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The product enables institutions to leverage Docphin to circulate clinical guidelines, hospital-specific protocols, and other references. Healogram gives providers a centralized, real-time reporting dashboard with a comprehensive view of each wound patient. Patients are monitored from the comfort of their home, and schedule in-person appointments when necessary. Clinical photography to date has involved either expensive systems, or clunky often non-HIPAA compliant processes.

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Healogram enables convenient, hi-res photo documentation via ubiquitous smartphones to be seamlessly transmitted in a safe, HIPAA compliant manner. With wound care as just the beginning, the team is building a remote monitoring library that will allow clinical workflows currently happening in-clinic to happen anywhere. Realizing that physical presence is often not necessary for mental health therapy, iCouch developed a SaaS for the behavioral health industry that helps therapists manage both their online and in-person practice, which includes a fully HIPAA compliant system and a secure browser-based video platform allowing online therapy sessions with patients.

Recently part of the Blueprint Health startup accelerator and raising their seed round, iCouch relaunched in early March and already has around 30 therapists using the platform. Fitness offerings are a pain to navigate for consumers. The SportSetter app was created to make the process of finding and doing fitness easy and transparent. SportSetter allows users to try activities for free via exclusive offers with their partners, and allows them to buy and manage partner products easily and transparently.

Incentfit is a fully automated system that administers fun employee fitness benefits for employers. The rewards program makes it easy and cost effective to financially incentivize fitness activities like going to the gym, running, and biking. The challenge program adds a social spin by letting employees compete or work together to achieve fitness goals. Incentfit integrates with over 18 different fitness trackers like FitBit and Runkeeper , uses smartphone geolocation capabilities to track attendance at fitness facilities, and integrates with payroll to automate rewards delivery, taxes, and accounting.

Have you ever wanted to hire a personal trainer, but then changed your mind after seeing the cost? This graduate of the startups accelerator created a marketplace that brings personal training to your mobile device, bringing both the trainer more exposure and the consumer a lower cost. The free version of the app gives you access to expert-created workouts, progress charts, and support from the motivated community of users.

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If you are tired of online conversations never leading to an in-person connection, Cheekd is bringing online dating back into the real world. Their app, featuring a cross-platform, low energy Bluetooth technology, works on a train, plane, or anywhere you go, notifying you when someone who meets your set criteria is within 30 feet of you. Cheekd understands that most online dating obscures the one element essential in meeting a potential partner: chemistry.

Their new app connects people in real time versus virtual, with connections first beginning in person, and afterwards continued online. If you are in NYC, Cheekd will be hosting launch events in each neighborhood this year. Need to bring some sanity to pre-wedding craziness?

Appy is a stylish wedding website and app for weddings where engaged couples can keep all aspects of their wedding organized from RSVPs, photo sharing, chat and messaging, guest list, event information, travel details, song lists, champagne toasts, and more. Appy is also a personal app, and once users enter their information, their app and website are created together.

Users simply select their design which they can change at any time , add their details, and then share their wedding with their guests. The startup is now working on launching Appy Life, which takes the platform beyond weddings to any celebratory event, which stemmed from users hacking the platform to use it for events outside of weddings. The founders of this startup wanted to create a dating platform that was focused on one important thing: the actual date. This startup will make your dog really happy! BarkBox is a monthly subscription box that contains 4 to 6 full-size, all natural chews, toys, and treats for your dog.

Each BarkBox is curated by dog lovers on the BarkBox team, and always contain unique items not found in stores. In late , they also launched BarkShop. Birchbox delivers monthly curated boxes of personalized beauty, grooming, and lifestyle samples to women and men. Blue Apron is the largest fresh ingredient and recipe delivery service in the U. They deliver step-by-step recipes, and seasonal, pre-portioned ingredients sourced directly from farms and suppliers. Blue Apron works directly with hundreds of suppliers to source ingredients that are more fresh and less expensive than what is available at grocery stores.

