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We actively encourage patients to see their local doctors when they are home. We know communication and coordination with children's home doctors is vital to their treatment and well-being. Communicating with St. Jude Referring physicians will receive regular updates on the child's progress.

Patients, progress and participation in cystic fibrosis research

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Progress Notes: Integrated Care: Benefits for Patients and Practitioners

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    A Patient's Progress: Access, Innovation and a Future of Reform

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    Metrics for monitoring patients progress in a rehabilitation context: a case study based on wearable inertial sensors O'Flynn, Brendan ; Dagini, Nektaria ; Bottone, Sonia ; Urru, Andrea ; Tedesco, Salvatore. Date: Citation: O'Flynn, B. Abstract: Inertial data can represent a rich source of clinically relevant information which can provide details on motor assessment in subjects undertaking a rehabilitation process.

    Indeed, in clinical and sport settings, motor assessment is generally conducted through simple subjective measures such as a visual assessment or questionnaire given by caregivers.