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We offer various types of rooms; not all units are thatched. Box , Ongwediva, Namibia. This is when one truly appreciates the quiet-cool-peacefulness of a cared-for garden with large shady trees and bright colourful flowers. Spacious en-suite single and double rooms each with TV, air-conditioner, mosquito net, fridge and coffee or tea waiting in the restful shade of the numerous large trees that fill the garden.

You can also enjoy the wide variety of birds including guinea fowl and doves while having your breakfast or viewing the beautiful sunset. Mandate: Oshakati Town Council is being guided by the Mandate of Local Authority as provided in Section 30 of the Local Authority Act, Act 23 of as amended subject to part VI up to part XII of , which includes; provision of portable water, sewerage systems and drainage, cemeteries, streets and public places, housing schemes, immovable properties of Local Authority Council, valuation of ratable and non-ratable properties within the local authority area.

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Mission: Oshakati Town Council exists to offer quality and affordable services to the residents through integrity and honesty by ensuring that the town is habitable, prosperous and industrialized in a sustainable manner. Vision: To be the commercial and residential capital of the north, driven by quality service rendering and best customer service.

Local Economical Development: Oshakati is strategically located in the centre of the North. It is known by the name Oshakati shaNangombe and caters for the four northern regions and other neighbouring regions such as Kavango, Zambezi and Kunene.

Oshakati has several shopping malls and complexes - Game and Etango shopping mall. Servicing of land for residential and business purposes Formalization of informal settlements New townships establishment Upgrading of road, water and sewerage networks Creation of recreation parks. Our friendly staff will ensure that your stay with us is indeed worth your while. Ondangwa is one of the oldest historic towns in the North Central regions of the country.

Due to its central location, the town was later used by the South African Army as their administrative centre up until Independence, and thus the only Airport of international standard in the entire North of the country is to be found here in Ondangwa. Ondangwa continued to be an administrative centre from independence until when the. Currently the town has seven elected councilors and between 60 full time staff members, headed by the Chief Executive Officer.

Ondangwa is located in the Oshana Region which is the most populated area of the country. This beautiful town is situated on the main road to and from the North, offering an airport and a train station and it is only 60 km away from the Namibian-Angolan border. Ondangwa town caters for more than half of the population of the Oshana and Oshikoto regions in terms of shopping and other vital services.

The town has a population of about 30 residents, but this figures increases more than double during the day as many people do come for shopping and other services in town from the nearby villages. The business and economic sector of Ondangwa is still in its growing stage compared to other towns within the region.

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There are a few industrial developments in the town such as the Northern Tannery, manufacturing leather from hides and skins from local abattoirs, Ondangwa Plastic Converters manufacturing plastic tanks and other plastic products India Namibia Plastic Technology offering advice and technical support for upcoming manufacturers in plastic technology, Namib Foam manufacturing mattresses and all other foam related products and many companies manufacturing building materials such as bricks, stones and concrete for construction purposes, Chem Paints manufacturing different kinds of paints.

The recent opening of Gwashamba Mall has created a great outlet and opportunity for shopping lovers and the retail industry as a whole. The town is mainly providing accommodation establishments for local travellers. Although there are possibilities to develop tourist attractions in Ondangwa, such as Eco Tourism, Culture Tourism and Art and Craft Centres, this has not yet been exploited.

However, establishments need to adapt to more modern and market relevant pricing and marketing structures. Vision Management and staff members of the OTC demonstrate their sense of purpose through their vision and wish to translate their mission into meaningful results using their vision listed hereunder. To become the an effective engine of sustainable development. Young people mostly go to nearby towns for social engagement over weekends. Establishing more businesses that host events on a regular basis could. Ekamuti Lodge and Conference Centre in Ondangwa, offers a new world of conference possibilities with the state-of-art facilities.

The lodge has an auditorium for delegates, convention space for delegates, Wi-Fi internet access, a gym and a massage parlour. The lodge has 40 clean upmarket en-suite bedrooms, with air conditioning and flatscreen TV. Enjoy a drink in one of our two bars after which you can enjoy a delicious meal in our restaurant. Koonyaka Guesthouse offers 23 air conditioned double rooms, all equipped with television sets. Our conference facility can accommodate up to people. Our restaurant and swimming pool are near completion. The Kunene Region in north-western Namibia is bor- hinders agriculture, it is one of the wildest and least.

It is relatively under. Region in the south; the Etosha National Park and. Omusati, Oshana, Oshikoto and Otjozondjupa re.

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The census enumerated the population in ered in undulating expanses of golden grass, dry riv.. Opuwo is the largest er courses, and the coastal Namib Desert. It is much.. The region is still commonly referred to by its pre-in- the rough terrain and for its spectacular scenic beau.. Due ty. Moreover, Kaokoland is home to the nomadic and..

Angola, are located km 84 miles downstream.. They are cha.. With impressive sunsets and a magnificent array of bird life, visiting the Epupa Falls is a highlight when exploring the Kunene Region.

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  8. Spectacular rock formations with rich textured colouring are set off by a variety of trees, including the stately baobab. Birdlife ranges from the African fish eagle to kingfishers. Due to the specialised nature of this steep riverbank habitat, the Epupa Falls harbours several endemic fish and other aquatic species. The capital of the Kunene Region is Opuwo. South West Africa and administered by South Africa. Africa, the Kaokoland Bantustan was abolished in. May , at the beginning of the transition of Na.

