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Lazio descends from the latin word, latium, and was the seat of the Roman Empire. The principal river in Lazio is the Tiber which crosses the entire region.

Experiences, Images and Political Reflections on the First World War in Italian Interwar Literature

A tiny cluster of islands, the Ponziano Archipelago, lies off the coast. The largest of the volcanic-formed islets, celebrated for their untamed natural beauty, is Ponza. Equally celebrated from a nature lovers viewpoint is the Parco Nazionale del Circeo. Parks and reserves cover more than , hectares of protected nature. The immense wealth of Rome is only one of the hundreds of points of interest offered by medieval villages, churches, monasteries, monuments and the various sites of the region. Frosinone originated as Frusino, a town of the ancient Volsci people, and became a colony of the Roman Empire.

The first traces of human presence in the provincial territory date back to prehistoric times: a famous skull of Homo Erectus dating from , years ago, constitutes the most ancient finding of the Homo species in Europe. There are traces of ancient walls and a Roman amphitheater, but Frosinone, which was badly damaged during World War II, is now a primarily modern town. It is the centre of the Ciociaria district noted for peasant costumes , and agriculture is the economic mainstay. The local dialect, now known as ciociaro, was earlier referred to as campanino. The name appears to be derived from the ciocia, the traditional footwear still worn by a few sheep and cattle herders in the Central Apennines.

The Abbey on Monte Cassino was originally founded by Saint Benedict in , making it one of Europe's oldest monasteries. Rieti rests on a small hilltop, commanding a wide plain at the southern edge of an ancient lake. The area is now the fertile basin of the Velino River.

It is close to Mount Terminillo, which is an important ski centre. Rieti has been considered to be the center of Italy since Roman times. For American basketball followers, this area is famous as the childhood home of Kobe Bryant who attended school here and as a result speaks fluent Italian. Rome, known as the eternal city and caput mundi capital of the world , is a showcase of Western civilization with astonishingly ancient sites and a modern vibrancy. In the ancient world it was successively the capital city of the Roman Kingdom, the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, and is regarded as one of the birthplaces of Western civilization.

Since the 1st century AD, Rome has been considered the seat of the Papacy and in the 8th century it became the capital of the Papal States, which lasted until According to legend, Rome was founded in B. Rome is not just Rome. It is all that comes with its consular roads, history, archaeology, villas, temples, aristocratic tombs, necropolises, aqueducts and bridges.

It is truly a unique city. Rome has inspired poets, painters, writers and many other great artists. Viterbo is a medieval gem, founded by the Etruscans and eventually taken over by Rome. It developed into an important centre, and in the 13th century became the residence of the popes. The historic center is one of the best preserved medieval towns of central Italy. Many of the older buildings particularly churches are built on top of ancient ruins, recognizable by their large stones, 50 centimeters to a side.

Viterbo became a centre of military aviation due to its proximity to Rome, especially after the opening of the Air Force base during the s. This base is now the Rome Viterbo Airport, and is still used for military purposes. Viterbo is also famous for its ancient, therapeutic hot springs, the most famous being the springs of Bullicame, with temperatures that reach up to degrees celsius. This year is your 40th Anniversary issue of our annual Italian Directory Magazine and on behalf of my family, we are so proud to have sponsored you with our advertisements throughout the years. I want to congratulate you, your family and staff of Ital Press Ltd.

My hope is that together with the other advertisers and supporters of this historical book, we arrive to celebrate the 80th Anniversary issue. Congratulations on achieving this important milestone! Liguria, known as The Italian Riviera, is a long, thin coastal strip nestling at the foot of vinecovered mountains. Her pastel-colored houses bask in the Mediterranean sun. It boasts some of its most secluded stretches of coast, with lush forests of lemon trees, herbs, flowers, almonds and pine trees. Imperia is composed of two centers, Porto Maurizio and Oneglia.

Both centers have small commercial and fishing ports. San Remo, the Pearl of the Riviera, is first and foremost, a tourist and health resort of primary importance, and Italys biggest flower producer. It is something of a mini-Vegas by the sea, complete with a casino, racetrack and an hole golf course. San Remo was once a glamorous retreat for the composer Tchaikovsky, Alfred Nobel the father of modern explosives and poet, Edward Lear. It is also famous for the Sanremo Music Festival, an extravagant, five-day-long ritual of performances, glitter and hype, held at Teatro Ariston in late February.

