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CHF 0. Amber Garr. Wolf Guard Encroaching Dark. CR Paynton. Tales from the Norse Legends. Edward Ferrie. Time to mention the audio books again. Write a comment and get a free one of your choice. You snooze, you lose. But don't snooze now. Here's your chance to get a freebie. See all my audio books on audible. Slide show on YouTube. Scotch Broom - Book 3 of Witches of Galdorheim. Labels: Audio books. Your iPad, computer, laptop, even your flat screen TV? None of those things were around in when the computer chip integrated circuit was created by Robert Noyce and some other guys.

But it didn't just appear out of thin air. This is where "The Desperate Case of the Diamond Chip" fills in the history of the invention ranging all the way back to Mendeleev's creation of the first Periodic Table in the 19th Century. Discovery built upon discovery in a lightning fast journey from "what's an atom? I mention Robert Noyce particularly because he was the father of author, Pendred Noyce.

It must make her proud her father was in the thick of discovery, working at the top electronics companies in Silicon Valley. Anyway, that's not about the book, which is about the journey explored by Mae and Clinton, two school kids looking for a science project. They had a little help from a future organization named G. Beginning with Doctor Mendeleev remember the Periodic Table? I'll bet your computer has an Intel Inside sticker on it. Since my own computer background began shortly after the beginning of Intel, I was delighted that I was "there" when it all happened.

Like many others, we just couldn't conceive how far the technology would go. But what we were doing would have been impossible without those who came before. Well, we know how far in , but what's ahead of us in , , and onward? I wish I could be a member of G.

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The G. Meant for kids, the books will aid parents to keep up with their children as the new discoveries occur. And you can learn all about zombies in another of the G. I look forward to reading the entire series. Even us old folks can learn a thing or two. Put on your thinking cap and dive in. View all my reviews.

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Labels: Book Reviews. Pasting on a smile, Kat extended her hand to Merry. Kat jerked her hand back as the electric bolt zapped the nail of her index finger sizzling it down to the quick. Merry threw back her head and laughed. Merry deliberately turned her back on Kat and traipsed across the lounge. If you do stuff like that out in the real world, you might end up in jail Merry pulled an emery board from her hand-stitched, silk purse and flipped her hair back over her shoulder.

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Kat walked toward the stairs leading up to the deck. Merry waggled her fingers. Kat recoiled, fearing another attack. Merry snickered. She climbed up to the deck and headed toward the bow and the cabin where Sean steered the boat. When he reached the chorus, he harmonized with himself and sounded like a whole barbershop quartet. She smiled and listened for a couple of minutes. She slid the door aside, and Sean stopped.

I love your singing. Sean held out his hand, and Kat laid hers in it.

I had a suspicion she came aboard early just to give you grief. Marva Dasef lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and a fat white cat. Retired from thirty-five years in the software industry, she has now turned her energies to writing fiction and finds it a much more satisfying occupation. Marva has published more than forty stories in a number of on-line and print magazines, with several included in Best of anthologies. She has several previously published books.

Jane Dough said…. Kim Baccellia said…. HM Prevost said…. I like the sound of the villain in this novel! And the setting sounds great too.

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Marva Dasef said….