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While anti-Masonry has existed for just about as long as Masonry has existed, the anti-Masonic activities in the US reached a fever point following the publishing of William Morgan's "Illustrations of Masonry. Before the book was released, Morgan disappeared never to be seen again. Charges that Masons kidnapped and murdered Morgan were common by the anti-Masons, but never proven.

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As a result of the events surrounding the disappearance of Morgan and the publishing of this booklet, anti-Masonry grew to great heights in the US and nearly destroyed many Masonic bodies. The introduction provide useful information and a historical account of the Morgan affair. Cornerstone Reprint Series.

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William Morgan (anti-Mason)

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And A. The Story of Freemasonry by William G. The rude and imperfect state in which I found them, the variety of modes established in our lodges, and the difficulties which I encountered in my researches, rather discouraged me first attempt; preserving, however, in the design, I continued, I continued the pursuit; and assisted by a few friends, who had carefully preserved what ignorance and degeneracy had rejected as unintelligible and absurd, I diligently sought for, and at length happily acquired, some ancient and venerable landmarks of the Order.

Fully determined to pursue the design of the effecting a general reformation, and fortunate in the acquisition of the friends which I had made, I continued my industry till I had prevailed on a sufficient number to join in an attempt to correct the irregularities which had crept into our assemblies, and to exemplify the beauty and utility of the Masonic system.

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We commenced our plan by enforcing the value of the ancient charges and regulations of the Order, which inattention had suffered to sink into oblivion, and we established those charges as the basis of our work. To imprint on the memory of a faithful discharge of our duty, we reduced the more material parts of our system into practice; and to encourage others in promoting the plan, we observed a general rule of reading one or more of these charges at every regular meeting, and of elucidating such passages as seemed obscure.

The useful hints afforded by these means enabled us gradually to improve our plan, till we at last succeeded in bringing into a connected form the sections which now compose the three lectures of Masonry. The progress daily made by our system pointed out the necessity of obtaining the sanction of our patrons; hence several brethren of acknowledged honour and integrity united in an application to eh most respectable members of the Society for countenance and protection and so far happily succeeded, as not only to obtain the wished for sanction, but to secure the promise of future support, Since that time the plan has been universally admitted as the basis of our Moral Lectures; and to that circumstance the present publication owes its success.

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Having thus ventured to appear in vindication of the ceremonies, and in support of the privileges, of Masonry, I shall be happy to be considered a feeble instrument in promoting its propriety. If I am honoured with a continuance of the approbation of my brethren, and succeed in giving the world a favourable idea of the institution, I shall have attained the full completion of my wish; and if my hopes are frustrated, I shall still indulge the not unpleasant reflection, of having exerted my best endeavours in a good cause.

The Fine Print. Illustrations of Masonry by William Preston Past Master of the Lodge of Antiquity Acting by Immemorial Constitution The man whose mind on Virtue bent Pursues some greatly good intent With undiverted aim; Serene, beholds the angry crowd, Nor, can their clamours fierce and loud, His stubborn honour tame. Blacklock The Ninth Edition; with considerable additons. Preface The favourable reception this Treatise has met within the several Editions through which it has passed, encourages the Author to hope that its appearance on a still more enlarged scale, will not render it less deserving the countenance of his Brethren.

Dean-fleet, Fetter Lane, Dec 1 Introduction Whoever, attentively considers the nature and tendency of the Masonic institution, must readily perceive its general utility.