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But he also never thought he'd get to work for someone like Annalise Keating. Forever loyal and armed with hometown connections, Frank is ready to do Annalise's dirty work at every turn. His street-smart, tough-guy exterior makes him the ideal protector for Annalise. His number one vice though? Sleeping with the students. Frank was born in Philadelphia to Mr. Delfino and Mrs. All of his life, Frank's father treated him like he was a piece of dirt on his shoe. When Frank was 13, he had had enough of how he was being treated and planned to murder his father for weeks.

Once the perfect moment finally arose, he runs his father over and left him suffering under the car with his only thought being that he hadn't done it right. After this, he was incarcerated for the attempted murder of his father for a sentence of 8 years. During his incarceration, Frank was up for parole many times, however, due to his bad behaviour, his parole was denied.

Early , [4] Frank is in prison when the guards visit his cell and tell him that he has a visitor. The two guards then led Frank into the visitation room where Sam is waiting. Unaware who Sam is, Frank asks for his name and Sam tells him it's Dr. Keating and tells him to sit as he does. Sam tells him that his aunt Bev knew his sister in high school and that Frank's family is worried about him. Sam asks why he won't allow anyone to see him and Frank tells him that it is because he is in solitary confinement. Sam reminds him that he is no longer in solitary confinement, and he hasn't been in it for 2 months and asks him again why he hasn't seen his family.

Realizing that Frank isn't going to answer, Sam tells him that he has worked with many people in his situation.

Unanswered questions from the Sandy Hook tragedy

He tells him that Frank's family has told him that he is up for parole in the next couple of months and that with the help of his wife, Annalise Keating , a lawyer, they will have a really good shot at getting him out. Sometime later, Annalise goes to see Frank and bluntly says that the only way that he has any chance of getting out is if he admits to his crimes, even if he didn't commit them.

Frank comments that she is different to how he imagined her to be. She asks him why she isn't what he had imagined. Frank thinks that Sam is vanilla and that she is the opposite. Annalise tells him that both of them are far from vanilla. Frank starts asking her personal questions but she gets down to the point and lists his more recent charges. She calls him a moron as no one who wants to get out would commit these crimes when they are up for parole.

Frank tells her that he has always been a moron. Sam later returns to see Frank and tells him about what is happening with Annalise and that he will try and get her back on his side. Frank tells him not to worry about it but Sam tells him that he will. Coming to the conclusion that Frank doesn't want to fight to get out of prison, he tells him that he is scared to get out.

Frank tells him that that's stupid. Sam then asks him why he keeps messing up in prison if he wants to get out. The only thing that Sam can think of is that Frank is doing it as he still can't forgive himself for what he did. Sam tells him that it was an accident. Sam looks up at him as asks him if his parents told him that.

Fricke’s Picks: The Octopus Project, “Murder Ballads and Disaster Songs 1913-1938” and Roy Wood

Frank tells the story of what happened the before he tried to kill the guy. Sam tells him that he didn't know what he was doing but Frank tells him that he was planning it for weeks, waiting for the perfect moment to run him over. The guy was screaming under the car "like an animal in a trap. Sam nods and tells him that he deserves to get out and that he is there to help Frank see that he deserves to get out. Annalise then gets talked into taking Franks case and goes to see him. She explains that parole cases can take a while and that for some reason, her husband has taken interest in him.

She tells him that if she helps him that he can't lie to her again. Frank agrees and Annalise congratulates him on getting himself a lawyer. She then gets out a voice recorder and the file on the attempted murder of his father.

The Octopus Hook Murders : A Gus Bolderjack Novel

She tells him that they need to go over what happened to his father. Annalise pauses for a moment, about to be sick but it passes and continues for a moment and then rushes over to the bin to throw up. Frank asks her if she is pregnant and she agrees. Annalise then later wins Franks parole case and Frank is released from prison. After being released from prison, Sam convinced Annalise to hire Frank as her paralegal. In , at the Keating mansion, Annalise calls Frank to her office. When Frank arrives, Annalise shows him a suit that she bought for him for their trip to Ohio.

