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When I began this series it was spring, and now as I finish it, the shadows grow longer and autumn is slipping into winter.

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Profound social change was underway and slavery was greatly reduced on a global scale. The painful mid-century Civil War in the United States reshaped the young country and brought about the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery in As a result of Reconstruction , many former slaves were now granted unprecedented rights under the 14th Amendment. Outraged at the racist displays found in the Chicago and Atlanta Expositions, lawyer Thomas Calloway sends a letter to hundreds of African-American leaders across the country:. The leaders rally to his call and decide that an exhibit will be created under the direction of the brilliant young sociologist W.

Du Bois and will present the very best of African-American life and culture.

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What follows is a frenzy of activity. In just 4 months, prominent citizens, educators, and students across the country begin to assemble the materials. War heroes are documented. Businesses, churches and black newspapers from across the country send in photographs of their finest and best. As a subtle nod to systematic prejudice, Du Bois hand-writes over pages documenting the Black Codes. As a final touch, a bronze sculpture of Frederick Douglass is included.

He quickly sets up the exhibit in time for the judging, despite missing some of the materials from the Universities, but the judges still recognize the Exhibit by awarding it several prizes including an overall Grand Prix and Du Bois a special Gold medal.

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For, just as a significant percentage of Du Bois small nation of people stood ready to walk onto the world stage as aspiring, able, even assimilated, participants in the social contract, a peculiarly American version of white supremacy twinned with [master race] democracy, consigned all black people to the shadowy margins of the national life where their invisibility would long remain indispensable to the identity of white people.

Despite the work by Du Bois, Calloway, and the extended community to show off the best of what African-Americans had to offer, the exhibit was met with indifference. The exhibition had failed to bring about social change. While writing and thinking about this work, I have developed a few thoughts as to why this work is just not better known. As discussed at the close of my last article , Du Bois chanced upon the actual remains of Sam Hose who was lynched by a crowd of hundreds, his body was ripped apart and distributed around the state.

It shook Du Bois to the core. We rated merely as Negroes studying Negroes, and after all, what had Negroes to do with America or science?

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Looking back at his time in Paris and as a social scientist, Du Bois recalls the very real needs of those trying to break through to a larger audience:. It was a different kind of book than what Du Bois had previously published, one that married Negro culture to current events and history but with a palpable anger that demanded attention.

Du Bois struck a deliberately non-scientific tone in the book, using fragments of Negro spirituals to illustrate his point rather than data visualizations. In crafting an exhibit exploring the excellence of the 19th-century Negro, Du Bois assembled the most definitive counter-argument to Booker T. His tireless activism, lectures, and books saw him to be a central figure in global politics. A renowned figure hosted by world leaders, perpetually independent and controversial , Du Bois was a socialist, then a communist, and eventually expatriated to Africa.

The Legacy of W.E.B. Du Bois “The Exhibit of American Negroes” (Part 5)

It outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin and prohibits unequal application of voter registration, racial segregation in schools, employment, and public accommodations. The rights that Du Bois had fought his entire life for were finally a reality. Featuring a networking area, and a small meeting room for 8 pax, ideal for a variety of small-scale events.


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