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Business English classes in Spain are a little different from those you might have taught in the U. Your students will often have had little or no actual contact with native English speakers. Their motivation for having you come and give them classes, usually on a bi-weekly basis, will often be directly related either to company needs or personal job promotion goals.

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A private, one-on-one class will probably have you sitting across the table from an important person in the company. My experience was almost always either giving classes to managing directors or CEOs, sometimes having private classes with mid-management people who took advantage of my being on-site. A company may decide to offer their employees voluntary, after-work or lunch-hour ESL classes.

One group I taught came about because of an American takeover of an Italian company located in Spain. Not a particularly healthy motivation, but in this case, for many of them, it worked. All role-play should be of situations these lower-level employees may encounter on the job. Those fifteen years were a mixture of enjoying the freedom of being in an underground economy and suffering from the difficulties of living and working without official documents for the indefinite future. There are many adults who are proficient in English and are eager to keep from getting rusty in their conversational skills.

These students will usually be college grads or even professors. When they return, they want to keep their level fresh.

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This will lead to more work. Parents in Spain are busy people. They typically work long hours to make ends meet. That same student probably has a math tutor as well! Try to get the parents to provide you with photocopies of the contents page of the book so that you can prepare additional exercise material based on the structures and vocabulary found there.

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The parents are often exasperated with school failure and want to see the grades go up. You should probably repeat the same exercises again and again, both from the textbook and from your additional materials. Keep the student writing, filling in blanks, diagramming grammar and copying vocabulary constantly. Give homework, correct it, assign grades and record them.

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Show progress to both the student and the parents regularly. Public and private schools are built on the following structure U. Grades are given on a point scale, roughly equivalent to :. Get used to this scale of evaluation. Even though a five may seem a pretty low score to pass by it is, after all, only 50 percent!

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For English teachers who are new arrivals to Spain, working as an auxiliary teacher or teaching assistant is one of the simplest paths to school employment. In some schools, teachers must stop giving classes at midday. These classes can range from the already discussed review and support classes to fun activities like English game playing or drama.

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Everything in Spain is done in person. The best way to go about a job search is to print out a million copies of your CV. Look up the academies Escuelas de idiomas , Academias de idiomas , or just idiomas in the Paginas Amarillas and go visit them. This is totally acceptable. The worst thing that can happen is that they will say no.

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Online, Tefl. Academies are usually open from 8 a. Academies provide test preparation as well as general English to students ranging from five to Many Americans end up going on a tourist visa and taking a trip outside the EU hello, Tangiers every three months. If you decide to accept a full-time teaching position, check how many hours. The range can be from teaching hours per week—and believe me, those seven extra hours on the upper end are a big deal.

The cost of living in smaller towns is much lower, so keep this in mind. Factor your travel time into your rate-setting. This kind of opportunity rarely presents itself to newbies. The five levels correspond to the five proficiency levels set in ALTE.