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Last release: 15 May , including models of and models of Full changelog. Contact me for custom packages, example present, SUV only, etc, useful for people deciding what used car to buy. Choose which suit you better. Apparently they changed source of data for MY The specs are consistent before and after MY except that certain fields car price, valves, cam type are available starting from MY , and hierarchy is different, for example Mercedes C43 AMG was listed as separate model for MY and as trim under C-Class for MY I manually improved hierarchy to fix these issues.

Cars are sorted by make and model alphabetically, by year old to new should put new cars at top? You are advised to NOT re-sort cars when importing in your application. Looking for pre cars?

Import Cars

If you are not from USA and want to use this database in another country, first check list of models included in database. Price, colors, image: Price Engine and transmission: Cylinders Fuel and mileage: Engine type Interior dimensions: Front head room Other dimensions: Front track Warranty: Basic Interior features: Front seats Exterior features: Roof and glass Optional features: Packages A proper car trim database, filtered from trim duplicates, require additional dozens of hours of work too much considering how many sales it can get.

Should do this job? Can someone suggest the best solution for these vehicles? For example average engine size rose from 3. In domestic cars averaged HP vs imported cars HP. Last release: May Full change log. Complete for World War II — present. Commercial vehicles under 3. No concept cars, prototypes or custom-made presidential limousines, but only vehicles actually sold on market. Before WW2 the world had over small manufacturers and the internet do not provide sufficient accurate info to include them.

Cars produced in China are not included yet due to insufficient data available online. If you check Wikipedia pages of each manufacturer from China, many links to individual models are red non-existent pages , nowhere is indicated production year for each model. Other websites are also incomplete offer contradictory data. See instead Car Sales Figures.

This because Korea and Japan manufacturers often sell ONE car model under dozens of different names in various countries. In August I learned to scrap data from websites, the India car database was my first scraping project, as opposite of the manually-written European car databases that I am making since Not good in my opinion but there was no other alternative. If you know other better source of data please tell me. One of the first people who bought the Indian car database in August wanted a 2-wheeler database too.

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Initially I said NO because I was personally interested only in cars, but once I mastered my data scraping skills, I decided to offer web scraping services for individual customers. In January another customer wanted to scrap bike specs from Bikewale. Carwale removed discontinued models in March , so my database contains valuable data that you cannot get yourself from Carwale anymore.

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In April I made new scraper for Bikewale, adding individual versions in the Indian bikes database in the previous editions, if a bike had multiple versions, database contained only base version. I scrap every make to get models, every model URL to get versions, every version URL to get specifications, remove all data from previous update and put new data.

See list of updates. In February Carwale decided to hide discontinued models from website. I kept updating database by scraping for new versions URL, add them into database, compare the unique ID, delete duplicates, then scrap all versions URL to get specifications including current price and last recorded price that indicate whenever a car is in production or discontinued. I will continue to update database monthly by adding new cars, but without updates for old cars, database quality will go down over time, when a model is discontinued and replaced with a new model with same name, discontinued model name will not be updated with production years to differentiate from current production model, specifications including prices will also not be updated for old cars, etc.

Body: Length mm Engine: Displacement cc Fuel: Fuel type Drivetrain: Suspension front Bonus: Car class, Body style I made them in September for a customer who never paid for the job he requested me to do. First person to purchase them came in January so I updated them for first time, future updates will be done at request. As August I noticed that CarDekho made each version URL to redirect to main model URL, effectively making me impossible to scrap specifications of other versions than base version.

Probably I will never update them again. Only 3 people purchased them so does not worth my effort to keep maintaining. Several people told me to scrap dealer information from Carwale and Bikewale. Here is the database containing dealer name, street address, email and phone number. But I am skeptical about how real is this data, how it was obtained and how updated it is, considering that vehicle registration authority do not keep records of emails and phone numbers, but only of residence address.

Furthermore, most drivers do not even use email! They may be databases of users registered in some website that was hacked or a corrupted employee try to make extra money by selling their internal database. News: in April been contacted by a strange person claiming to have database of car buyers from all new car dealerships across India, 1.


