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This very attractive hardcover book has quickly become a favourite go-to for something delicious in our kitchen. These cookies are deliciously chewy and rich. Paired with the cherries it had the family counting down remaining cookies and asking for more immediately.

Bourke Street Bakery Sydney Australia Surry Hills, Worth the HYPE?

The mixture is quite light and airy and does benefit from chilling in the fridge before rolling into balls. You can check out some in-progress shots on my instagram feed.

Bourke Street Bakery

These little sour and sweet cubes of deliciousness are worth fiddling with a candy thermometer. My first batch were a little cloudy, probably because I only had agar agar to set them. They still disappeared at a blinding rate because —yummy! This cake filled the house with a delicious spicy aroma. It is a bit unusual, with a thin biscuit style base and nutty spicy cake on top. I will certainly be making this cake as a gift this season. Progress shots are also in my instagram feed. Gosh… the queue is going to even more massive now.

Bourke Street Bakery, Surry Hills

I just had brunch at the Bourke today. And yes, please try the pork and fennel sausage roll. Amazingly awesome. And the beef pie…. I shall stop now. Wow what an honour from yourself and Yotam. I so must rectify that!! I still want to open a bakery though.

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Baking is my vacation and love. Perhaps I need my own epiphany XD. They sound wonderful.

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  7. And the croissants look better than anything you get from our local bakeries here in southern France where butter is a rarity :. Sounds like it is world class. Bourke Street Bakery is my favourite in Sydney! Hope you are enjoying your stay here! The ginger brulee tartlets are my absolute favourites, I must get around to making them myself from the cookbook one of these days!

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    Welcome to Sydney! I discovered I am coeliac a little more than a year ago and my first thought, followed by a lot of grieving, was: no more Bourke Street Bakery. Definitely an Australian childhood essential. Beautiful showcase of a beautiful bakery. Book is great too! Nice post David, as usual. I also thve the book and agree with lisa, there pizza by the slice is pretty good too! I worked in Sydney as a chef for a good 10 years and loved the food there, lots of great places of equal quality for not too much of a bite on the back pocket.

    There is some northern Chinese dumpling joint in china town, or pho off George st. If I could goto any place in Sydney right now for a cheap meal with maximum effect it would be … Faheems Fast Food in Enmore. Then wash it down with some mango lassi, that place rocks you should check it out when your there. But if your buying bread head to iggys in between Bronte and Enmore go on Sunday for their amaZing sourdough fruit loaf.

    Ayway if you get upto Noosa come in for some dessert. Keep up the posts Cheers. I went to this place for the first time when I was recently in Sydney and looved it too!

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    The Ginger Creme Brulee was amazing, how clever and brilliant of them! I would have thought that would be a satisfactory substitute. Jamie and Lisa: Sydney is a pretty great food city. Stephen: Thanks.. Wow is right. Their stuff looks absolutely fantastic! I think that book will be going on my Christmas list this year….

    As an American living who used to live in San Francisco, Chicago, and Atlanta, I really miss some of the great places that I used to frequent. I eat at Bourke Street Bakery in Alexandria several times a week and may have helped clean out their lovely tarts this week when we had a big group to our offices a few blocks away.

    The first time I ate one of those ginger tarts the first thing I thought of was your ginger ice cream from The Perfect Scoop which I had recently made. Those tarts really are amazing. I live on the outer edge of the Inner West 10 minutes by train from the city center, in Marrickville , where I have access to amazing produce from Vietnamese green grocers, three fresh food markets every weekend, and our very own Bourke Street Bakery branch!

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    When I finally get myself to Sydney, this will be my plan as well. How did I miss this little gem last time I was in Sydney? Next Christmas I plan to follow in your foot steps and attempt a little bite of everything they have to offer. And I always get a ginger brulee tart afterwards! Such a smashing meal. I just find myself heading back time and time again for MORE! This looks like a fantasy of a corner bakery — the certainly seem to have it figured out.

    Looks like 5 locations. Another reason my family needs to go to Australia. DS and the monkeys could surf all day, while I just lounge here, savoring everything in sight. Have fun exploring Australia from glorious pastries to Vegemite ;-.

    bourke street bakery

    The bakery looks incredible. I am glad you tried the croissants they looked wonderful. I wonder if it will ever be reprinted and distributed in the US — otherwise, I may never get to read the book. Yes yes, Bourke St Bakery IS absolutely as good as you suggest however as other Sydney locals have commented above, their savory food is as divine as their sweet. As our national dish is our humble meat pis, you MUST try theirs. As you no doubt can tell, we love food and we are very serious about it too! As our national dish is our humble meat pie, you MUST try theirs.

    Bourke Street Bakery looks amazing, more proof I need to meet my cousins in Sydney and visit.. Oh, this looks so delicious. It seems like I have definitely missed something when I was in Sydney. As you say, they can absolutely compete with French bakeries. My absolute favourite bakery in the world. Nothing compares. I used to be a regular at the original location and the one on Broadway, and your photos made me weep! Hope you tried their little carrot cakes and chocolate cakes as well. Those were favorites for birthdays or very decadent afternoon teas! Try the fennel and sausage rolls if you go back later in the day.

    Cannot wait to get home and to try out some of the recipes. Synchronicity strikes again…. The way you have described it and the fantastic pictures make my mouth water and believe that it probably is one of the best in the world. Thanks for sharing. Too bad there was no Bourke St. Bakery for Bourke and Wills to discover. It might have changed the course of Aussie history. The Smell-O-Vision on this computer just blew a fuse! Re the book, it is available at amazon. The bakery is 5 minutes from where I live and Im so glad you gave the thumbs up to their croissants. If not, I would be happy to point you in the right direction.

    My friends own a nut roasting business. Oh and ice cream…. Wow, those sound good and kind of dangerous… Will try to scope some out. I plan to hit Chinatown again — are they available over near the George Street area? Wow — those are some of the prettiest baked goods….. The croissants look absolutely incredible! I hear nothing but wonderful things about Bourke St Bakery and am dying to visit. However, I have their cookbook and it is somewhat disappointing.

    I give them the benefit of the doubt and wonder if perhaps they have struggled to translate commercial amounts to domestic recipes. Welcome to Australia. The Bourke Street Bakery is great. If you have time, another great place to visit is Bellingen — Mid North Coast NSW…there, they have a fabulous organic sourdough bakery called Hearthfire. Fantastic sourdough breads but even more delicious are their sourdough croissants and custard snails.

    Their savoury tarts are very addictive and their pies are amazing! Hope you get the chance to eat there. It is on William street not far from where it intersects with Bourke street just to the east of the city. The banana caramel truffle, peanut butter triangle, orange rhubarb Ne dark chocolate truffle and tonka bean and vanilla truffles are a MUST.

    Bourke Street Bakery: Savoury Pastries and Pies - Paul Allam - Google книги

    My friend lives in Sydney and sent me the Bourke Street Bakery cookbook for my birthday. Have been following your blog since travelling to Paris last year. Enjoy your stay. They also make a fantastic bircher muesli mix and my favourite sesame nut bar. You could be there in 20 minutes from the city where you are staying.