Frank answers yes, but she tells him that there will be no bars or girls so that they can concentrate on the case. Sam arrives at the office and hears that Annalise will not be more than a month in Ohio. Sam tells them that he will visit her for a weekend, but she asks him not to do so since they must be totally concentrated. While the Keating 4 work, Frank flirts with one of them: Kennedy and Bonnie awkwardly watches. Later, Annalise tells Frank to go to his office. At the office, Annalise scolds him for not taking the papers for the Mahoney case, but Frank tells her that he couldn't find them in the heap of papers on her desk.

Frank asks if she is sure she wants him to accompany her and Annalise confirms, but when asked what flight he bought, she discovers that he did not book it because Sam told him to wait to see what the doctor said. Annalise tells him that he works for her and if he gets confused, she'll hire somebody else, and asks her to stop flirting with the students and start thinking more. In Ohio, Annalise is in the court room. Annalise says that the witness G will declare anonymously live, but should everyone should treat her as equal importance to any other witness in the trial.

Annalise turns on the television where Rose should be, but she does not show up. The judge begins to despair but Annalise says that her associate Frank assures her that she is ready and insists that they wait, while everyone begins to whisper. Frank arrives at the court and signals to Annalise that he couldn't find Rose anywhere. After the trial, Annalise scolds Frank and tells him that she's taken him to Ohio to prevent that from happening. Frank tells him that Rose went into the bathroom and he could not do anything to keep him from escaping. Annalise stops scolding Frank when Wallace approaches.

At the hotel, Annalise tells Frank to take the day off, and shortly after we see Eve arrives in the room while Frank leaves. Another day Frank arrives at Annalise's room at the hotel and asks her what is wrong. Annalise tells him that their main witness in the case is dead. Annalise asks him to leave so she can sleep, but Wallace Mahoney comes to the room without knocking on the door and Annalise tells Frank to let them talk alone.

In a bar that night, Lisa happened upon Frank having a drink. She downed her glass and walked over to where Frank was sat at the bar and whispered her room number into his ear and carried on walking out of the bar. Once she got to the exit, she turned around and asked Frank if he was coming. Frank quickly drank his drink and followed her to her room. Inside, the two start to kiss and take each other's clothes off when Lisa asks him what he thinks is better than sex. When he looks at her in confusion, she grabs a duffel bag from beneath the bed and opens it revealing the cash bills inside.

I am not one for thrillers, but the title intrigued me, and the writing from the very first sequence was clearly done by an author who knows how to weave a story, and draw a reader in. The writing style is raw, violent, and meticulously crafted to suck a reader into a visceral world of the grotesque minds of twisted serial kil If the title alone doesn't snare you, then the first five pages will, holding you in place just as the octopus hook pierces the palate of the book's first gruesome victim.

The writing style is raw, violent, and meticulously crafted to suck a reader into a visceral world of the grotesque minds of twisted serial killers, and the brilliant perceptions of those who hunt them. It took a while for the heart of the story to develop, but the vignettes built the tension to a fever pitch before I'd even been reading for 30 minutes. From there, the book only gets better, and with the introduction of Moe and Mattie, Hartley makes it very clear that he not only understands human nature, but can translate genuine interaction and emotion onto the page in a way that makes us believe him.

Nothing felt contrived, or like it was deliberate exposition. Hartley expected certain things like allusions to previous cases and personal relationships to be almost immediately understood, and he has a talent for showing rather than telling, which in this gruesome and twisted novel that only gets more complicated as you move forward, is essential to get the full impact of the events.

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Although I haven't read Hartley's other work, I certainly will now, since I imagine that they will be just as well-crafted, gripping, and sincerely terrifying to warrant a daytime read in a well-lit room. This is the mastery of language that books should be written with, and the creativity to entangle a plot so deeply that a reader has no choice but to forge ahead, playing detective and psycho whisperer all at the same time. A fantastic achievement.

