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I can speak for her as confidently as for myself; for when, after a night's rest in Dresden, I continued my journey, she got into the same train. Understanding that she wished to be let alone, I avoided her carefully, but I saw that she went the same way as I did to the very end of my journey, and I took opportunities of having a good look at her, when I could do so unobserved. As soon as we reached the Ruritanian frontier where the old officer who presided over the Custom House favoured me with such a stare that I felt surer than before of my Elphberg physiognomy , I bought the papers, and found in them news which affected my movements.

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For some reason, which was not clearly explained, and seemed to be something of a mystery, the date of the coronation had been suddenly advanced, and the ceremony was to take place on the next day but one. The whole country seemed in a stir about it, and it was evident that Strelsau was thronged.

Rooms were all let and hotels overflowing; there would be very little chance of my obtaining a lodging, and I should certainly have to pay an exorbitant charge for it. I made up my mind to stop at Zenda, a small town fifty miles short of the capital, and about ten from the frontier.

My train reached there in the evening; I would spend the next day, Tuesday, in a wander over the hills, which were said to be very fine, and in taking a glance at the famous Castle, and go over by train to Strelsau on the Wednesday morning, returning at night to sleep at Zenda. Accordingly at Zenda I got out, and as the train passed where I stood on the platform, I saw my friend Madame de Mauban in her place; clearly she was going through to Strelsau, having, with more providence than I could boast, secured apartments there.

I smiled to think how surprised George Featherly would have been to know that she and I had been fellow travellers for so long. I was very kindly received at the hotel--it was really no more than an inn--kept by a fat old lady and her two daughters. They were good, quiet people, and seemed very little interested in the great doings at Strelsau. The old lady's hero was the duke, for he was now, under the late King's will, master of the Zenda estates and of the Castle, which rose grandly on its steep hill at the end of the valley a mile or so from the inn. The old lady, indeed, did not hesitate to express regret that the duke was not on the throne, instead of his brother.

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But the King is almost a stranger; he has been so much abroad, not one in ten knows him even by sight. The King, sir, is now at the duke's hunting-lodge in the forest here; from here he goes to Strelsau to be crowned on Wednesday morning. I was interested to hear this, and made up my mind to walk next day in the direction of the lodge, on the chance of coming across the King. The old lady ran on garrulously:. That I wish, and I don't care who knows it. A red Elphberg for me, mother! The King, they say, is as red as a fox or as--".

And she laughed mischievously as she cast a glance at me, and tossed her head at her sister's reproving face. The duke is at Strelsau, preparing the King's reception. But my rosy damsel tossed her head again; she was not to be repressed for long, and she broke out again:. The old woman glowered; but the last words pricked my curiosity, and I interposed before she could begin scolding:.

Le prisonnier de Zenda

But if a man will be a younger son, why he must take what the elder leaves, and be as thankful to God as he can;" and, thinking of myself, I shrugged my shoulders and laughed. And then I thought also of Antoinette de Mauban and her journey to Strelsau. A moment later he saw me, and, to my amazement, he started back a step, as though he had seen something wonderful. The man had recovered himself, but he was staring at me with an intense, searching, almost fierce glance. He started to see your hair, sir. It's not the colour we see most of here in Zenda. So speaking, I rose to my feet, and with a slight bow turned to the door.

The young girl ran to light me on the way, and the man fell back to let me pass, his eyes still fixed on me. The moment I was by, he started a step forward, asking:. He said no more, but I felt his eyes following me till the door closed behind me. My saucy conductor, looking over her shoulder at me as she preceded me upstairs, said:. I was not so unreasonable as to be prejudiced against the duke's keeper because he disliked my complexion; and if I had been, his most civil and obliging conduct as it seemed to me to be next morning would have disarmed me.

Hearing that I was bound for Strelsau, he came to see me while I was breakfasting, and told me that a sister of his who had married a well-to-do tradesman and lived in the capital, had invited him to occupy a room in her house. He had gladly accepted, but now found that his duties would not permit of his absence. He begged therefore that, if such humble though, as he added, clean and comfortable lodgings would satisfy me, I would take his place.

He pledged his sister's acquiescence, and urged the inconvenience and crowding to which I should be subject in my journeys to and from Strelsau the next day. I accepted his offer without a moment's hesitation, and he went off to telegraph to his sister, while I packed up and prepared to take the next train. But I still hankered after the forest and the hunting-lodge, and when my little maid told me that I could, by walking ten miles or so through the forest, hit the railway at a roadside station, I decided to send my luggage direct to the address which Johann had given, take my walk, and follow to Strelsau myself.

