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Joseph Bruchac Teresa Flavin. Carole Boston Weatherford. Wee Sing in the Car Wee Sing. But during the show someone steals the wedding cake from Ken's truck ou At her school's Green Fair, Cam and her friends are learning how to keep the earth green. Everyone is having fun at the exhibits -- until a student's remote-controlled car goes missing Was it stolen?

It's up to Cam and her amazing memory to find Spee Detective Jeffrey Bones is having fun eating cake and watching a clown perform tricks at Not-Me Amy's birthday party. But when the clown can't find her street clothes at the end of the party, it's up to Bones to solve this Easy-to-Read mystery! Cam Jansen and her friend Eric are having fun at a local basketball game. But after the game, the ball is gone. Was it stolen? In this la An old man is building something very special. When his landlady discovers a sukkah on her roof, she orders the old man to remove it.

Families will be moved by this endearing story of religious tolerance based on a real court case Cam Jansen and her best friend, Eric, are excited about their class's th day of school party To celebrate, they're having snacks that start with the letter P: pretzels, popcorn, pineapple juice, and everybody's favorite, pizza. But when the pizza Can Cam use her photographic memory to crack the case? Three Cam Jansen sports mysteries in one book! Cam's class is going to Franklin Park to run races, play soccer and baseball, and have Detective Jeffrey Bones and his grandpa are at the amusement park.

They buy lots of tickets for games, the merry-go-round, and the roller coaster. They have great fun playing games, but when it's time to ride the big coaster, they discover their tick Thirteen-year-old Tommy Duncan just wants to root for the Brooklyn Dodgers and listen to his favorite radio programs. But it's , and the world is about to change. All his friend Beth wants to discuss is the war in Europe. Don't talk to Tommy abou No mystery is too great for super-sleuth Cam Jansen and her amazing photographic memory!

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Mysteries follow super-sleuth Cam Jansen everywhere she goes For each can and bottle Cam and her classmates brought in t Aunt Molly is in town. Cam Jansen and her best friend, Eric, are at the airport to greet her. They find Aunt Molly, but her favorite high heels are missing! Did she leave them in Peru, or China, or behind a trash can?

Will gumshoe Cam find Aunt Molly Jeffrey Bones's teacher, Mr. Gale, loses things a lot. One day, Mr. Gale says he can't find Bones's math test, but Bones knows he turned it in. It's time for him to use his detective skills. Can Bones find his test and get an "excellent" grade? Cam Jansen, her friends, and their parents are at school for a book fair. A field trip to the zoo is fun for Cam Jansen and her classmates—until lunchtime. Only Cam and her amazing memory can crack this mystery Three Cam Jansen summer camp mysteries in one book! Cam Jansen is having a very busy summer.

She and her best friend, Eric, are spending three weeks at Camp Eagle Lake. It's a summer filled with swimming, sports, canoeing, arts and crafts, and mak Bones and his parents got Grandpa a special present for his birthday. But by the time they all make it to the party, the gift is gone. How could it have disappeared so quickly?

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Will detective Jeffrey Bones be able to solve the mystery and sing? Will Cam help the Secret Service? It is a big day at Cam's school. The governor, who is running for president, is visiting for the dedication of a new library.

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There are police officers, Secret Their classroom is neat and clean, but there is something there that does not belong. A cat with a spot on its tail is napping near the coat rack. How did a cat get in their classro Celebrate twenty-five years of Cam with this special anniversary mystery! There are cookies, heart decorations -- and a visit from Eric's mother.

What is she doing t From spying on the British to rescuing fallen soldiers on the battlefield, these twelve men and women stand as unforgettable heroes of Revolutionary War. Adler's lively anecdotes and Don Smith's bold paintings present a dozen figures whose c Detective Jeffrey Bones solves crimes? Could someone have stolen it?

Bones must find his T-rex! Hopefully there? Cam and her classmates have a forgetful substitute teacher. First, heforgot the homework assignment. And where did he put his jacket? But when his car keys and cell phone go missing, everyone starts to wonder: did he lose them or were they stolen? Detective Jeffrey Bones is always ready to help when a mystery strikes. This time, there is a missing cupcake at school. Armed with a code breaker, walkie-talkie, and clever jokes, Jeffrey Bones sets out to solve this sweet mystery! It's snowing outside. Inside Cam and her classmates are headed to the computer lab.

When they get there, Cam, Eric, and Danny can't do any work. Their computers are missing! What happened to them? Were they stolen? Will you be able to solve the myste With his bag of detective tools in hand, Detective Jeffrey Bones can solve any mystery. Good thing, because Mr. Green has lost his school bus! Will Detective Bones be able to solve the case? Find out in this Level 3 reader! Detectives are supposed to find things, but one day at the park, Bones loses just about everything: his magnifying glass, his dog, and even his detective bag. Can Detective Jeffrey Bones find the things he lost?

There's a new girl in school! Her name is Jenny and she is makingfast friends with Cam and Eric. They're happy to help her find her way around, but when it's time for gym class, Jenny disappears. Where did she go? Is she lost? Did she go back to her Day's prized tennis trophy had been safely locked in his cabinet. Now it's gone! How could anyone have taken it? Day asks. Eric thinks he can solve the case. Cam knows she can. Can you?

Cam and Eric? But Eric can? Where did it go? Did he drop it somewhere? Will Cam Jansen? Adler points out not only King's childhood experiences with racism but also the values his parents taught him: self-respect, dignity Amy's dad is away, fighting in World War II, and her mama must take a job. But it's no ordinary job--Amy's mother becomes a baseball player in the first professional women's league! Amy cheers louder than anyone at all of the home games. And while Ma Benson has been arrested! It's the first day of fifth grade and Cam and Eric can't wait to meet their new teacher, Ms.

But the school day is just beginning when two policemen come into their classroom and take Ms. Benson away! A teacher Cam Jansen has a great time looking for shells on the beach with her friend Eric and her aunt Molly. But when they're done, Cam's mother is nowhere in sight! She was just sitting under a red umbrella, so how could she have disappeared? With a click, The clues are in the story. Will you find them before Cam does?

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