The Giardini Botanici Hanbury 18 hectares , also known as Villa Hanbury, are major botanical gardens. Genoa, the capital, has been nicknamed, La Superba The Proud One , due to its glorious past and impressive landmarks. It has made no secret of its many celebrated historical heros, among them the great admiral Andrea Doria, Christopher Columbus, Giuseppe Mazzini, the father of the Risorgimento, virtuoso violinist Nicol Paganini and Goffredo Mameli, the author of the lyrics of the Italian National Anthem.

As any Ligurian will tell you, Si deve conoscerla per amarla, translated, you have to know Genoa to love her. Genoa boasts the longest wall of any city in Europe, second in length only to that of China. Portofino is the jewel of an already gloriously embellished coastline. With its marinas, pastel-colored houses, firstrate sports facilities and a seductive atmosphere of La Dolce Vita. It is the seat of a navigation school, a commercial port with shipyards and industries producing machinery, metal products, and refined petroleum.

The beauty of this region has been celebrated by poets, writers and artists, who have long been attracted to this coast and the charm of its landscape and climate. A characteristic of this territory is the presence of terracing, a system farmers adopted to cultivate the hills of the Ligurian coast. The Cinque Terre Five Lands , refers to the five tiny picturesque villages nestling in five bays along the coast between Punta del Mesco and Punta del Montenero. The Gulf of Poets was the name given to the Gulf of La Spezia, since it was one of the places best-loved by the 19th century Romantic poets, Byron and Shelley, for its great scenic beauty.

Portovenere is known as The Jewel of Liguria. Both Dante and Petrarch spoke of the natural beauty of the gulf. Via dell Amore Lovers Lane is Cinque Terres most famous walk with beautiful landscapes, among the noise of the waves that smash against the cliffs. It is part of the 1 mile 1. National Aluminum Ltd. Commercial - Residential All installations done by the Owner. With fabrications for over restaurants, food factories, hotel kitchens and banquet halls, New Century Sheet Metal has been committed to assisting our customers with both standard and custom products and designs since The Giants of Monte Prama include statues of archers, wrestlers and boxers carved in sandstone probably between the 9th and 8th centuries BC, before Rome was even founded.

They belong to the Nuragic civilization, which flourished on Sardinia for two millennia until the 2nd century AD. The figures, standing over 2 meters 6. They or rather, their component parts were found in near the town of Cabras, on the west coast of the island. Lombardy has the largest population of any Italian region, though it covers less than one-tenth of the countrys area.

The population is concentrated in the industrial cities of the upper plains and foothills, with secondary concentrations in the rich farmlands in the south. The word, Lombardy originally referred to the entire region composed of Northern and Central Italy, home to the Germanic tribe of the Lombards, that settled the region along with much of the northern Apennine Peninsula in 6th century.

It is divided physically into three parts from north to south - a mountainous Alpine and pre-Alpine zone; a zone of gently undulating foothills; and a zone of alluvial plains sloping gently to the Po River in the south. Lombardy is the leading industrial and commercial region of Italy. Milan, the capital of Lombardy, is the main industrial, commercial and financial centre of Italy and a leading global city. Its business district hosts the Borsa Italiana Italys main stock exchange and the headquarters of the largest national banks and companies.

The city is also well known for several international events and fairs, including the Milan Furniture Fair, the largest of its kind in the world. The city hosts the Milan Fashion Week twice a year, one of the most important events in the international fashion system.

Most of the major Italian fashion houses and labels are based in Milan, even though many of them were founded in other cities. The theme chosen is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

L'allegoria dell'autunno

Milan is home to two of the worlds major football teams, A. Milan and F. Internazionale Milano. Canada Upholstery Ltd. We repair antique to modern lighting from simple re-wiring to full restoration. In a remote corner between the Apennine mountains and the Adriatic Sea is the region called The Marches, a rural patchwork of small towns and sandy beaches.