They are building a network of family farmers who champion sustainable farming practices which allow Blue Apron to give customers access to hard-to-find seasonal produce. Blue Apron ships over 1 million meals each month throughout the U. Artsy is an online platform that brings fine art to the masses by featuring high-quality images and information about art to one place via their website and mobile app.

Artsy partners with leading galleries who pay a monthly subscription fee to showcase and update listings, including a CMS, and personal help from staff including writers and historians to create their content. The online commerce platform is a destination where girls can make products that look great and reflect their personality, and allows women to see photo-realistic versions of their creations on the site.

Warby Parker will correct you if you box them in as an ecommerce startup. This startup is able to keep prices low by designing their own frames which cuts out licensing fees, works directly with suppliers, and eliminates markups by selling directly to consumers. They design and source their items directly from their NYC studio and distribute directly through their merchandisers, removing the middleman. With 3.

The startup is flourishing following the same business model as companies like Avon by turning their users into salespeople and brand advocates, while providing them an additional revenue stream. Mouth helps Indie makers grow their business by giving them a way to offer their product online, and featuring the story and maker of each product on their website. They offer bundled gift bags and monthly clubs, along with their individual product options. The high quality, super comfortable bed is stuffed into a tiny box, and shipped to your door within hours of purchasing if you live in NYC, or ships free via national UPS delivery in days in the US and Canada.

To eliminate post purchase remorse, Casper offers a day trial period for customers. Have you ever thought about where the clothes you wear each day come from? Zady is an online shopping platform for the consumer who cares about the origins of the items they buy, and provides stylish, sustainable clothing items from high-quality raw materials.

Each brand must sign a contract verifying their company location, manufacturing city, and source of raw materials. Their product is an award-winning innovation, created over three years of intensive research. THINX upcoming products in development include replacing the existing wasteful tampon applicator, and innovating the uncomfortable pads.

THINX is also working to solve the feminine hygiene issue in the developing world that currently causes millions of girls to drop out of school. Ringly is the first stylish wearable tech ring that you can customize via a mobile app to alert you about important notifications such as phone calls, texts, social media updates, and more. Ringly allows users to leave their mobile device stowed away when they are out at a social event or work meeting, and notifies them about important updates utilizing 4 vibration patterns.

Makespace also loves and is known for surprising customers, and has done this by delivering Lucky Charms on St. Slidebean is a presentation tool for startups that takes care of the design for you. A recent graduate from the Startups accelerator, Slidebean offers content templates for investor meetings, Demo Day pitches, and sales presentations. All users need to do is fill in their company information and content, and a design is applied automatically that can be easily changed in one click.

Other convenient features include built-in stock photo, cloud storage, collaboration features, and remote presenting, along with their blog which has advice for users to help enhance their presentation skills. Silverback Social is a full service social media company with a focus on growth strategy. They offer services from content creation, audience research, engagement management, viral content planning, reporting and more.

They are widely known for growth hacking social media for brands by making introductions between the brand and internet celebrities to create unique, viral, and revenue generating content. Smartling is a translation management software platform that enables companies to unlock global growth opportunities while removing complexity, cost, and time from the translation process.

With Smartling, translating websites, Web apps, mobile apps, and other digital content in various languages across multiple channels is simple, cost-effective, and efficient. Smartling has a continuous agile development model that facilitates daily product fixes, features, and functionality, allowing companies to focus on growth with the assurance that content is accurately localized for customers around the world. It launched a new feature, giving enterprises the flexibility to easily create and execute multifaceted translation projects without the need for expensive third-party consulting.

Want a unique way to introduce yourself? They provide a creative way for companies, schools, non-profits, job seekers, professionals, freelancers, and more to add a personal touch to their digital marketing efforts. They provide a storyboard app to users to easily craft their story, and offer production at their studio in downtown Manhattan, or they will bring the crew, camera, and lights to you. The finished video is hosted for free on a personal profile page via Overture. Over 2, Overture videos have been made to date.

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The average person shares their video on Facebook within 4 hours of receiving it, and gets plays within 4 hours of being shared. Appboy is an app engagement platform providing mobile marketing automation.

