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Everlasting Lip Liner. That is precisely what a perfect kiss does: It transports—in the moment, it whisks the people sharing it to a place only they inhabit; afterward, its memory carries them back. In a Friday piece for GQ , writer Sophia Benoit calls into question the teleporting power of the kiss:. The best parts of kissing are, indisputably, the nonkissing parts. The most memorable part of a kiss is what your hands are doing. The only thing that Arie Luyendyk Jr. All my friends and I talked about during these scenes was his hand placement: None of us cared one iota about what his stupid lying mouth was doing.

I Tried The Best Drugstore Liquid Lipsticks So You Don't Have To

What was he doing that was so magical that it made all of us horny offscreen even though we hated him? The good part of kissing is, in fact, very peripheral to the actual kiss. The experience of kissing someone does not end with the joining of lips or the dancing of tongues. A good kiss creates its own small universe. The chemistry is palpable. Both seem to melt into each other as the kiss deepens; the kiss speaks.

Actually, Kissing Is Good

Or one of the most memorable movie kisses : the moment when Darius Lovehall Larenz Tate kisses Nina Mosley Nia Long on her stoop in Love Jones ; the kinetic energy between the two finally combusts. In each case, the kiss conveys more than a sex scene would even those that may follow. Depictions of sex, especially heterosexual sex, in film and TV rarely emphasize mutual passion.

Most often, men are asserting themselves and women are being acted upon. The humble kiss, for all its shortcomings—sloppiness, squishing, aggression, to name a few—is a far more democratized space in entertainment.

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