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These Exalts, known as the Exigents, take on themes and powers as diverse as the gods who create them. The corebook will blow the doors off the conception that there are no new Exalted; The Exigents will show the role of the new Exalted throughout history. It will feature a character creation system, a power matrix and a guide for the players to build their own custom Charm sets for whatever Exalted they feel like creating and adding to the setting while Exigents featured in the book will have fully finished Charm sets usable in game. In the chronicle, the Contagion acts as a motivational force and inspires the formation of factions where vampires, werewolves, mages, mummies, etc.

Once joined together to deal with the Contagion, these factions will never see their world or each other the same way, and will be forever changed. Each time the Contagion emerges to threaten the fabric of our world, the only beings capable of manipulating, slowing, weaponizing, or halting it, are the unnatural denizens from across the Chronicles of Darkness.

The Contagion permeates Infrastructure and warps the known antagonists and supporting blocks present in the lives of every inhuman being.

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Each terrifying time period and location is examined through the supernatural creatures active in eras featuring the rise of the Qing Dynasty, the French Revolution, the Necropolis of Hawara, the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World and so much more. What effect does this have on a world of darkness where vampires are suddenly real, and among us? All enemies of the Tribes with their own myths and legends and Hunting Grounds that will be detailed in this book.

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Signs of Sorcery : This book covers the physical, tangible expressions of magic: Sacraments, Magical Tools, Grimoires, and more, as well as the creations of archmages. Tome of the Pentacle : A clanbook-style investigation into the Orders that explores how they interact on a regional and global level. Included in this Mage: The Awakening 2nd Edition book will be the history of each Order in more depth than ever before.

Fallen Worlds would expand on the short descriptions of the Shadow, Underworld, and Depths, along with compressed rules for their inhabitants that are in M2nd with a chapter fully detailing mages in the Shadow, the Underworld, and stranger places that defy classification. What terrors and crystalline beauty lie within and beyond the Hedge? Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition : A new edition of the HtV core rulebook that fully incorporates the CofD second edition rules changes, and takes advantage of almost a decade of game design thinking since the first edition.

This book combines both setting and rules info to create The Slasher Chronicle for Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition while still allowing the sandbox play that CofD is known for. Developer: Monica Valentinelli. Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition Jumpstart : The best and easiest way to start playing Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition featuring The Slasher Chronicle , with an adventure that starts players in the midst of their hunt, and never lets up.

Pregenerated characters, advice for starting your Chronicle, and a quick and easy introduction to the Vigil. With the cold hand that brought you back to the living world, with the dry whispers that still haunt you, with the presence that has nestled in your soul. Every night is the carnivale, because every night you walk with ghosts. Death is a door. You are the one with the key.

The upcoming Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition will offer a revised and updated rules system and an expanded setting. It introduces new aspects to the game, including horrifying rituals, expanding your troupe play to include sorcerers and non-Arisen immortals and finally allowing players to experience and interact with the nightmarish journey through Duat.

Mummy tightens its grasp on godlike terror, as the presence of the deific Judges becomes more pervasive and insidious than before. Someone changed you; on a slab, an operating table, an altar.

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By luck or by fate, you escaped. Hunted by the ones who made you, they hold all the cards. Deviant: The Renegades presents a game where the victims of experiments band together to bring down the monolithic organizations that twisted and warped them.

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City of the Towered Tomb : A guide to the city of Vance. Major cities were all but destroyed; transit is reduced to animals, wagons, and the occasional iron horse. The survivors of the Fall were the first strain of deviation from the human condition and were able to make it through the rapidly spreading epidemic. Humanity has just started to rebuild, but large sections of the world are still irradiated or completely overrun by the undead. Finding a community of decent size in this world is rare; finding one that has any concept of equality or morality is rarer still.

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Oh, and people have the unnerving ability to come back from the dead, regrown from the very virus that destroyed the world. This is dystopia. The chances of success may be slim, but should such a force be found it would rank among the most dramatic discoveries in the history of physics. The rest is a mystery made up of dark matter , the strange material that lurks around galaxies, and the even more baffling dark energy , a substance called upon to explain the ever-accelerating expansion of the universe.

It would open up a new world and help us to understand the particles and forces that compose the dark sector. Physicists, to date, know of only four basic forces of nature. The electromagnetic force allows for vision and mobile phone calls, but also stops us falling through our chairs. Without the so-called strong force, the innards of atoms would fall apart. But there may be other forces that have gone unnoticed. These would shape the behaviour of the so far unknown particles that constitute dark matter, and could potentially exert the most subtle effects on the forces we are more familiar with.

This month, Raggi and his colleagues will turn on an instrument at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics near Rome which is designed to hunt down a possible fifth force of nature. Known as Padme , for Positron Annihilation into Dark Matter Experiment, the machine will record what happens when a diamond wafer a tenth of a millimetre thick is blasted with a stream of antimatter particles called positrons. When positrons slam into the diamond wafer, they immediately merge with electrons and vanish in a faint burst of energy.

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These include Hanu's Compassion light set pictured below that gives you and anybody you resurrect a powerful buff, helping you both get back into the fight. Finally, should you complete March of Sacrifices on Veteran difficulty, you'll earn the Balorgh monster mask. When coupled with its shoulders, this fearsome set buffs your weapon damage each time you trigger your Ultimate ability, opening up your enemies for some ferocious burst damage — perfect for the beast within.

The Great Hunt and all its dangers and rewards calls to you. Will you enter the March of Sacrifices, stalk the Great Indrik, outwit your fellow hunters, and win Hircine's favor? Should you fail, you'll be doomed to roam the Hunting Grounds as prey forevermore! Learn about the upcoming S…. With the introduction of the Guild Finder and Guild Listings menus in Update 22, you can now easily find the perfect Guild and recruits.

The Alliance War gets even more tumultuous with the introduction of Artifact Weapons, coming with the free Update 22 base-game patch!

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Enter the Hunting Grounds Hircine's realm, known as the Hunting Grounds, is a world locked in a perpetual contest between predator and prey. Hircine welcomes you to the hunt Perhaps most incredibly, as you navigate the March of Sacrifices, you'll immediately notice the unmistakable presence of Hircine himself looming over the event, watching your every move. Hircine's Boons Should you complete the deadly trials of the March of Sacrifices and win Hircine's favor, you'll earn a host of powerful and unique rewards.

Prepare to Hunt The Great Hunt and all its dangers and rewards calls to you.