Even though Star Wars Day is definitively not a thing, we revisit some of the greatest and strangest posters from the original trilogy. The French auteur discusses his offbeat, Isabelle Huppert-starring adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson horror classic. The activist behind OscarsSoWhite is launching a new site to help the industry hire creators of colour.

How the riotous Czech New Wave classic anticipated the insurgent movements of contemporary feminism.

Treatment of the week: The Sundowner Repair

The company has gone from new kid on the block to perennial Oscar favourite in just over five years. Filmmaker Sofia Bohdanowicz interviews the director about being a one-person production crew, living in the present, and making your grandmother your star. Before she packed heat in The Night of the Hunter , the screen legend helped give birth to the movies as we know them.

The silent epic The Dumb Girl of Portici put a dance legend on screen for the first and only time — and brought together two of the greatest female artists of the era.

Transforming the way people see the world, through film.

How the Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon director evolved from upstart stylist to gritty, hard-nosed realist. The bespectacled comic genius put his own safety last in his spectacular "thrill comedies". For the past fifty years, the films of Philippe Garrel have been the least accessible body of work of almost any major filmmaker. Running January 15 to 19, SeeTheNorth from your couch with a free digital showcase of the best short films in the country.

Actor Pascale Drevillon tells the story behind the making of the award-winning short film Pre-Drink.

Lord Sugar Argues With Piers Morgan About His Bafta! - Piers Morgan's Life Stories

The Austrian auteur discusses his new film Happy End and why social media is the greatest cultural revolution in human history. How Wayne Wapeemuka collaborated with the people of Main and Hastings for "the stories we don't tell". Tracking the most inspirational, hilarious, and surprising things filmmakers and artists said this year. FilmArt's Craig Caron gathers his favourite posters of the year in a series of completely arbitrary categories.

Daniel Warth, director of the Slamdance Jury Prize—winner Dim the Fluorescents , explains how making his first independent film put him at risk of financial ruin. The heist-movie hit brought Black and Black queer women into the liberating space of action cinema. Why the auteur's much-hated appearance in Godfather 3 is actually the key to her entire oeuvre. The Cannes-feted filmmaker's empathy for the plight of young women has generated as much backlash as it has acclaim.

Senior Programmer Steve Gravestock looks at the long, complicated history of country and western music on screen. Say "oh, hi From Split to It , why audiences gave their money and their love to the horror genre this year. Director Richard Shepard curates The Review and explains how a case of professional jealousy led to him filming a love story in Japan with Elisabeth Moss. Director Alexandre O. Vanessa Hodja breaks the conspiracy wide open for a special screening of Jean Cocteau's version of Beauty and the Beast , one of Guillermo del Toro's favourite films.

The CBC miniseries, created by Sarah Polley, is another stellar Atwood adaptation that reflects the past and present of women. An interview with Amr Salama, the director of the feel-good religious extremist comedy Sheikh Jackson. Charlotte Mickie lifts the veil on just what it is they do - and how it affects a changing industry. Cadence Weapon interviews Alex Larsen, a. Torontonian battle rapper Kid Twist and the screenwriter of Bodied. Artist, humanitarian, and monster, Jerry Lewis leaves behind a complicated body of work full of brilliance, bad taste, and innovation.

Ann Marie Fleming fulfilled her dream of writing and animating feature films by telling stories about her family. George R. Luke Lalonde and Pavan Moondi discuss their anti-wedding movie Sundowners , and the destination shoot in Colombia that almost killed them. Personal Shopper , her second collaboration with French filmmaker Olivier Assayas, realizes her layered potential to craft her best performance yet. Primetime programmer Michael Lerman unveils his slate of episodic content, destined for big and small screens at TIFF ' Lina Rodriguez describes how she makes movies between Toronto and Colombia, as well as the past, present, and future.

Indie pioneer Ida Lupino tackled some of the most pressing social issues of the day — but you wouldn't guess it from the posters for her films. Before the House of Mouse cornered the market in filmic fairy tales, the silent screen was full of fantasy. Hard, fast, and beautiful on screen, the s leading lady was even more formidable behind the camera. Watch the director and star of The Bad Batch tell the story behind this summer's best and only post-apocalyptic cannibal love story.

Mike White, screenwriter of Beatriz at Dinner , describes why his latest film was nearly impossible to get made. With the Kristen Stewart—starring Personal Shopper , the brilliant French auteur has reached a new level of international acclaim. The Carol screenwriter talks Patricia Highsmith, homosexuality, and how the movies keep getting Ripley wrong. A group of Canadian directors discuss the challenges of making films in an age of political upheaval.

How many Canadian authors does it take to recommend your summer reads and summer movies? We got Musicians, comedians, film programmers and writers discuss Jordan Peele's smash-hit "social thriller". The other great French film magazine gets the history it deserves in this round-up of the best film and film-related books on the shelves of TIFF Shop. The directors behind Jeffrey and Little Wing explain how they made their movies. Elan Mastai curates The Review and explains why every filmmaker wants to change the past.

TV Pop Diaries -

How novelist, filmmaker and right-wing revolutionary Yukio Mishima sought to transform his life into a beautiful and fatal work of art. A new series that spotlights the grassroots film programmes and programmers bringing cinema to our city. An interview with director Vanessa Gould about Obit , her new doc chronicling the work of five New York Times obituary writers. A new series of visual essays from filmmakers and artists exploring sites of struggle, revolt and revolution in a troubled modern world. The director and star of The People Garden talk feminism, Federico Fellini, art, and the betrayal of rock star boyfriends.