Well done. Sep 11, Keelan rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads. The tension is kept high throughout the story, with the main character needing to catch the killers despite interference from everyone to the killers themselves to families trying to protect their children. The characters are well-written and each have their own strong motivation: with the possible exception of some very minor characters, there's nobody who exists just to be or help a 'good guy' or ' [book was received through a Goodreads Giveaway] An intriguing plot and I loved the characters. The characters are well-written and each have their own strong motivation: with the possible exception of some very minor characters, there's nobody who exists just to be or help a 'good guy' or 'bad guy'.

It's not my preferred style of writing — mostly, I prefer to start off knowing very little about a character and learn about them slowly as things go along, but this book gave most of the character's backstories very early on, in levels bordering on infodumps. There were also several scenes where foreshadowing implied something hugely dramatic was about to happen but the situation fizzled out instead. Taking both factors into consideration, view spoiler [the scene where Bolderjack — perpetually played up as a 'psycho shrink' — tries to talk down the serial killer, and gets annoyed when his girlfriend non-lethally shoots him because Bolderjack 'almost had him ready to surrender' felt off.

There's an offhand comment later about telling the other prisoners Corvo's a snitch in order to 'make his stay more interesting', but nothing which really lives up to the reputation of 'psycho shrink'. Jan 06, Veritas Vincit rated it it was amazing. This was one of the more shocking novels I've read in a while, not because the plot was so extreme, but because the writing was so intensely graphic and brutal. I'm not easily fazed by gore and murder, but the characters in this book were cruel and sensationally well-written.

If you want to look into the face of evil, this book is populated by plenty of people who fit the description. Bolderjack, however, is starkly contrasted, but far from perfect. The psychotherapy angle reminded me of a modern take on Silence of the Lambs, and while that is a bold comparison, I think that Hartley deserves some serious praise.

My only complaint with the novel is that it almost tried to do too much. It was as though every page was trying to outdo the last, and without proper peaks and valleys, the big impact moments become harder to properly appreciate. This was a terrific book, no doubt about it, but when an author tries to make a thrilling masterpiece that hardly slows from start to finish, it can be an exhausting ride that leaves a reader overwhelmed with emotion, but ready for lighter fare. Anyways, I will certainly read more Bolderjack novels in the future, since he is a wonderfully written character that is versatile, insightful, flawed, brilliant, and ultimately human.

Nicely done. Jan 14, Lauren rated it really liked it. Like a true detective novel, it gets very personal with Gus Bolderjack, a serial-killer profiler and psychologist who uses a complex strategy to catch these murderers. Through his characters, Hartley proves his expertise in the human condition, making all of them relatable, complex and memorable.

A story can have a good plot but simple characters, but not in this case. This is one of those books where you will always be anticipating something. Just when the plot seems to have relinquished a little and your heart rate returns to normal, Hartley throws you a curve ball and the entire process repeats all over again. I read this novel on Kindle before the print version was released. It truly has a great plot with fast action and exciting twists.

Special Agent Mattie Hendrix is a hoot as well as tough as nails. Carrie Sull I read this novel on Kindle before the print version was released. Carrie Sullivan-Bledsoe and Aubrey Allbright are equally ruthless and cunning. The serial killers in the story are creepy and their mental derangements are well defined, as only someone with the author's background could do. The main character, Dr. Augustus Bolderjack, could be a creation of John Sandford if Sandford wrote about psychotherapists instead of cops. I trust that Bolderjack will become the center of a series.

Well written. Strong language. Not for the faint of heart. Aug 10, Ann rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Crime thriller readers. Sep 30, Anita Kearney rated it really liked it. Bolderjack is like an entire agency of profilers, he is also a person who will not hesitate to brawl if it is needed. Terry Hartley has given us a cast of characters that you would expect to find in a Patterson novel. There is also special agent Mattie Hendrix, she is a no nonsense type of gal, then there is Dr.

Janice Conway who has an undercurrent to her character that makes one thinks she could be as dangerous as the criminals she chases.

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These are just two of the very strong female characters Bolderjack is like an entire agency of profilers, he is also a person who will not hesitate to brawl if it is needed. These are just two of the very strong female characters Terry has created, in a genre that is not really known for them. This is a very good book but there are a few editing mishaps that might give some people pause. If you can get past the grammar mistakes and left out words, you will be able to enjoy this terrifying story. It is well worth the effort it takes to do so. Sep 11, Kristine rated it it was ok Shelves: goodread-authors-to-read.