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In pre-Christian times this area was settled by the Piceni, a tribe eventually assimilated by the Romans. Exiles from Magna Graecia colonized this region in the 4th century BC. The most notable town was Ancona. During the Middle Ages, the region marked the edge of the Holy Roman Empire, giving rise to the present name Marche, which means border area. While the coastal areas are fairly heavily populated, the beautiful inland countryside is sparsely inhabited.

The inland mountainous zones are mostly limestone and are noted for bare peaks, rushing torrents, dramatic gorges and many complexes of caves. The Parco Naturale dei Monti Sibillini, in the southwest corner, is the regions largest park, spreading over 40 km of mountain peaks and continuing westwards into Umbria. The mountains take their name from a legend that one of the sibyls hid here in a cave on Monte Sibilla, known as Grotta delle Fate Cave of the Furies , when she was chased out of the underworld. This area is a botanists paradise.

Alpine Edelweiss Leontopodion nivale , martagon lily, bear berry, Apennine cinquefoil and alpine buckthorn are just some of the species here. The park is also rich in bird life - buzzards, kestrels and sparrow hawks can be found, as well as rare sightings of the golden eagle, peregrine falcon, rock partridge, eagle owl and the chough, from the crow family of birds. Ancona is one of the main ports on the Adriatic Sea, especially for passenger traffic, and is the main economic and demographic centre of the region. This city dates back to at least the 5th century BC, when it was settled by the Greek exiles from Siracusa.

Its name derives from ankon Greek for elbow , a reference to the rocky spur that juts into the sea to form the towns fine natural harbor. Today, it houses the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche. Loreto, is most commonly known as the seat of the Basilica della Santa Casa, a popular pilgrimage site. Legend says that in the house of the Virgin Mary miraculously uprooted itself from the Holy Land and was brought by angels to a laurel grove Loreto south of Ancona.

One of the most alluring of the hill-towns of the southern Marche, Fermo has an ensemble of architectural sights. The 13th century Romanesque-Gothic Cathedral with its richly decorated interior and fine rose window, now stands in splendid isolation. For the British perhaps the most interesting of the cathedrals treasures is an Arab-Spanish embroidered cope said to have belonged to St.

Thomas a Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury , which is on display in the adjacent Museo Diocesano. During the summer period the piazza plays host to Fermos music festival featuring some of the worlds finest performers, as well as outdoor markets. Palazzo Pitti was originally built by one of the Medici familys competitors to exceed their Palazzo Medici in every way, but it was later bought by Eleonora di Toledo de Medici.

The hill behind the Palazzo Pitti, excavated for stone to expand the buildings, was then turned into the Boboli Gardens, a segmented strolling garden with statues, fountains, grottoes, water tricks and other features which became the most often copied of the Italian Formal Gardens. Bobolis design influenced formal gardens in the rest of Europe. The formal garden was started by Niccolo Tribolo, but he died the next year and the work was assigned to Bartolomeo Ammannati, a student of Bartolommeo Bandinelli who closely followed the style of Michelangelo.

Molise is bordered by Abruzzo to the north, Apulia to the east, Lazio to the west and Campania to the south. It has a short coastline to the northeast, lying on the Adriatic Sea. The region separated from Abruzzo in but the split did not become effective until Geography has blessed this province with beaches, lush hills and sunflower fields. Despite its small size, Campobasso has always been considered an important center in the region. Dominating the city is the Castello Monforte, built by the Longobards around the year Saepinum, also known as Altilia, is a lovely, fullscale Roman city surrounded by pastoral fields.

The ruins in this area are among the best preserved. The walls of Roman Saepinum, built in the 1st century B. They had four gates, corresponding to the four roads of access to the city, and were protected by numerous watch towers. The best preserved of the gates is the so-called Porta di Bojano. Larino, settled by an Italic tribe, the Frentani, became a Roman center. Remains have been found in the vicinity of San Leonardo, including the original amphitheater.

Campitello Matese is a popular resort town situated right in the heart of the Matese chain at meters above sea level. There are over 50 km of ski trails in the vicinity of this rapidly-developing winter playground. Termoli is a local resort town known for its beaches and old fortifications. It is also the main embarkation point for the Tremiti Island. Each year in early May, the town of Ururi, south of Termoli, stages a gladiator revival. Carts pulled by bulls and helmet-wearing horseback riders careen through the streets squirting blood, as hordes of horrified spectators applaud.