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The company empowers marketers to increase mobile engagement through intelligent, data-driven campaigns. Its suite of services allow brands to solve the app abandonment problem, and manage the customer life cycle. By employing robust user profiles, rich customer segmentation, and multi-channel messaging push notifications, in-app messages, email, News Feed cards , brands can use the platform to effectively cultivate relationships with their customer base.

Code Climate is a platform that provides automated code review currently Ruby, JavaScript, and PHP by leveraging data and algorithms from a suite of static analysis tools into a single, real-time report to help developers create code faster, more secure, and bug-free. Through the combination of design, technology, event tools, and on-demand customer service, Splash enables brands to control the look and feel of thousands of sites at a time with a fully-integrated set of tools that tracks attendee behavior across events and social media.

Karma provides seamless internet connectivity and allows users to bring their internet connection everywhere. Karma offers a true pay-as-you-go data model with no expiration dates, contracts, monthly charges, or hidden fees. With Karma, each connection is available to the people around you, allowing up to eight others to make use of your connection. Only access to the network is shared, not user data, so everyone picks up their own tab.

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Each signal a user shares is repaid with MB of data, for some good karma. Tired of all the depressing stories you are reading or hearing about in the news? Upworthy, a media startup, launched in early to bring readers the positive and feel-good stories in the world. Only one year after launching, Upworthy was receiving 50 million unique readers each month, with a majority of traffic coming from Facebook.

The Upworthy stories are told through video or infographics, and are shared by millions of people on social media. Well Quirky is a startup that helps anyone take an idea out of their head, and bring it to life. It then approves 3 to 4 of the ideas for development, and once the product is complete, ships an average of 3 new products to is vast retail partner list including stores like Target, Best Buy, and the shopping channel QVC. Quirky also allows users to buy these new products directly from their ecommerce site or via their mobile app, and are working on building Quirky stores.

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TechSpace offers a unique business platform specifically designed for companies looking for a private, highly-flexible, low-commitment option. The spaces feature smartly designed, creative finishes and innovative, interconnected office suites. This provides businesses room for growth or downsizing as necessary, without the high cost of moving. Let SaaSicorn help. Recruiting and Development 1. Imperative Imperative applies the science of purpose with technology to develop and empower people in their jobs each day. Pymetrics Pymetrics is a neuroscience-based recruiting platform that uses objective data to replace the resume, which is often biased and embellished.

Cognotion Cognotion saw an opportunity in the billion dollar corporate training space. Fintech 6. Betterment Need help figuring out where to invest your money? Venmo Venmo is a mobile payment application that creates an easy and fun way to make and share payments with friends and family.

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BillGuard BillGuard is an app that uses crowdsourced analytics to help consumers quickly detect fraud to any of their accounts, billing errors, and unwanted and often undetected charges on their credit and debit cards. AirHelp Many of us have experienced the dreaded delayed or cancelled flight while traveling. Tim Hill offers clear and to-the-point instruction on how to share your data securely, anticipate pitfalls, and keep everything running smoothly. Contents 1. Sharing a Database with Multiple Users 2. Splitting a Database and Linking Tables 3. Handling Editing Conflicts 4.

Fixing and Preventing Data Corruption 5. Securing a Shared Database. Product Details About the Author. When he's not crunching numbers, Tim plays poker, hikes canyons, and avoids malls. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Access Programmer's Reference. View Product. Easy Microsoft Office Easy Microsoft Office teaches you Fullyillustrated steps with simple instructions guide you through each task, building Mastering VBA for Office A comprehensive guide to the language used to customize Microsoft Office Visual Basic for Applications This complete guide Microsoft Access Inside Out.

You're beyond the basics, so dive right in and really put your database skills to You're beyond the basics, so dive right in and really put your database skills to work! This supremely organized reference is packed with hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds. It's all muscle and no fluff. Discover how the Microsoft Office Access QuickSteps. Step-by-Step, Full-Color Graphics!