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Espongina is a digital instrument made of water and two carved wooden bowls.

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Waterproof piezos pick up vibrations from movement and physical contact with the wood. These vibrations are processed and mapped through Max to different parameters that generate and shape sounds throughout the performance. Download Max 8. Holiday: Cycling '74 will be closed Thursday, July 4th.

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Manual authorization, support cases, and manual order processing will be delayed. It's the only software that lets you do all this. Hardware has no limits with Max.

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Used worldwide for performances and installations. Cosmoscope Cosmoscope runs from two networked Macs — one controlling the audio and other, the lighting system. The actual value returned will be of the original type with no conversion applied.

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Be careful when passing arguments with mixed types values because max can produce unpredictable results. Any comparable value.

Hardware has no limits with Max.

If multiple values of different types evaluate as equal e. Example 1 Example uses of max. Edit Report a Bug. Caution Be careful when passing arguments with mixed types values because max can produce unpredictable results.

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Parameters values An array containing the values. Return Values max returns the parameter value considered "highest" according to standard comparisons.

See Also min - Find lowest value count - Count all elements in an array, or something in an object. Be sure to check this in your routines! Notice that whenever there is a Number in front of the String, it will be used for Comparison.

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