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Paroles "Dear Ben" - Jennifer Lopez

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Paroles Dear Ben - Jennifer Lopez -

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End of story. And we'd get richer because we'd sell them to you at face value though we bought them at fifty cents on the dollar. And why not forever? Just keep printing. Because as soon as you stop, stock markets will crash again, and credit markets will seize, and then we're back on this awful ride to hell. Of course, it'll cause inflation, which is good. You yourself said that. You stated many times that you want inflation.

In fact, you said that one of the goals of the Fed, after propping up the markets, is to create inflation. So stick to it, Ben. Don't slack off suddenly just because some cowboy threatened you. Inflation, in conjunction with your near-zero yields , has all sorts of benefits. Fixed-income investors, retirees, and everybody who has any savings will also be demolished. And homeowners. But don't worry. They won't figure it out. They don't get a statement every month that shows how much inflation cost them. It's a quiet way of stealing from them, and it'll impoverish them over time, but it'll make us, the recipients of the money you print, richer.

You see, Ben, we can charge higher prices for our goods and services. And even if we have to pay more for raw materials, we look good. Analysts dig that. Recently, Ben, you've done a decent job on inflation.

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Not bad. But you need to preempt any cooling off. So keep printing. Now, we're not talking about wage inflation. Oh no.

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We have to keep wages down. We need cheap labor, or else we'd have to send these jobs to China—which we're doing anyway. And not just to assemble iPhones.

Heck, our lawyers in India are doing the same work as our local lawyers for one-tenth the pay. So, if our local lawyers want to be competitive Just think how much more profit we could make if wages collapsed! Real wages have been declining for ten years and fell another 1. But that's not enough. So get with it, Ben. Print more. And don't worry about the wusses out there who say that choking the middle class like that will put us into a permanent recession.

Just get the banks to loan them lots of money so they can buy our stuff, and when the loans blow up, you buy them from the banks at face value. Full circle, Ben.

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The trillions you've printed and handed to us, well, we put them to work, and we created jobs in China and Mexico and Germany, and we bought assets, and it inflated prices, and now we're even richer. We're proud of you, Ben. Think of the influence you have.