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What are the possible rolls?

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Well, they're numbered from 1 to 6. Now let's think about the second die, so die number 2. Well, exact same thing. Now, given these possible outcomes for each of the die, we can now think of the outcomes for both die. So, for example, in this-- let me draw a grid here just to make it a little bit neater. So let me draw a line there and then a line right over there. Let me draw actually several of these, just so that we could really do this a little bit clearer. So let me draw a full grid.

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All right. And then let me draw the vertical lines, only a few more left. There we go. Now, all of this top row, these are the outcomes where I roll a 1 on the first die. So I roll a 1 on the first die.

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These are all of those outcomes. And this would be I run a 1 on the second die, but I'll fill that in later. These are all of the outcomes where I roll a 2 on the first die.

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This is where I roll a 3 on the first die. And then a 5 on the first to die. And then finally, this last row is all the outcomes where I roll a 6 on the first die. Now, we can go through the columns, and this first column is where we roll a 1 on the second die. Featured Authors.

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A possible stumbling block for students is the idea that there are two ways to roll a six and a five: six on the first die and five on the second, or vice versa. It often helps to use dice of different colors e. This makes the distinction between the two outcomes easier to envision. The table below gives all possible outcomes of rolling two dice.

Rolls resulting in at least one six are bold. Rolling Dice. Alignments to Content Standards: 7. Student View.