The town of Isernia was settled at least , years ago. Situated on a rocky crest between Carpino and the Sordo rivers, the plan of Isernia still reflects the ancient layout of the Roman town, with a central wide street, the card maximus, still represented by Corso Marcelli. Perched on a rocky massif, Bagnoli del Trigno is a village of medieval origins. Agnone, the town of bells, is renowned for the construction of bells which decorate and give voice to the most prestigious churches in Italy and the world. The Marinelli family first started the bell foundry in In addition to a bell foundry, it is an artisan foundry that produces bronze portals, bas-reliefs church artifacts, and bell restorations.

Le poesie accluse sono tratte dalla raccolta inedita: Ai piedi della memoria Fiocchi di Neve. Negli anni che furono, amavi la primavera. Sinverdivano piante, il grano spuntava, fiorellini sbocciavano come la tua bellezza. Nel lungo inverno non ti dispiacevano fiocchi di neve sui tuoi capelli castani e sciolti, parevano margherite posate sun prato color tabacco, poi. Inesorabile la neve tutta si sciolse. Ora rimane il bianco sulla tua chioma. Come gran masso che srotola veloce dallalta collina verso fondo valle, cos corre il tempo. La neve dallora svanita con gli anni, non si ripete come nella lontana giovent.

Primavere appassite par rose dinverno. Resta questa neve sui bianchi capelli, non margherite bianche soltanto gelidi fiocchi riposano sulla vecchia chioma che non ha pi la sua verde et. Non chiedetemi di vedere il vestito che indosso, sotto labito v la libert vestita con stoffa darcano silenzio. Cercate le mie parole aperte, di preghiera. Ieri come oggi, parole fantasma vestono di vuoto.

Dure spine nel cuore che batte su questo corpo. Troveranno mai lamore nasceve sempre spontaneo come acqua sorgiva i ricordi dallora? Solo le pietre sono senzanima. Forse un miracolo Ritorneranno voci a me sempre care, ma, inesorabile il tempo corre. Improvvisamente scender per sempre il vespro. Allinizio di questa mia.. Quindi il vestito una metafora. Non Sogno Quando sar il momento, che non ci sia mano pietosa a chiudere palpebre. Vorrei restare ad occhi aperti, alla luce che ha illuminato il mio cammino, alle bellezze datemi da Dio. Se ci saranno, le mie lacrime rifrescheranno memorie e le pupille seppure spente riceveranno il bacio del mattino, o la tenue carezza della fresca sera.

Non sogno questo desiderio, dopo che venga pure il fuoco. Sar cenere la carne, gli occhi, il cuore, sar cenere lamore, i ricordi, il rispetto. Non sar cenere n dolore per chi non hanno amato. Piedmont, or Pedemontium as originally named by the Romans means, at the foot of the mountains and more than km of mountain ranges wind around its borders.

Obscure during the Roman era, the region rose to prominence in when the Savoys, having dominated the region since the 11th century, selected Turin as capital of their re-united Italy. Piedmont is a purveyor of Slow Food, fine wine, royal palaces and an atmosphere that is more french than Italian. But, dig deeper and you will discover that Piedmont has Made in Italy written all over it. Alessandria is known as Home of the Hat. The Borsalino is the name of a hat company known particularly for its fedoras. Established in , Borsalino produces felt from Belgian rabbit fur.

Giuseppe Borsalino set up the first artisan workshop for the production of felt hats. A museum dedicated to the history of the hat displays over 2, different hats of various shapes and sizes. Asti known as The City of Towers, lies at the heart of Piedmont and borders Liguria to the south. With its well-preserved Medieval towers and Baroque palaces, this town sparkles like a glass of its famous Asti Spumante DOCG wine renowned and exported all around the world. Biella is known as the City of Wool or Cashmere City. It is known world-wide for its high quality fabrics.

The Sanctuary of Oropa located in Biella is one of the most important shrines in Europe. During World War ll it was one of the main centers of partisan resistance against the German occupation of Italy. This is home to some of the best Italian wines and truffles. This region has been enriched by the Occitan language also known as lenga dc by its native speakers.