Johann had gone off and was not aware of the change in my plans; but, as its only effect was to delay my arrival at his sister's for a few hours, there was no reason for troubling to inform him of it. Doubtless the good lady would waste no anxiety on my account. I took an early luncheon, and, having bidden my kind entertainers farewell, promising to return to them on my way home, I set out to climb the hill that led to the Castle, and thence to the forest of Zenda.

Half an hour's leisurely walking brought me to the Castle. It had been a fortress in old days, and the ancient keep was still in good preservation and very imposing. Behind it stood another portion of the original castle, and behind that again, and separated from it by a deep and broad moat, which ran all round the old buildings, was a handsome modern chateau, erected by the last king, and now forming the country residence of the Duke of Strelsau.

The old and the new portions were connected by a drawbridge, and this indirect mode of access formed the only passage between the old building and the outer world; but leading to the modern chateau there was a broad and handsome avenue. It was an ideal residence: when "Black Michael" desired company, he could dwell in his chateau; if a fit of misanthropy seized him, he had merely to cross the bridge and draw it up after him it ran on rollers , and nothing short of a regiment and a train of artillery could fetch him out.

I went on my way, glad that poor Black Michael, though he could not have the throne or the princess, had, at least, as fine a residence as any prince in Europe. The Prisoner of Zenda ebook Anthony Hope 0,0. Ebooka przeczytasz w aplikacjach Legimi na: Androidzie. Windows Windows Phone.

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Ciemno, prawie noc Joanna Bator. It is true. Our family doesn't need to do things. Upon this I stroked my hair: I knew quite well what she meant. My brother's wife uttered an exclamation of impatience. And, by way of closing the discussion--and also, I must admit, of exasperating my strict little sister-in-law a trifle more--I observed: "I rather like being an Elphberg myself. Therefore I said: "My dear sister, if in six months' time no unforeseen obstacle has arisen, and Sir Jacob invites me, hang me if I don't go with Sir Jacob!

I am glad! He fenced with me for a while, but at last, flinging himself on a sofa, he exclaimed: "Very well; have it your own way. I am in love--infernally in love! George jingled his money, smiled cruelly at poor Bertram, and answered pleasantly: "Nobody knows. The next day George Featherly went with me to the station, where I took a ticket for Dresden. He has seen the King. The old lady ran on garrulously: "Ah, and I wish he would stay at his hunting--that and wine and one thing more are all he loves, they say--and suffer our duke to be crowned on Wednesday. I threw myself back in my deep armchair, and laughed at her zeal.

The King, they say, is as red as a fox or as--" And she laughed mischievously as she cast a glance at me, and tossed her head at her sister's reproving face. But my rosy damsel tossed her head again; she was not to be repressed for long, and she broke out again: "Ay, they love one another as men do who want the same place and the same wife!

How's that, young lady? The man who had spoken came forward. The moment I was by, he started a step forward, asking: "Pray, sir, do you know our King? My saucy conductor, looking over her shoulder at me as she preceded me upstairs, said: "There's no pleasing Master Johann for one of your colour, sir. In fact, however, as I now know, colour is sometimes of considerable moment to a man. CHAPTER 3 A Merry Evening with a Distant Relative I was not so unreasonable as to be prejudiced against the duke's keeper because he disliked my complexion; and if I had been, his most civil and obliging conduct as it seemed to me to be next morning would have disarmed me.

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Le Prisonnier de Zenda

The Prisoner of Zenda Adventure Drama Romance. Aubrey Smith.

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    The Three Musketeers Action Adventure Drama. Certificate: Passed Adventure Romance. Prince Valiant Knights of the Round Table Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Stewart Granger Princess Flavia Louis Calhern Zapt Jane Greer Antoinette de Mauban Lewis Stone The Cardinal Robert Douglas Michael, Duke of Strelsau Robert Coote Fritz von Tarlenheim Peter Brocco Johann Francis Pierlot Josef James Mason Edit Storyline English trout fisher Rudolf Rassendyll is about the only tourist not coming for the coronation of Central-European King Rudolf V at Strelsau, but happens to be a distant relative and is approached on account of their canning resemblance to stand in for the drunken king, in order to prevent his envious half-brother Michael, who arranged spiking his wine to seize the throne when the reputedly less then dutiful Rudolf stays away.

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