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What is so amazing about education as a profession is that you impact people who go out and impact people. Teachers will never get the recognition they deserve because their impact can be infinite. Think of it this way…if one thing in this blog inspired you to try something new or do something positive, that is because my teachers gave me the tools to share my voice. You will do the same for an endless amount of people.

It is okay to cry. August 23, at pm. What a great article! Marie Velchoff. August 26, at pm. August 27, at am. Such an inspiring blog! Lots to gleen from. August 24, at am. Greg Scruton. August 24, at pm. Domenic Scuglia. Awesome George. Each point very important and relevant.

I am meeting with my new teachers next week and would like to share your 10 golden nuggets obviously giving credit to the origin — may I? Kalpana Pandey. August 25, at am. An excellent reminder and food for thought! Will be sharing this article with my new team members next week. Thank you.

5 Beginning Teachers, 10 Great Tips

Irma Ulloa. August 25, at pm. Great article! Spot on! A great refresher never harms anyone. Thank you! From Out There Somewhere — Outtakes. Sonia Lemus. Hello Dr. Couros, Your article is excellent.

10 Tips for New Teachers

Our profession keeps us very busy but, I have always assisted the new teachers in ways that I can; just the way someone helped me. We must continue to help each other because together we can achieve more. After all, we all are in the same boat with a common vision for success.

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I will definitely share this article with colleagues. Thank you for your inspiring words of encouragement! Sincerelly, Sonia Lemus. August 27, at pm. Lisa Zimmerman. August 28, at pm. August 29, at pm. August 30, at am. Thank you for sharing this encouraging advice for new and tenure teachers. I am enjoying my new journey as a 2nd year educator, and my passion is to inspire all students to be great learners. Back to School: Welcoming the New Year!

Do not compare yourself to veteran teachers, other new teachers, or someone working down the hall. Although beginning teachers always look for ways to become more effective, ways to be stronger communicators, and ways to manage students and their behaviors, it is unrealistic to compare yourself to others. Strive for excellence, model the best that you see, but be yourself. Have confidence in who you are and know that the classroom is a place for you to set goals and create successes for you and your students. Welcome ideas and suggestions from teammates, but feel empowered to celebrate your individuality as a teacher, to try new things and make your classroom the place where everyone wants to be.

Behaviour management: how strict is too strict?

Stay caught up. Beginning teachers face a flood of deadlines and due dates. Staying on top of it all can be a constant battle. If someone shows up at your door looking for a signature or requesting funds for a staff party, take that moment to complete the task.

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This rule works with grading assignments as well. Assign meaningful tasks to students and score them quickly. A mountain of papers is the last thing a hardworking teacher wants to see when the final bell rings. Never underestimate the power of an exit pass. At the end of a class, an exit pass allows you to quickly check for mastery. Make friends fast. Branch out. Show administrators, lead teachers, parents, assistants, and volunteers that you are someone who values their hard work and a relationship with them.

A kind word, a high five, a note, an e-mail, or a small token of appreciation can go a long way.

10 Tips for New Teachers

Get comfortable with data. Become a true expert on the data within your classroom.

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Fall in love. The subject or topic or unit that you like the least may be the one you struggle with the most. Fall in love with what you like the least. Make the specific subject or topic a priority. Do whatever it takes to convince yourself, and in turn, convince your students that you love the topic, the topic matters, and is relevant to daily life. Devise a bag of tricks. Throughout the year, write those ideas and thoughts on an index card, place them into a bag, and revisit the bag regularly before school, after school, or on teacher workdays.

The bag allows you to gather great ideas in one location for use as needed. Embrace the circumstances. This is tolerable in theory and detrimental in practice. Embrace circumstances rather than denying them. Know the ins and outs. Early on, and throughout the year, know what is expected of you as a beginning teacher.

Brainstorm your questions and ask them early: What is the process if a student gets sick? What are the resources I can offer to a troubled kid?