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If there are historical events wrapped up in the mystery, they should be discussed so that the students understand the background of the story. Holidays and customs should be explained or researched and their significance discussed or presented in a lively or interesting manner. The students could do oral presentations or act out skits based on them.

The introduction would be motivational, using the wealth of movies, games, stories, etc. Depending upon the ability of the students, I would introduce one of the mystery-adventure stories written for the intermediate level See Reading List for Students. All the students would read one novel such as le Collier Africain. Then, I would suggest that the students be divided into groups. Each group would read a different story See Reading List for Students.

Working together will reinforce the knowledge gained while reading the previous novel. The students should be able to read these with guidance from the teacher. Vocabulary could be explained. Any other necessary explanations also could come from the teacher. If the students learn quickly, there should be no difficulty accomplishing this unit in sixteen weeks.

By now I hope the students are as excited about mysteries and detective fiction as I am. As they peruse and purchase Agatha Christies or Ed McBains written in French, I would encourage them to analyze why these authors have had their works translated into French, and why this genre of fiction is so popular both in France and the United States. For those students who are interested, I will arrange an opportunity for research on the following questions: Do other French-speaking peoples read detective stories?

For what reasons? Do they read the same authors? What role does their culture play in their literature? All this could be a point of departure for cultural and human or global understanding. Cherchez les objets suivants et devinez les liens entre eux Look for the following objects and guess the connections among them. Many different mystery writers collaborated on writing this book as a guide for the novice writer.

It explains the reasoning behind and the planning of a detective novel. Haycraft, Howard. This book is a history of detective fiction. It shows the evolution of the detective novel from its beginning to the present time. Chapter VI deals specifically with French detective novels. Murch, A. Murch traces the evolution of detective fiction from its sources to the present The reasons for this genre becoming so popular are explored as well.

Narcejac, Thomas. Narcejac proves that detective fiction is a real genre of literature. This is another history of the detective novel, but from the French point of view. Chapters worth noting are 1, 2, 5, 9, Rodell, Marie F. This is a how-to book for beginning writers. It explains the elements of detective fiction. Winks, Robin W. An informative, easy-to-read background of the genre of detective fiction. It convinces the reader that this type of novel is a worthwhile and legitimate endeavor. Carissimo Simenon Mon cher Fellini. Queridisimo Simenon, Mi Querido Fellini.

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Labor Collection Archives du futur Bruxelles, pp. Guide to the pseudonymously published works. Paris chez Simeon. Arrondissement by arrondissement. Richly illustrated pocket book. Tusquets Barcelona, pp.

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The bibliography! Mercier, Paul. Les chemins charentais de Simenon. The Charente in the life and work of Simenon. Meter, Helmut. Helmut Buske Verlag Hamburg, pp.

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Book for highschool teachers. Meyer-Bolzinger, Dominique. Holmes, Poirot, Maigret. Chez les Flamands. Nathan Paris, Monnoyer , M aurice. Trois heures avec Georges Simenon. Interview September Le cas Simenon. The Art of Simenon. Paris, 19 pp. Exhibition booklet. Connaissance de Georges Simenon - tome 1 - le secret du romancier suivi de entretiens avec Simenon.

A volume 2 has never been published. Piron, Maurice.

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Stendhal, une sociologie romanesque

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