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You can also download the fact sheets in other languages:. Make sure your children are in appropriate child car seats that are fitted and used correctly. Always park and turn legally around schools and avoid dangerous manoeuvres like U-turns and three-point turns. Drop the kids off and pick them up on the school side of the road in your school's designated drop-off and pick-up area.

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Calling out to them from across the road is dangerous because they may run to you without checking traffic. It's safest for the kids to get out of the car on the kerb side of the road to be away from passing traffic. Plan your trip to school so you are using pedestrian crossing areas where possible. Always hold your child's hand up until the age of eight.

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The Road To School Readiness. Basildon Home Page Residents Community. What does it mean for my child to be School Ready? Encourage your child to blow their nose themselves, bin the tissue and then wash their hands.

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Read with and to your child and encourage your child to talk about the story. A is for assured, confident in their own abilities; independent in their self care Talk to your child about school, they may not have been away from you for a whole day before and this can seem like a long time to a 4 year old.

D is for Determined, striving to improve and showing pride at success Provide opportunities for your child to meet and relate to others including adults beyond close family and friends so that they positively experience socialising, sharing toys and turn taking.

Y is for Young, eager to learn and full of potential Talk to your child every day, this will support your child's communication skills. Recognise and talk through your child's feelings and different emotions.

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Children's Health. About school road safety. Page feedback your privacy.

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