The music director of the celebrated Against the Grain Theatre opera company considers Schoenberg, Straub-Huillet, and the dangers of "difficulty". From Devo and the Pixies to Bauhaus and Modest Mouse, we trace the year odyssey of the immortally creepy music number from David Lynch's Eraserhead. Director Ry Russo-Young and star Zoey Deutch talk double standards in Hollywood, and how they backed each other up to make the best teen movie of the year. Nearly 50 years later, the director of a landmark First Nations film gets his rightful recognition.

The actors of Barakah Meets Barakah on life in Saudi Arabia, the importance of art and social media, and challenging gender expectations. Our committee of high school students across the GTA talks political activism, representation in cinema, and the dankest memes on the internet. The director of the Trump-predicting docu-fiction The Other Side offers his appreciation of the great Italian star.

A provocative new series spotlights injustice, resistance, and reconciliation in Canada's fractious history with its First Nations.

3 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

Alethea Arnaquq-Baril's doc investigates the global anti-sealing movement's damaging impact on Inuit communities. Talking to the acclaimed director and playwright about Manchester by the Sea , being open to surprises, and how Michelle Williams broke his heart. You can unsubscribe at any time. See our privacy policy. Human Rights Watch. Canada's Top Ten. Share Her Journey. Short Reads. The Review. Short Read. Explore this vital and growing cinema that remains lamentably underscreened in North America.

The passion, politics, and process behind the French master's defining decade. The maverick of both the big and small screens ascended from cult favourite to cultural icon. How do you make a movie in an endangered language that only 24 people on the planet understand? Nell Shipman gave Canadian cinema its first action heroine, movie mogul — and nude scene. Classic Hollywood's leading female director was also a fiery feminist and queer pioneer.

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The blockbuster franchise's iconic T. Rex emblem has some troubling genes in its DNA. Two soundtrack cuts from the teen classic slyly cite a long-running Hollywood rumour. The actor and screenwriter stars in the new anthology film The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

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  • Are podcasts primed to become the next major generator of Hollywood source material? The director of Mudbound tells us how a Dr. Captain Gallery was present for the opening of the exhibition in Washington, D. The Navy had no further use for U after the war. Experts had thoroughly examined her in Bermuda, and she was moored derelict at the Portsmouth Navy Yard , so the Navy decided to use her as a target for gunnery and torpedo practice until she sank.

    The museum already planned to display a submarine, and the acquisition of U seemed ideal. Nearly every removable part had been stripped from the boat's interior by the time she went to the museum; she was in no condition to serve as an exhibit, so Museum director Lohr asked for replacements from the German manufacturers who had supplied the boat's original components and parts. Admiral Gallery reports in his autobiography Eight Bells and All's Well that every company supplied the requested parts without charge.

    Most included letters to the effect that the manufacturers wanted her to be a credit to German technology. The Navy had removed the periscope and placed it in a water tank used for research at its Arctic Submarine Laboratory in Point Loma, California ; they demolished that lab in and found it. The Navy donated it to the museum to be displayed along with the submarine.

    They restored it and reopened it to the public on 5 June In , the Museum of Science and Industry refurbished the submarine, restoring it to be closer to its original condition. Also, a special exhibit with many additional artifacts from the sub was opened in the general admission section of the museum. Conning tower of U, showing the badge of the flotilla to which she belonged.

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    • Also note the shell damage caused during her capture. Captain Gallery recounted the capture of U in his memoir Clear the Decks Gary Moore recounts the story of the captured crew in Playing with the Enemy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the submersible observation vessel, see DSV-5 Nemo. U IXC U-boat.

      National Register of Historic Places. National Historic Landmark. U at the Museum of Science and Industry. Retrieved 15 March National Park Service. National Historic Landmarks Program. Archived from the original on 12 February Retrieved 3 September The U. Navy: An Illustrated History. Naval Institute Press. Archived from the original on 14 October U-Boat Patrols - uboat.

      Retrieved 10 September Savas Beatie. Naval Heritage and History Command. Retrieved 16 March Tempest, Fire and Foe. Trafford Publishing. Royal Gazette. Retrieved 19 June Enigma: Battle for the Code. OEG Report No. The Evening Star. The Evening Star Newspaper Company. U The Final Journey. Retrieved 16 November Eight Bells and All's Well. Retrieved 12 April National Historic Landmark summary listing. Retrieved 11 June Chicago Tribune. Retrieved 6 June Gallery, Daniel V.

      Twenty Million Tons Under the Sea. Foster, Kevin J. We Captured a U-Boat. London: The Popular Book Company. New York: Warner Books. OCLC New York: Savas Beatie. U-boats and Mine Warfare Vessels. German Warships — Translated by Thomas, Keith; Magowan, Rachel. London: Conway Maritime Press. Harris, Wesley. RoughEdge Publications. Kemp, Paul Kohnen, David. Bolano and Craig L. Symonds, ed. Moore, Gary W. Rogers, J. Missouri University of Science and Technology.

      Retrieved 3 June Popular description of the capture of U by a former naval officer and professor. Savas, Theodore P. Chicago Landmark cultural venues. Field Museum of Natural History. German Type IXC submarine. List of U-boats of Germany. Surviving ships launched before Charles W. James M. Kennedy Jr. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

      By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. U shortly after being captured. Preserved as a museum ship [2]. Type IXC submarine. Peter Zschech 6 September — 24 October Oblt. Paul Meyer acting 24 October — 7 November Oblt. Harald Lange 8 November — 4 June