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She was full of anger and relief and But you suck! Sit and think 2. Reach enlightenment 3.

But then you showed up and foiled my evil plans. Lucky for you, though. You get to rescue poor little Chloe again and win her undying gratitude. Does that come with eternal servitude? If so, I like my eggs sunnyside up. You must be starving. For you, anyway, Simon.

Just not something I advertise.

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Simon looked from her to me, confused, then understanding. Apparently, it still works. Here we were, expecting to find you minutes from death.

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Look at you, not even gasping. Emergency medical situation, take two. Is that you? I like my eggs scrambled. Especially if that good thing is a pair of boxing gloves. It often happens by mistake. Two of my posts were reported same in the past, by mistake. Regarding your question: why… are emotions left unattended: when we are children and experience lots of fear and distress, we often dissociate, remove our emotions from our awareness. And so it becomes a way of being, emotions stay away from awareness, not attended by our awareness.

The job of emotions is to motivate us to do what is effective for us to do, to survive and maybe thrive. I am curious. I post to evolve my own theories and practice, and to share what I have learned. What you wrote about children disassociating their emotions from their awareness is an excellent insight. It contributes to my evolution through greater understanding. At a workshop in the 90s, the leader said e-motions are energies in motion. I accepted that for the next few years, but the definition did not help me manage emotions, which were still outside my control.

Two years ago I was a house parent to at-risk teen-aged boys, and in the clinical setting of therapists, there was a lot of talk about triggers. Just recently I made the connection between triggered reactions and emotions, and started seeing my responsibility and capacity for catching triggers and reactions as they occur, to not let them control me. I am still practicing, and it has gone from hit and miss to feeling more and more in command, with notable exceptions. Could it be that humans are driven by lower emotions rather than powered by higher feelings?

What would shift if humans acted solely from higher feelings? I see emotions as a bridge to the higher feelings. For clarity on what I mean by lower emotions and higher feelings, I wrote on the Whole Human site with example lists of both. To answer your question, what is the greater flame, I feel a need to give my words more attention than time allows this morning. I read your latest post. If you want to say something, say it, say it like it is. I do all the time.

Give happiness!

If you know something and are purposefully vague about it, that is a waste of time for me. My answer may seem philosophical and far away. To me, it is closer than a heartbeat and just as real. Whether you respond to this or not is okay.

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Others may read it or not, and that is okay. I will continue to write on this focus and post on the Whole Human blog. No specifics now, as Everything includes everything, whatever it is. Yet there is another consciousness, which pervades all things, animate and inanimate. It is the consciousness of the atoms, particles and creating wavicles, non-local and universal.

This is what I call the greater flame. There are many views regarding consciousness and voices speaking sense and nonsense. Matthew R. A quick browse through Brainy Quotes yielded these nuggets:. The frightened parts of your personality come less frequently and with less intensity, and the loving parts fill more and more of your consciousness. But if we do this with our scientific understandings, we see something completely different: the neural synergies that produce our oscillating consciousness go far beyond our own neurons…. At my core essence I am a cell of the One Being, whose body is all that is.

My core purpose is to emerge as a whole human. When having a dialogue with people who agree, I simply write emotions, feelings and eternal qualities. As I use the terms, some but not all emotions are fear-based. All are experienced as reactions triggered by stimuli, and are fast changeable.

A person may experience awe in one moment and disgust in the next, expectation is followed by disappointment, exultation by despondency. All higher feelings feelings are love-based and stable. Some have human origins while others are universal, non-local characteristics of Nature which I call the eternal qualities. None of the feelings are triggered reactions. They may be experienced as a response, such as compassion for an under-nurtured child or as an action in the flow, such as giving nurture to the child. Or they may fill the space in a person that was blocked, when judgment is dropped.

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A person tightened by resistance who lets it go may fill with the warmth of presence. Your response to my post and questions helped me clarify my understanding. Now an Holistic Wellness Health Coach, writer, and blogger…. As the soup was a flashback to your childhood so the plantain is for mine. Thanks Megan. Especially to baking paper….

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I have amended this to read more clearly now. I apologise if this was ambiguous. I did line the tray with baking paper… Maybe I was having a bad day? Great blog btw. Enter your details to subscribe to my fortnightly newsletter and receive my FREE mini-eCourse to help you create your personal morning ritual. ABN: Share this: Email Print Pinterest Facebook. Joanna Frankham Former corporate HR stress-head rediscovers health after more than twenty years of a chronic autoimmune issue along with sleep deprivation and poor stress management. David Bonnell April 16, at am As the soup was a flashback to your childhood so the plantain is for mine.