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Are you gambling your retirement savings on the idea that your taxes will be lower when you retire? For decades, purveyors of conventional financial wisdom have told Americans to max out their contributions to tax-deferred plans such as k s and IRAs.

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And, to make matters worse, the above statement assumes tax rates will stay the same, but why would anyone assume that? Taxes are already one of the three largest expenses for retirees , and they are likely to increase in coming years. Americans have been told that when they retire, they will probably be in a lower tax bracket. But many folks who have already retired have discovered otherwise.

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This is happening for two reasons:. Required minimum distributions RMDs. This often pushes them into a higher tax bracket. As more people become aware of these pitfalls, they are looking for ways to minimize the tax hit they can expect in retirement. How is this possible?

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These policies are funded with after-tax money, which grows tax-deferred and may be accessed tax-free under current tax law. In addition, money from such plans is not subject to the RMDs that can push you into a higher tax bracket. Nor will that income increase your Medicare premiums, unlike IRA distributions and tax-exempt bond income. For so long, Americans have been told the nonsense that we have to accept high levels of risk in order to grow a sizeable nest egg. Can you say oxymoron? The foolishness of this notion is made all the more clear when you consider the impact of delaying paying taxes on savings.

Then, the money in your retirement savings can be truly yours to keep, without its being counted against you. Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

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Withdrawing from double-taxation agreements is rare.

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Denmark ended its deals with Spain and France in , also because of rows about pensions. More commonly, countries take matters into their own hands. France is about to start taxing French pensions that are paid abroad. And a new bilateral agreement means that Britain will soon start taxing British government-service pensions drawn in Cyprus. Extra demand from foreign buyers will not have helped.

One political party, the Left Bloc, has proposed closing the pensions loophole.

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Retired foreigners may soon have to decide whether vinho verde and pasteis de nata are enough of a draw. Join them.

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