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Side B of the 7" features Jr. Juggernaut covering " Trouble " by Cat Stevens. In , Mark Salling recorded a cover of the song for the TV show Glee as a tribute to cast member Cory Monteith who died suddenly earlier in the year. His version of the song was featured in the season 5 episode "The Quarterback", a tribute to Monteith, and his character Finn Hudson , who had recently died.

In , Australian country music singer James Blundell recorded the song as a duet with Paul Costa on his Campfire album. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For song by Eisler, see Hangmen Also Die! Side one " Born in the U. Rock Tracks Hal Leonard. Bruce Springsteen. Greetings from Asbury Park, N.

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The Born in the U. Book Category. In his annual report, Police Commissioner Lewis Valentine would describe with shock the juvenile delinquency cases, whose numbers seem paltry today, that made their way to the police blotter. The number of abandoned children seemed to have sharply increased, perhaps owing to the drop in morals associated with wartime.

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The decline since then in our social institutions is really without parallel. Most important is the decline of family, without which a society this large just cannot function. In the illegitimacy rate in New York City was 3 percent.

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Last year, it was 45 percent; in some health districts it is as high as 80 percent. Parts of the city are overwhelmed by the social chaos that has resulted from our inability to socialize young males, and it grows worse every year.

I have been corresponding with Judge Edwin Torres of the New York Supreme Court, who was raised in the barrio, in the neighborhood where my high school was located. A society that loses its sense of outrage is doomed to extinction. Pretty soon you become accustomed to very destructive behavior.

This subject came to me the morning after the Democratic Convention. My wife and I were driving upstate, and I was reading. The paper reported that there had been another execution-style murder.

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But in this case, a male, female, and teenager were ordered to lie down, and shot in the back of the head. When the stink of human flesh began to make its way into the hallway, the police arrived. They found a little baby, dehydrated but alive, that the woman had hidden under the bed. A new twist. When I settled down to work on my article, I remembered the St. I got out the World Book Encyclopedia , which is a wonderful thing, to look it up. The St. Along with the Battle of Thermopylae and other important events.

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The country was outraged. All were adults, to be sure, who knew what they were up to. But it shocked the country. How many of us have never heard of the St. We even changed our Constitution as a result of it. We said: This is not acceptable behavior. This St. Six people were found lying on a floor; five were shot in the back of the head. One young woman, who turned her head, was shot in her eye. The following day, a seventh, who was a witness, was murdered in the Bronx County Courthouse. This is civilization slipping away. New York was a much poorer city fifty years ago, but a much more stable one-one that prepared you better for the uses of prosperity when it came.

On Sundays, you shined uptown, around the Museum of Natural History, where the people were. Saturdays were spent downtown.

Five years later, I was an officer in the United States Navy. Benjamin Franklin High School did that for me. They thought it was routine.