How I can pay without knowing what I get? I have his phone and email, he is living in Mumbai. I am not from India so I cannot meet him. Is there anyone from Mumbai who can help me and meet him in person, check database before paying then share database with me I can pay you half of the price of database then I will sell it to other people interested?

Live chat customer support hours per day, 7 days of 7. Trouble choosing the right database? Have a suggestion for a database? Found errors that need correction? Contact me! Do not waste money on other cheap data providers that do not provide support for their customers, selling incomplete data and never correcting errors. I research automotive industry for over 15 years and compile data in Excel from books and websites. Ready-made databases. Making custom databases.

Flexible prices. Do you need only new cars? Changed mind and need at full specifications? Pay only the difference. Partial purchases selected makes can be arranged!

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Download link is valid for 1 year, and each time I update databases I send email notifications to re-download. Hand-made, no scraping. But I can also scrap websites. If initially I though that web scraping means cheating and illegal way to get data, over years I realized that is not as dangerous. Most customers do not care about how the data was obtained and some ask me specifically to extract data from various websites and sell them database.

Subscribe to updates. Made with by Graphene Themes. Toggle navigation Car Database. Carmakers produce too many models? How do I receive updates? What is the source of data? Can you add car photos? Do you provide PHP scripts? Do you provide API service? Do you offer refunds? Interoperability with other products I am confused in too many databases, can you name them more relevant?

Can you provide one worldwide database not breakdown by market of sale? Automobile production Table and chart made in Excel with number of cars produced in each country from to Automobile sales figures Table with number of cars sold in Europe, United States and China, by make and model. I am a student doing a non-profit research… The price reflect my efforts and quality of work. Custom database building A variety of people and companies visit my website, so is NOT possible to make everyone happy by offering a single vehicle database, or to predict what customers will visit me in the future and create suitable databases in advance.

Custom packages I sell each database in several standard packages, for example Year-Make-Model-Trim-Specs have 3 column options: Trims, Basic Specs, Full Specs, and 2 rows options: all cars and new cars only , making a total of 6 packages. For example you need Useful for people who want to buy a car and my database may help them making a decision. Do not ask me to make database with dimensions of car lights, bumpers, windows, etc.

If you sell such car parts, measuring yourself your own parts is the only solution.

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Do not ask for car owners database with name, address, email, phone number, insurance expiry date. Such database belongs to car dealerships and insurance companies and is NOT public, only their staff have access to it. Buy and download Checkout Added to cart. How many distinct car models are being produced in the world? How many car models are sold in Australia Australia government most likely do not regulate each year to be counted as separate model but websites such as Redbook.

Best selling cars Ford Model T was the first car model to exceed 1 million units, it is estimated to have been produced approximately 16,, units between and How often do you want updates? Motorcycles database. Every month. Every 3 months. Every 6 months. The Aventador has been created to anticipate the future, as demonstrated by the use of innovative technology, including a V12 engine and the extensive use of carbon fiber.

The authentic design masterpieces together stark dynamism with aggression to produce a cutting edge carbon fiber monocoque. The interior of the Aventador combines high-level technology and luxury equipment with premium-quality materials, skilfully crafted with the expertise characteristic of the finest Italian traditions. A supercar family that has already become a legend in its own right. Discover technical specifications, dimensions, performance, and the detailed features of all the new Lamborghini Aventador models.

The Few-Off Lamborghini are the most exclusive, limited editions to meet a small and select number of clients. Truly representing the state of the art in the domain of super cars, the Few-Off models express the highest Lamborghini spirit in every respect. Indeed, they are equipped with the most advanced features available in the fields of design and technology. The most visionary models, these unique specimens are set to define the highest limits of technology and design.

Unveiled at the most prestigious international Motor Shows, they offer an exclusive look at the most innovative solutions that Lamborghini may adopt in its future series-production models.

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Home Models. Aventador SVJ, interiors. Few off The Few-Off Lamborghini are the most exclusive, limited editions to meet a small and select number of clients. Three-quarter view of a black Lamborghini Few Off in a dark tunnel, a white light at its back.