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While this might sound like a lot, it isn't much when you can see the thousands of searches these niches get every single day. The bottom line is, if you know how to effectively market and rank your Kindle book, you will NEVER have to worry about competition as you can always get to the top.

With Google, despite there being millions of competing websites, if you know how to effectively rank your website through search engine optimization then you can always get to the top of the search results. Most Kindle publishers have no idea what they're doing — they have no idea how to market their book.

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By knowing how to market and rank your Kindle book, you have an edge over your competition and will never have to worry about them. These are all niches that customers are searching for on Amazon, so I have no doubt that you could easily profit from them. Of course, you'd want to ensure to do the proper keyword research and competition analysis that I walk you through in my Kindle Money Mastery program , as some niches will be more profitable than others.

There you have it! Below, I'll go into ways you can find even more profitable niches to publish Kindle books on. There's a few websites and resources that I use to compile a list…. I hope you can see by now that the opportunities are endless. This list is really only for non-fiction type books, so the opportunity gets even bigger when you start looking at fiction books like romance, mystery, erotica, etc… and even children books are another huge opportunity and market.

In my Kindle Money Mastery program , I show you how you can create, publish and market your own Kindle book without having to write it or know anything about it. These Kindle e-books are on topics that I know absolutely nothing about, yet I profit from them every single day. Rien de plus simple.

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Comment Créer et Vendre des Ebooks sur Amazon - La Méthode Etape par Etape

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Entreprendre > La révolution digitale est-elle une opportunité historique pour réussir ?

Et voici sur quoi mon opinion se fonde:. Et quel grec? Mais, dira-t-on, que demandez-vous donc? A Dieu ne plaise. Pour bien comprendre, dit M. John Stuart Mill. III, chap. De la monnaie. Michel Chevalier. They have all of the technical knowledge and experience, of course, but they know publishing inside and out and can speak to us in our own language. They also have a depth and breadth of experience and a genuine interest in the future of the business.

All of this together makes them not only a great vendor, but a valuable resource. We chose to work with Firebrand on the strengths of Title Management as a flexible, configurable product and project management tool and Eloquence as a rock-solid way to get our publications to market.

As a publisher of both books and journals, we needed a system that could support many types of publications and that could grow with us and our business, and Title Management fit the bill. Firebrand participates fully in the publishing industry, not just as vendor in an exhibit hall. They bring ideas, best practices, and innovations back to the user community, and we benefit tremendously from the experiences of the wide variety of publishers who use their tools and services. Firebrand has provided a solid foundation to support the growth of our publishing operation. Before our implementation of Title Management, product information was spread throughout our organization.

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Title Management has centralized our product information, which has led to improved accuracy and communication across our company. Firebrand has also provided powerful tools for our marketing team, allowing us to communicate more effectively and efficiently with our trading partners through Eloquence. In addition to providing the infrastructure for our publishing and marketing operations, Firebrand provides solid support.

Our team has been impressed by the Firebrand consultants; their knowledge of the publishing industry and understanding of the challenges companies like ours face gives them an ability to develop solutions that solve our business needs. Title Management, Eloquence and the support we have come to rely upon from the Firebrand team has played a key role in growing our product line and supporting our transition from print to digital.


It has made a big difference in getting our metadata to our business partners in a timely and accurate fashion. Two years after a very successful installation of Title Management, I can unequivocally state that Firebrand has lived up to their commitments and we look forward to a long and productive relationship. This is perhaps the most successful software implementation project we have ever had at Yale University Press.

Firebrand has done an exceptional job. Besides the savings realized in personnel time managing our content delivery, Firebrand has opened the door to new, and profitable, relationships.