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He lives in Rhode Island.

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A: As an inveterate reader from childhood, I fixated on a number of writers who imbued me with various instincts and dreams and preoccupations, in regard to my own later writing. Brian Aldiss, A.

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Dick, H. Lovecraft, Samuel Delany, Robert Heinlein, and a host of others. A: He is central, both to me and to SF in general, because he has proven conclusively that any book which embodies SF themes in the sophisticated, artful fashion which he employed, can be both good SF and also a masterpiece of literature.


A: The coiner of this wonderful term is my mate, Deborah Newton. Before that my career of mundane jobs was not too wildly varied.

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Clerking in donut shops, s, and, best of all, a bookstore. A: Nope, never did any of the usual workshops, and just a single creative writing course in college. I think I have a pretty good grasp of all the techniques and components of fiction writing, but any individual story may of course present unique difficulties during its creation.

The hardest thing for any writer, I think, is not to repeat yourself when you find a groove, to force yourself to try something different, in terms of characterization, plotting, etc. About , words later, I sold my second story. A: Two new titles are just out.

My Name Is Michael Bishop

The first one is SF about a strange artificial world, kind of like Ringworld snipped and unrolled. The second is an erotic dark fantasy set in an imaginary South American land. Naturally so, being a combination of me and Michael Bishop. We thought the resulting name sounded a bit like Philip Marlowe as well, a good move for a mystery writer.

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As Ray Bradbury showed in his famous story A Sound of Thunder, one tiny change in the past can have momentous consequences in the future. The Man in the High Castle is still the best what-if-the-Axis-had-won novel. Here, the butterfly moment was the successful assassination of Franklin Roosevelt in The book is set in the early s, when the victorious Germans and Japanese have divided North America between them. Juliana Frink, a judo instructor, discovers that there is a resistance movement to the Axis, inspired by a novelist called Hawthorne Abendsen.

Abendsen, with the help of the Chinese book of prophecy, the I Ching , has written an alternative history novel set in a world in which the Nazis lost the war. In a nice touch, Dick believed that he had only dictated the novel, and that it had really been created by the I Ching to prove the existence of other Earths.

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A talented boy chorister is forced to become a castrato to preserve his beautiful voice, but in so doing his gift as a composer is lost. Amis believed that sex lay behind all great art. The fragmented and weak resistance to the church militant is motivated by a novel called The Man in the High Castle, by a certain Philip K Dick, who dares to imagine a world in which the Reformation triumphed. The Alteration incorporates some elements of the steampunk genre, one of the most entertaining of the AH sub-genres. The who-invented-steampunk debate is a surprisingly vitriolic one that I shall sidestep, instead briefly drawing your attention to some of the best steampunk authors.