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Use your breath and the physical asanas to help guide your mind into the present during your yoga practice. It may be challenging at times, but the more you practice, the more natural it will become. The person most deserving of your love and compassion is you.

During your yoga practice, notice when you are being hard on yourself.

Meditation For Inner Peace - Yoga With Adriene

When you find yourself being this way, come back to the principle of ahimsa and see how you can bring more love and peace to the situation. Remember that peace begins within, and being kind to yourself is the first step to cultivating peace in the world.

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Yoga is an amazing opportunity to melt away barriers or resentment towards others and bring more peace into your relationships. Spiritual teacher Gabrielle Bernstein offers a powerful yet simple breathing exercise that helps to cultivate peace. Tune into your breath and then slowly press the pad of your thumb into the pad of your index finger, then the middle finger, the ring finger, and finally the pinky finger.

Repeat this mantra as you go: Peace index. Begins middle.

National Garden Meditation Day – Time to Relax in Nature

Meditation has long been a way to calm our minds and meditating in a garden really connects you with nature in a special way. You can practice meditation by yourself in a garden setting, or join others in public garden meditations that are held world wide. If meditation is new to you, try one of these guided meditations. YouTube is also a great place to search for guided meditations on many topics.

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Sure, you can just go outside and sit on the lawn to meditate, but there are many other ways to bring a peaceful location that is perfect for the practice. Try one of these ideas. If you would like to learn more about setting up a garden meditation area, get some inspiration from these garden meditation areas. This post may contain affiliate links. Bestselling Series.

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Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description Garden Meditation-Cultivating Peace is a humorous and inspiring book of pages about life, gardening and meditation.

Pause, reflect and join our movement.

It uniquely presents Buddhist teachings within a garden context, using gardening analogies to highlight the natural aspect of that gentle tradition. Authored by a Buddhist monk and keen gardener it offers a stimulating read.

For those looking to delve deeper simple meditations are presented at the end of each chapter.