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Have you ever sedated a horse to keep it safe during 4th of July fireworks? Featured Horse Listing.

Breed: Thoroughbred. Sex: Gelding.

'Horse tripping' video fuels debate over Oregon rodeo event

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Horse Tripping Banned in Nine States

This section makes it a misdemeanor to pole or trip a horse for entertainment or sport. Poling is a method of training a horse to jump by forcing, persuading, or enticing a horse to lift its legs higher over a jump by hitting its front legs with a pole, rope, stick, etc.

Tripping a horse is using a wire, pole, stick, rope, etc. Tripping a horse is an act that consists of the use of any wire, pole, stick, rope, or other object or apparatus whatsoever to cause a horse to fall or lose its balance.

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Unfortunately accidental tripping still appears to be legal. Click here to read more.

'Horse tripping' video fuels debate over Oregon rodeo event -

You can download all the horse experts statements regarding the cruel practice of Horse Tripping below:. The horse is an iconic and much-loved symbol of the spirit of the United States. I fully support all efforts to end the sadistic practice of tripping horses as a form of deviant "entertainment" and fully endorse the attempts of state legislatures to curtail this barbaric activity.

Bernard E. Roping the front legs and causing the horse to fall is abusive. Compared to cattle, horses are more excitable and may be more likely to be injured.

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