When I saw that this book had many 5 stars ratings I was really looking forward to reading it. I must say, I am a little surprised and disappointed. I read a lot of psychological thrillers and this one just wasn't that good. It was so unnessarily gratuitious and sickening. The story begins with the kidnapping of an AG's son. The main character, a criminalist basically, is asked to help out with the case. He and the AG have a bad history, but that part of the story is not developed at all.

Then When I saw that this book had many 5 stars ratings I was really looking forward to reading it.

Does An Octopus Have A Soul? This Author Thinks So

Then there is a second child, a girl, that is kidnapped and a tabloid reporter is asked to help with this one. The two eventually end up being connected, but the story line as to exactly how and why doesn't really make much sense. Without giving anything away, some of the actions of some of these characters were not believableespecailly the actions of the AG. Jan 13, Stephen V rated it it was amazing. I often think of prose as poetry, as the flow of sentences create a melody only my eyes can hear.

This story satisfies that desire completely. This story, however, isn't for everyone -- namely the faint at heart. Blood, being bound -- you get the idea. The protagonist, Bolderjack a bit of an obvious "tough name" choice, but I digress , has a daring take on getting serial killers on his radar, something that could easily become a good movie adaption, but I won't give it away. It's pretty clever, I often think of prose as poetry, as the flow of sentences create a melody only my eyes can hear. It's pretty clever, a bit Dexter-esque even.

Naturally, the world he commands so well gets the best of him when he encounters forces that push him to new levels of danger. This has been the best read I had a good few months.

Bestselling Series

Highly recommended. Jan 04, Karma rated it it was amazing. Gus Bolderjack is a psychotherapist with panache for getting into the minds of serial killers and bringing them to justice. Exiting his professional field after a row with a US attorney over a pleas bargain, he takes up practice at an exclusive clinic of the wealthy.

What he encounters is both political quagmire and double-dealings which makes it difficult to know who to trust. If murder mysteries are your pleasure, The Octopus Mu Gus Bolderjack is a psychotherapist with panache for getting into the minds of serial killers and bringing them to justice. If murder mysteries are your pleasure, The Octopus Murders will fit the bill. The writing is fantastic, the story is fast paced and the action follows through to the very end. Great read! Sep 30, Kristina Reading rated it it was amazing.

Two thumbs up to Terry Rich Hartley! I absolutely loved this book! I recommend it to anyone who loves a good thriller! There are plenty of characters in this story you are sure to connect with at least one! I love that there are "strong" women in this book, a few times Mattie even made me laugh!

Because Gus is a ex-profiler this reminds me of Criminal Minds TV show probably why I was so captivated from the very start. I love how there is a twist although it's given away on the back cover, "Gus Two thumbs up to Terry Rich Hartley! I love how there is a twist although it's given away on the back cover, "Gus is late to discover that the kids are bait and he's the target of two gruesome serial killers sharing a thirst for vengeance". Jan 04, Brian rated it it was amazing. The Octopus Hook Murders is a suspenseful murder mystery that will surprise you to the end. Gus Bolderjack is a psychotherapist and expert profiler drawn to serial killers and their psyches.

Jan 02, Gerri rated it it was amazing. Loved the story and loved the characters. I didn't like the murders, but that's me. I love the television show Criminal Minds, but I hate the very beginning of each episode because of the murder shown. This book kept my interest from the beginning past the murder , and I kept looking for time to get back and read more of the story.

Good strong characters. I'd like the character Gus to be in a series? Also, whatever will Bobby do in the future? I kept thinking about that which shows me the autho Loved the story and loved the characters. I kept thinking about that which shows me the author got into my mind.

I highly recommend this book. Mar 03, Kate rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads. I won this book in a goodreads giveaway. However, as i got into it, it was a good book. I would have liked to get to know the main characters a little more, i didnt feel like i knew much about them at all really, but aside from that, a good story, and if there were more featuring these characters i would definitely read them :D.