Novara, The Gentle Land is an area in the heart of Piedmont. It is characterized by rice fields and tranquil villages. The most imposing monument in the city is the Basilica of San Gaudenzio, with a cupola reaching meters in height, designed by Alessandro Antonelli and constructed in Turin is known as the Automobile Capital of Italy.

The city has a rich culture and history, and is known for its numerous art galleries, churches, palaces, opera houses, parks, gardens, theaters, libraries, museums and other venues. Chic shops and elegant fin-de-sicle cafes and museums populate the city centers piazzas. It sparked the Risorgimento and bears a badge of honor in the form of Baroque architecture and more than 18 km of arcades in the city centre. Turin is one of the great international centers for chocolate. Ferraro Rocher and Nutella are Turins most famous products.

The chocolate named Gianduiotto is the best example of the piedmontese confectionery industry. In Turin hosted the 20th Olympic Winter Games. The Borromean Islands totaling 50 acres are famous for their picturesque setting. Vercelli, the Rice Capital of Europe, is completely flat and dominated by rice farms. The Codex Vercellensis is a manuscript dating back to the end of the 10th century. It is preserved in Vercelli in the library of the St. Eusebio Cathedral.

Chi era Gabriele D'Annunzio - [Appunti Video]

With its slim hull and flat underside, the craft is perfectly adapted to negotiating narrow, shallow canals. There is a slight leftward curve to the prow, which counteracts the force of the oar, preventing the gondola from going round in circles. In it was decreed that all gondolas should be black to stop people making an ostentatious show of their wealth. For special occasions they are decorated with flowers. In August , Giorgia Boscolo became Venice's first female gondolier. Mark Twain visited Venice in the summer of He dedicated much of chapter 23 of his book, The Innocents Abroad, to describing the curiosity of urban life with gondolas and gondoliers.

Apulia is one of the richest archaeological regions in Italy. It is a multi-cultural, colorful, enchanting land rich in tradition, history, art, and beautiful landscapes. It is at the region famous for the clearest sea water in Italy. The northern third of the region is centered on the Puglia Tableland, which is flanked on the north by the limestone massif of Gargano Promontory the spur of the peninsula and on the west by the Neapolitan Apennines.

The central third is occupied by the low Murge plateau, which slopes gradually to the narrow coastal plains of the Adriatic Sea in the east. The absence of surface water over large areas led to construction of the Apulian Aqueduct , the largest of its kind in Italy, which supplies the region with water from the Sele River on the western slope of the Apennine watershed. Puglia was ruled in the early Middle Ages by Goths, Lombards, and Byzantines and knew its greatest glory under the Hohenstaufen emperors. It was a favorite of the 13th century Holy Roman emperor Frederick II, and Romanesque cathedrals and palaces bear witness to the flowering of Puglia at that time.

This region has glorious architecture, particularly in the churches and castles of the north. There are about Trulli, some dating back to the 15th century. Today, the surviving Trulli are popular among English and German tourists. They are often bought and restored for general use. Many of the houses are painted white to reflect the hot summer sun. Ostuni is known as the White City, and is visible for miles around. Lecce in the Salentine Peninsula, was the site of the Greek Messapi settlement. It became an important center of the Roman Empire, and during the Middle Ages a strong tradition of scholarship was established.

Lecces Baroque style, flourished in the 17th century and earned the city the name of Florence of the south. They are the largest Italian saltworks and one of the largest in the Mediterranean area. Castel del Monte is built in an octagonal shape, with each of the eight corners sporting an octagonal tower.

This makes the geometric design of this fortress built by Frederick II unique. The region is predominantly agricultural. Wheat, barley, and oats are grown on the plain and in the more fertile parts of the plateaus, while olives, grapes, almonds, figs, and vegetables predominate farther south; tobacco is a specialty of the Lecce Plain.

The wines of Puglia are the strongest in Italy and are used to fortify other, lighter varieties. Fishing is carried on in many ports, particularly those of the Gargano Promontory and in Barletta, Monopoli, and Taranto. Puglia produces more olive oil than any other single region. It is the largest trade fair in the Adriatic and involves exhibitions from many sectors and industries. This fair is renowned throughout the world.

