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Anita's Dance Chanson Triste Op. La Serenata Level 56 Valse Op.

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Waltz in E flat Op. 18 No. 1

Valse Ballet Bella Riva Op. Pastoral Pepita Polka Op. Berceuse The Chrysanthemum Hexentanz Op. Concerto Grosso Op. Gavotte L'enjouee Op. Auf dem Wasser zu singen Bink's Waltz Danse Russe Op. Chanson De Matin Op. Battle Of Waterloo Sonate No. Slavonic Dances Op. Morceau de Salon Op. La Jongleuse Op. Auf der Jagd Op. Beliebte Annen-Polka Op. The Music Box Op.

Chanson Boheme From Carmen Polka in D minor Sonatina in G Op.

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Rakoczy March Sonata in C major KV Schattentanz Level Cantate BWV Standchen von Shakespeare Rondo Brillante Op. King Cotton Ecossaise D. Sonata Op. Bagatelles Op. Polka in A major JB Concerto Grosso No. Harpsichord Sonata in A major Galop D. Winter is not cold Galuppi Sonata Lied ohne Worte Op. Similar compositions. Series: Pictures at an Exhibition, Theme: 0-miscellaneous. Orchestration: Piano, Difficulty: hard. Fantasie-Impromptu in C Minor op.

Series: Fantasies, Theme: 0-miscellaneous. Valse Waltz in Eb Major, Op.

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Series: Valses, Theme: 0-miscellaneous. Valse Waltz No. Nocturne in C Minor, Op. Series: Nocturnes, Theme: 0-miscellaneous. Ballade No. Series: Ballades, Theme: 0-miscellaneous.

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Piano Sonata No. Series: Sonatas, Theme: 0-miscellaneous.

Invitation to the Dance op. Passing 4 under 3 is a little awkward, but its not so bad because 4 is on the white note A. Bars 10 — Same as bars 2 — 4. Bars 12 — Bars 14 My 2 part fingering is probably not optimal, but is manageable. My main principle is to alternate between 1, 3 and either 5, 2 or 4, 2.

Bars 1 — The LH can be played with 5 on the single bass notes, and combinations of 1, 3, 5 for the chords. There are no difficulties, other than learning the patterns. Bars 16 — The LH plays the melody.

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There are 4 subtle grace notes that add expression and interest. These can be sounded as loud as the main notes.

Arthur Rubinstein - Chopin "Grande valse brillante" Op. 18 In E-Flat

The RH play chords and passing notes. The fingering is quite straight forward. Bar 17 — Then play 3 2 in reverse order back to 1 on C. It is practical for 3 to pass over 2, as the 3 finger is longer and reaching up to a black key. Bar 21 — Bar The grace notes in LH and RH are played together to create a distinct lead into the following dissonant chord.

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