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But weird a relative term, as director Lucky McKee's debut feature demonstrates, following a lonely, awkward veterinary technician as she tries to connect with the outside world. The experiment is less than successful; once she discovers that she simply does not fit in, a search for the personal "perfect" friend begins. With shades of Carrie and Frankenstein, the movie builds to a macabre denouement hint: it involves body parts that's equally parts sad and totally sickening.

When a woman returns with her husband and son to reopen the orphanage that raised her, she quickly discovers the creepy secret behind her son's new friends. Producer Guillermo del Toro may have been the bold-faced name attached to this Spanish supernatural horror, but director Juan Antonio Bayona gets the credit for his ability to extract more from less.

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Before he gifted American moviegoers with the slasher-flick classic Candyman , British director Bernard Rose burst out of the gate with a different kind of horror movie. A sullen adolescent girl works out her unconscious psychosexual neuroses and parental issues by entering nightly into a dream world modeled after a drawing of a house she absentmindedly doodled in school. Paperhouse reminds you, in the most genuinely unsettling way, that there's nothing scarier than your own imagination run wild. If there's any justice in the world, this furious hurricane of a movie will belatedly ascend to its rightful place among Rosemary's Baby, Psycho, and the rest of the scary-movie canon.

He eventually forgives her taking on a German lover and abandoning their young son to squalor — and oh, right, shacking up with a gooey, tentacle-equipped demonic entity. From beginning to end, everything about Andrzej Zulawski's horror film is overheated, but attention must be paid to Adjani's hyperventilating performance as a woman possessed, which reaches a pinnacle with a milk-and-goo-pouring-from-every-orifice miscarriage in a subway tunnel.

If nothing else, this neglected horror gem will make you think twice about adding that electric carving knife to your wedding registry. Don't let the snakebit production two directors came and went before Antonia Bird was brought aboard or the jarring score put you off.

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Ravenous is a roaringly good cannibal-horror movie, and one of the finest film examples of the "Weird West" subgenre, which situates supernatural evil amid 19th-century America's wild frontier. Trainspotting 's Robert Carlyle chews more than just the scenery as the lone survivor of a Donner Party-style expedition, while Guy Pearce, Jeffrey Jones, and Jeremy Davies are among the motley crew of a remote Army outpost who try to find his lost companions — and fall into his trap. Spectacular gore, genuinely funny black comedy, and a surprisingly powerful exploration of cowardice in the face of violence make this one worth sinking your teeth into.

For many a poor white-collar grunt, the idea of a company team-building getaway is enough to elicit chills down one's spine. But trust falls are the least of the problems for the employees of Palisade Defense military arms corporation, as they head off on the bonding trip gone to hell in this British splatter-satire. Roundly compared to " The Office meets slasher-movie-of-choice" around its release, the film takes the BBC series' queasy humor to another level by juxtaposing it with uncomfortably straight-faced and grisly death scenes, including one that allegedly inspired a real murder.

When every TV, radio and phone in the city starts broadcasting a signal that drive people to madness and murder, star-crossed lovers Justin Welborn and Anessa Ramsey have to try and survive long enough to save each other amidst the mass attacks. While working on a thesis about violence in cinema, a grad student discovers a movie in which a fellow student who disappeared three years earlier is tortured and killed. After enlisting a friend obsessed with grindhouse flicks to help investigate the murder, the duo link the girl's murder to an ex-boyfriend at the school…or do they?

The technology might be quaint, but the fear remains resonant. The film's gory centerpiece is a depiction of extreme erotic hunger as unwatchably gruesome as it is strangely sexy: Eat your heart out, all other vampire movies. From 'Don't Breathe' to 'Mommy Dearest,' here are the greatest horror movies. Watch here. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Newswire Powered by. Free love, the culture of reveling in sex and beauty, was a staple of the '60s and '70s, but by the late '70s, the sexuality of women and gay men was facing a serious backlash.

That backlash took on many forms, playing out in the burning of sexed-up disco records that promoted queer love and sexual exploration at Disco Demolition Night, in the public awareness of AIDS, and even in horror movies, which sent promiscuous girls to an early grave and rewarded the ones who kept their legs tightly closed.

