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Jeremiah , TLB, says that God has plans for us that are good and not evil. The word Trinity does not appear in the Bible, but it has been adopted to mean that God is One, and at the same time, God is three separate persons who operate in perfect unity. The first person of the Trinity is God Almighty.

2. Our communion with Christ is our enduring fellowship with Christ.

He has no beginning and no end; that is, He is eternal. He has all wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The second person in the Godhead is Jesus. He was with God Almighty during Creation. God, The Word, came to dwell with man, and removed the barrier of sin that separated God from man.

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Jesus was crucified, buried and rose again victoriously to ascend to heaven and live forever with His heavenly Father. The third member of the Trinity is the Holy Spirit. He has everything, including all the wisdom, knowledge and understanding, that God Almighty has. It was a barrier between the Creator and His creation.

Jesus paid the price for sin for all people. He canceled the record of the charges against us and took it away by nailing it to the cross. Each life is woven together to form His grand masterpiece. Developing a deeper relationship with God through Bible study, prayer and fellowship with other believers allows us to see His heart and His desires more clearly.


The plans He has for us can take many shapes, but as long as we walk close to Him and obey Him every day, we will be right where we need to be. When we were born again, we invited God to be our Father, Jesus to be our Lord, and the Holy Spirit to dwell in our spirits.

They want to communicate with us. Jesus Didn't Want to Die. Jesus Relied on Women. Jesus Needed Time to Pray.

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Jesus Worked. Jesus Didn't Know Everything. Jesus Had Friends. Jesus Was from a Small Town.

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Saturday Morning Prayer Sanctify your day. Divine Office. Knowing more about Jesus will help you in spreading His word. Take some time to read more about what everyone should know about the man who died on the cross for all of humanity. Then, comment below with your thoughts! It is very reasonable for anyone to want to have their Previous Next.