There is also a Fair of Nations which displays handcrafted and locally produced goods from all over the world. This Roman statue has attracted the attention and curiosity of tourists from all over the world. This ancient stone mask from the Classical period represents a river god with an open mouth, wide eyes and a flowing mane of hair. The reason for its unshakeable fame is a rather macabre legend associated with the mask since ancient times. If a liar puts his hand inside its mouth, they will lose it.

The mask is so famous that even Hollywood honored it in a film about the city called, Roman Holiday. In one of the most memorable scenes, Gregory Peck, in front of a terrified Audrey Hepburn, daringly challenges the mask by putting his hand inside its mouth.

Even today, this ancient mask is the cause of queues of tourists who line up outside the beautiful Paleochristian church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin. The thrill of the risk is evidently too strong and you honestly can't resist putting your hand inside this harmless, but unsettling stone face and hope for the best! WE appreciate your referrals! Call us at or email us at info italiandirectory. Garantita massima riservatezza.

Per incontrare un nostro assistente sociale telefonare dal luned al venerd, dalle alle 17 al. Dopo pi di sedici anni di avere festeggiato San Pio di Pietrelcina la communit parrocchiale di Our Lady of Sorrows ha ricevuto una bellissima immagine del santo arrivata da San Giovanni Rotondo. La messa in onore di San Pio si celebra il martedi, 23 settembre alle pm. Tutti i devoti sono invitati a partecipare nella Santa Messa e nel rinfresco che segue.

Per piu informazioni chiamate al P. Your bridge between the past and the future. In no place on earth are there so many opportunities for delicious peace and quiet as on this small island. It is an island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the Sorrentine Peninsula, on the south side of the Gulf of Naples in the Campania region. It has been a resort since the time of the Roman Republic.

It was frequented by emperors Augustus and Tiberius and later by artists and intellectuals such as Maxim Gorky. It's also a hugely popular destination and a summer favorite of holidaying VIPs. Inevitably, the two main centers, Capri Town and its uphill rival, Anacapri, are almost entirely given over to tourism. But explore beyond the designer boutiques and pointedly traditional trattorias and you'll find that Capri's hinterland retains an unspoiled rural charm with grand villas, overgrown vegetable plots, sun-bleached peeling stucco and banks of brilliantly colored bougainvillea.

The native inhabitants on the island include quails, robins, peregrine falcons, woodcocks, blackbirds, geckos, red goldfish, conger eels, sargos, groupers, mullets, and the blue lizard of the Faraglioni. Capri is known for the Grotta Azzurra Blue Grotto. This beautiful Grotto was discovered in the 19th century by foreign tourists and has been a phenomenon ever since. Page 68 - Funeral We specialize in high quality solid wood caskets at reasonable prices.

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The first language of Sardinia is Italian, although the Sardinian language, Sardo, is still widely spoken. A remarkably rich language, Sardo varies greatly from area to area, with Latin, Arabic, Spanish and Catalan influences reflecting the turbulence of the islands past. Sardinia is one of the most geologically ancient bodies of land in Europe. The island was populated in waves of emigration from the Paleolithic period until recent times.

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It is the second biggest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily. It is characterized by an interior of dramatic, rolling uplands covered in macchia, or grasslands mingled with dwarf oaks, myrtle, prickly pears, rosemary and wild oregano.

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The beautiful coastline of Sardinia has a translucent sea, long sandy beaches and isolated coves. The Emerald Coast, stretching from the Golfo di Cugnana to the Golfo di Arzachena, owes its transformation as playground of the rich and famous to Aga Khan who, in together with a number of associate business men and owners of some hectares of land, founded the Consortium of the Emerald Coast. This coast is a magnet for billionaires super-yachts. It caters to the seriously rich and famous.

Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo are the center of the social life of the Costa Smeralda, with all their luxury villas, harbors, bars, nightclubs and fashionable hangouts. The dominant feature of Sardinia is the 7, or so nuraghe dotted around the island. These strange cone structures were built without any bonding from huge basalt blocks taken from extinct volcanoes. To this day, little is known about the nuraghic people. They left no written word but had remarkable engineering skills. The mystery of these enigmatic people has intrigued Sardinians for years.

