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Sussex archaeological collections relating to the history and antiquities of the county. Sussex archaeological collections relating to the history and antiquities of the county by Sussex Archaeological Society. Publication date Topics This is a reproduction of a book published before Product Details About the Author. About the Author Frances Frost has been making up her own stories ever since convincing her younger brother that she could make butter from those little teeny cups of coffee creamer.

She chronicles her thoughts on motherhood, books, and crafts on her blog, Just Piddlin' www. Life in Spades is her first novel. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Ace of Spades. After barely surviving high school Instead, he met three guys who would become his brothers. Then one night a game of cards changed all View Product. Almost Interesting. David Spade The era of the 's was full of chaos. Not cool at all. I am over here dying because this is REAL! You could ask what led and that was it. So much junk being talked at the table it was a sin and a shame. Ask what was led?!??

No way in de world would you ask that question and I pity the fool that tried to answer you. You betta watch the board…. I still remember the first and last! My team was whooping ass! We had 9 books at this time. The game was almost over and spades were out. I accidentally dropped some random card instead of my last spade, 2 of diamonds. I forgot they were wild. I can still feel the hot shame that spread across my face that night.

Spades is real. I take pictures of scores after games. I read body language likes its a sin. Lawdt…so much. And tournaments. He overbids i. Only 13 in the deck? My grandparents used to and still will straight take my money. And if I lost? Grandma would unapologetically TAKE my dollar.

And not give it back. But, see, if I win?

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If I win?! Oh, and my usual spades partner got stuck playing with some random dude one time. Needless to say, that was the last hand she played with him. My aunt is the same way. She straight up told us that if we were grown enough to sit at the card table with her and place a bet, then we were grown enough to pay up when we lost.

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One of my uncles told her that she should be ashamed for taking all of money, but she did not care. I dunno bout the rest of the white ppl, but I love to play spades. I remember in undergrad when I had my first attempt at someone teaching me how to play Yeah thats kinda late. All bets are off once you renege! Occupation does nothing in spades. I can remember one year my older brother and him were playing and my brother cut his little joker. I am from the South, I learned from friends and yes I got yelled at and shit…ridiculous! But how we always won with my non-playing self?

I probably play a few times a year I be trying to get lessons to refresh my memory and I have found ppl willing to teach you just have to pay attention. Oh sweet memories! Nothing like being trump tight early in the game. Or that time back in when we ran a boston on those two cheaters from Lakeview!

Spades is the game! NO SIR! I love playing spades! I am over 40 just by a little bit. My roommate taught me how to win books and not renege in one game. At all. So the very next game like 5 minutes later , I was excited to be making books…. The fact that I had learned how to play 10 minutes earlier meant nothing to her. Even though we were in the same room. I was worthless in her eyes.

I feel your pain girl. You wanna play Uno? I am a serious spades player. And spades is life. Your character as a human is judged by your ability to play this game. Life is a game of spades.. As in life, we all get our share of the cards. You may have a hand full of spades like the few who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. You may also have no spades at all.

However the hand you have is in your life, it is very important to know the game. It is very important for you to know what cards are important. Without knowing how the game goes, you will bid wrong — hence choosing the wrong dream in your life. With the knowledge of the game, the knowledge about life, you have only one chance to play your hands right. It is the points you win in the end — the accomplishments of your life, that will decide what kind of a person you were.

Will you be a person who overbid and cause pain in others? Or will you be a player that people will remember in history? Life is a game of spades. I have an app on my phone and play against the computer. I laughed so hard at the idea of someone hunting you down for reneging.

I did not even know that you could play online. Spades is for the young folks, LOL. I have graduated to the Bid Whist table.

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You have a road map that Stevie Wonder can play the hand! As my dad used to say, R. Everyone that came to the card party mission was to get him up from the table!!! I learned how to play Spades from my Mom forcing my two brothers and myself to play Saturday mornings before she would cook breakfast. I did not grow up with family at my house every weekend playing Spades. There is nothing I can do to go back in time and learn so cut that ish out!

This has happened every time I told the truth and wanted to learn how to play. I am too easily distracted and good for underbidding which means that I would be putting my life at risk by sitting at the card table for anything other than eating. No thanks.

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I go hard from the sideline. I chortled when I heard it. I was a book worm and have never played a game with my fam. Let a ninja put his hands on me over a game. So I just read my books and watched the show. I played with many of them folks and even dated one of the members of the team…some of the best of the best. You can lose your freedom or the use of your limbs in a Spades game. Give me Marine Corps bootcamp before asking me to sit at a Spades table. Playing spades with Black folk is like playing a serious game of Russian Roulette.

One mistake and lives are lost and relationships are shattered. I was actually at a table where a guy reneged and his partner turned the table over like he was the Incredible Hulk. Then they commenced to wrecking. Spades is life. I talk so much shit the people that beat me wanna fight. I came from a good, Christian home. So, yes, they do enjoy it.

We nerd HARD! Spades keep my friends and I together through college, after college, through marriages and divorces, holidays, and cookouts, too. Spades is definitely life. I just tell people that I dont know how to play. Mannnnnn listen. I grew up watching my ppl play spades. Used to be my auntie…my uncle Bubba he was the king of Spades…whew lawwwd …my other 2 uncles and a gang of ppl who just used to come over. And it was timeeee lol.

But earlier this year I finally got up the courage to play. Now my aunt and her friend are like this is going to be easy. But…I actually did pretty good. My aunt and her friend were cussing like sailors you hear me lol. But mannnnnn when I reneged on one hand shiggity got real. I was scared for my entire life lol.

Spades and Dominoes are the 2 games where your life is on the line when you play. Used to play with some Jamaicans and they kept the machete nearby during every game. Today I realized why it will never work between me and a white man. I left my man two years ago. They were too funny together, counting cards and talking shit. Damn, my own ma. I have a partner that cut my little joker with a big joker…I was mad for at least a month…I still can stand his clock-eyed blind arse!!!!!!!! I quickly tell people that I will f up and renege sp and I only wnt to watch.

Hell, I have a husband and son to live for! My best friend and I were trying to bag these two chicks we were talking to.

A Caucasian's Guide To Spades

The younger of the two starts talking all kinda shit but never really played Spades before. I think my friend and I had 3 Bostons that night.

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Folks see me and get surprised when they discover I can play. Someone cut the fool with me in college the first time I was stupid enough to play and I walked out him and his temper. I avoid playing at all cost. I had my 8 yr old ego stomped into the ground during a card game because I took too long to play a card. I just broke down and cried.

I refuse to play spades nor dominoes with anyone besides the computer!!

Spades is Not A Game. Spades is LIFE.

Reasons why my ass needs to live in the US! Especially of money and devil juice are involved. Can you, as the partner bidding for the team, underbid what the first partner bid? The first player on the other team bids 3, then you bid second, bidding 7, followed by a team bid of 7 for the other team. Can I do that?

Just play along and say it could happen…is it legal to underbid the final team bid, where it actually takes you below your partners first bid? Not doing so is a quick way to earn the wrath of the partner! Caught himself and was too embarrassed! We laughed. Actually, bid whiz is my game but love spades too. Any game — bring it! I need this on a PowerPoint for my family reunion.