One of the most powerful scenes in the series is when Nancy Wheeler Natalia Dyer loses her virginity to the popular jock Steve Harrington Joe Keery , which is juxtaposed with the death of her best friend Barbara Holland Shannon Purser. Barbara, if we're following our '80s tropes correctly, should've been The Final Girl in Stranger Things. The nerdy girl in glasses and dated blouses even for the '80s should've been the last one standing so she could brave the Upside Down and save the day.

Barb was an instant fan favorite — we've been conditioned to relate to the outcast, the girl who becomes a warrior in the final act and vanquishes a monster. If Stranger Things were merely a nostalgia kick, then Nancy, Steve, and their two best friends would've all ended up dead while getting busy at their unsupervised party. But none of that happens. Barb suffers a torturous death and Nancy lives to investigate her friend's disappearance. Nancy is the one who cooks up the plan to trap the monster and kill it.

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Even after losing her virginity, she defies the rules of '80s horror, and in that moment, she becomes human. Stranger Things succeeds because it's not just getting by on pop-culture references, it's also working to subvert them in smart ways. The series revolves around the three boys — Mike, Dustin, and Lucas — who are hunting for their friend. But it's the women who ultimately drive the story forward.

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It seemed like such an odd thing to get used to, but it was now her new norm. It had happened nine more times since the incident in the park and each time she felt the demon inside her growing stronger. Over the last week, Lori had taken two more lives. The first one after Jason had been a complete surprise. She had gone to the movies to distract herself and met a boy that had flirted with her many times.

‘Thelma’ isn’t just a “lesbian horror movie.” It’s a story of love and self-acceptance.

The pain and hunger in her stomach had been too much to deny and she went home with him. The next morning his death was on the news. What the hell is wrong with me? Boyfriend-of-the-week or not. After all, if given a choice, The rain was coming down harder than ever so Lori was soaking wet by the time she made it through her front door. Her hair was matted to her head and her eyes were large and alert.

She needed to know if Madame V was right, if what she had seen was real or if she was just some The darkening sky was threatening to pour down. She smiled for the first time in weeks. Lori loved days like this and they almost made her feel complete. She had been going to her local county fair her entire life. Though when she was younger she didn't get to enjoy it as much because her mom had signed her up for every Stan Satanowski stepped out of the state of the art spray tanning booth in his basement.

It was a computer-controlled, fully-automatic model and should have cost much more than he could possibly afford, but he had gotten it basically for free. Free is a relative term. In this case, it meant that when he accepted a contract to clean up and remodel a space in a local strip mall, he agreed Standing outside of her house, I watch the bedroom window, waiting for the light to go off. That's when I'll make my move. Her parents are gone for the weekend at some kind of retreat. Her father didn't want to go, but his wife thought that was what they needed for their tired marriage.

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You see, I'm their neighbor and I find out all the good dope on all my neighbors. That way I can practice Perhaps the virus of the vampire would have never reached the innocent shores of what is now Connecticut. The crate, innocent enough, at first sight, was offloaded and among all the other goods and left for its owner to pick it up. It was a cold, gray January day in Fighting the chill, Tammy pulled her coat tighter.

She was only five feet tall, but had just recently turned eighteen. Her shoulder length brown hair pulled back into a ponytail only added to how cute she was, and her bright blue eyes accentuated that even more. Despite her sexy curvy figure, Tammy had gone unnoticed by the guys her own age, who The picture of a dark, attractive woman was on the screen.

The Horror of our Love: A Twisted Tales Anthology by N. Heinz

Call the police and report her whereabouts. This woman kills for pleasure, do not be her next victim. Tonight is the night. It has to be. Anticipation drew in her soul tight. Spanish moss clumped at her cracked toes, early morning fog saturating what she could see of the air in her peripheral vision.

Molded in place, she had all her senses and none of her muscularity. A smile twitched in the corners of her lips. And her eyes — damn, those eyes — they twinkled when she looked at him that way.