Sardinia is home to nearly 4 million sheep. Sardinia has a centuries-old tradition of horse breeding since the Aragonese domination. Today, the island boasts the highest number of horse herds in Italy. Fishing along the coasts is also an important activity on the island. Portoscuso tunas are exported worldwide, but primarily to Japan. Sardinia is home to one of the oldest forms of vocal polyphony, generally known as cantu a tenore. In , Unesco classed the cantu a tenore among intangible world heritage.

There is no better way to end a day as the Italians do, than going for a passeggiata strolling sampling a gelato in the cool of the evening. If you want to sample the very best, look for signs saying, artigianale which means that the gelato is produced according to strictly traditional methods or it is home-made. There are an array of flavors including nocciola hazelnut , limone lemon , stracciatella chocolate chip , fragola strawberry , Nutella chocolate hazelnut and hundreds more.

Today, there are more than 5, Italian ice cream parlors in Italy. Providing ocean-friendly seafood for 15 years. Open 7 days a week Fraser Hwy, Langley We offer up tasty solutions for every meal with our sustainable specialty, antibiotic free and grain fed turkey, locally farm-raised right here in the Fraser Valley.

What better way to introduce your family to a healthier lifestyle, without sacrificing taste or variety. Casalinga Food Services provides frozen meals and desserts delivered to your door. If you are currently getting meal service, we would like to send you a sample of our home cooked meals at no cost. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and a land of beauty, mystery and monuments. From blackened lava fields to soft sandy coves, Sicily boasts contrasting landscapes. This idyllic isle is a patchwork of sweet-smelling citrus groves and horses with plumes pulling painted carts.

Evidence of prehistoric, Carthaginian, Greek, Roman, Arab, Norman, Bourbon and Aragonese eras are to be found in temples, local food and dialects. The Aeolian Islands are a volcanic archipelago named after the demigod of the winds Aeolus. Sicily was once called Trinacria in the ancient world because of its triangular shape. Agrigento is renowned as the site of the ancient Greek city of Akragas, one of the leading cities of the Magna Graecia.

The temple of Dioscuri is one of the symbolic images of the valley.

Caltanissettas origins can be traced back to BC, when admiral Nicia, of Hamilcars siege force from Carthage established a fort at the site, later called Castra Nicia Fort Nicia. This centre of a mineral-rich area became prosperous after the unification of Italy, thanks to the sulphur and rock salt mines.

Catania the coast of the cyclops has always had a close relationship with the volcano Mt. Most of the citys buildings are made from Etnas black lava. It was settled by the Greeks in the 8th century B. The first Sicilian university was founded in Catania in Teatro Massimo Bellini is an opera house which was named after the local-born composer. Catanias symbol is the lava elephant carrying an Egyptian obelisk. Enna has been nicknamed belvedere panoramic viewpoint or the ombelico navel of Sicily. The pride of Enna is the Castello di Lombardia.

This castle was built by the Hohenstaufens, and is one of the most important in Sicily. I believe that a general analysis of Italian interventionism, of the expectations it created and the disappointments over a conflict that was showing the nation's unpreparedness, still remains of great importance. The present article will not only show the extent to which Italian war literature was permeated by piety and emotion towards comrades and, sometimes, enemies who shared the devastating ordeal of the trenches, it will also highlight how it was pervaded by political implications that were peculiar to Italian social and political conditions of the time.

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Journal Building Acoustics, Vol 19, number 3, NOTE: Theses scientific publications have been and are actually cited in numerous scientific publications and books of the highest level. Book published by Ceac. In his work he tried to project the best sound with maximum respect for the architectural design.

Manuel Aires Mateus

His contribution to architecture through sound has been highly recognized worldwide. His large work can be examined on its website www. In the scientific field acoustic contribution is well known. His theories now occupy together with Sabine and Eyring a special place in most spreadsheet programs sold in the world, such as the Odeon and WinRT Biographical notes Born in Verona in Higini Arau PhD. Physical Sciences by the Barcelona University. Enzo Argante President of Nuvolaverde.