    The name Opuwo was given to the settlement by the.. The headmen gave him a small plot,.. First-time travellers could well drive right through Opuwo without even being aware they were driving through a town. For those who do stop, one of the first things they are likely to notice is the large number of churches, a characteristic of many towns and settlements in Namibia.

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    Most people in Opuwo live on the outskirts of town. A captivating feature of the town is the incidence. Herero women wearing their tra. Opuwo is a place that seems to have evolved at.. The buildings and grounds are positioned.. One of these complexes, which now functions as the school, was part of the defence force basis during the war years.

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    South of Opuwo, near Warmquelle, the small settlement of Sesfontein — its name derived from the six fountains that have their source in the vicinity — is well worth a visit for its historical significance. Almost a hundred years after it was first built, the historical monument, originally a police outpost, was reconstructed and equipped to accommodate tourists.

    The palm trees at the fort were planted by the German police officers stationed at Sesfontein to combat weapons smuggling and elephant and rhino poaching. Green visited Kaokoveld and the Skeleton Coast ing water from six fountains. Situated on the south. In early days two. Last Frontier. The Topnaar were also called! The base camp for the explorers was at Orupembe, For this reason they were looked down upon as being. From there the party went on. The Tjimba were impoverished Herero.

    They are said to have migrated to. They lost their cattle. Because they dug for their food like ant.. Other Herero, who managed to retain their.. The difference between the Tjim.. Himba having the cattle with which to boast. The most represented ethnic group in the Kunene Re. Visiting a Himba settlement to photograph these true. In the Himba social structure the women are respon. They tend to perform more labour-intensive. Men handle the political tasks. Members of an extended family typically dwell in..

    Both the fire and the livestock are closely.. Traditionally both men and women go topless and wear skirts or loincloths made of animal skins. Adult women wear beaded anklets to protect their legs from venomous animal bites, and are famous for rich red colour of their skins. Renowned for their tall, slender physique and the beauty of their sculptural features, Himba women are much sought-after by photographers and artists. Himba hairstyles indicate age and social status. Children have two plaits of braided hair. Married women wear headdresses with many streams of braided hair that are coloured and shaped with the butterfat mixture.

    Single men wear one plait down the back of their necks, while married men wear a turban of many butterfat-soaked plaits. It is the gateway to the fascinating Himba people and the famous Epupa Falls. The area is rich in mineral deposits and boasts beautiful landscapes. Opuwo was only officially declard as a town in November In the olden days the mail between Opuwo and Ondangwa was delivered by a runner once a week and inhabitants still used the old manual exchange telephones. Nowadays Opuwo has modern communication systems, commercial banks and shops as well as many tourist attractions.

    Regional offices of most government ministries are also represented in Opuwo. Being held at the end of May, this event has attracted over exhibitors in the past and provides an opportunity for economic growth of Opuwo by attracting investors and new business ventures to the Kunene Region. We are the gateway to the famous Epupa Falls, beautiful landscape, rich mineral deposits and boast a rich and unique indigenous culture. Alphons Tjitombo. The lodge offers 21 luxury twins rooms, 1 luxury double room, 3 sets of twin inter leading rooms 6 rooms and 12 standard twin rooms.

    Rooms have en-suite bathrooms and are fitted with air conditioners. The lodge have an excellent bar and restaurant where guests can enjoy mouth watering meals, a private lounge next to the wine cellar offers a relaxed atmosphere and place to enjoy an evening with friends. Opuwo Country lodge offers 12 large camping sites. All the camping sites have v electricity, ablution facilities with hot and cold water, barbeque area and wash up facilities.

    The Omusati Region in north-western Namibia is Namibia due to the location of the primary view. Since the volume of the Kunene River fluctu. Region in the north-east. In the census, the pending on the time of year, visitors can choose to. The participate in adventure activities such as white-wa.

    Ruacana Falls. The river has been harnessed for hydroelectric pro. During the dry. Situated km upstream from the Epupa Falls in run dry. From roughly December to June, the annual.. It is metres feet high and me.. Shaped like falls return to their impressive natural state. Located on the banks of the Kunene River, Rua- megawatts. In , during the Ango- over hectares 1, acres.

    It was established.. Half of the farm is commercial irrigation.. A few years later the land, while the other half is allocated to 82 small.. Maize, wheat, watermelons, bana.. Sam Nujoma. He subsequently worked. In the late s he helped establish the Ovam. Omusati Region of today. He spent his early years that year. In , after several years of fruitlessly.. His primary petitioning the United Nations to compel South Af.. In the UN General Assem. Security Council adopted Resolution , which set. In Sep.. UN-supervised November elections. On the day of.. Although often accused of being a Marxist, Nujoma professed himself drawn more to the pragmatism of Scandinavian democratic socialism.

    In he was re-elected president, and in the SWAPOcontrolled parliament agreed to amend the constitution, allowing Nujoma to run for a third term. The move drew international and domestic criticism, but Nujoma easily won re-election in He later announced that he would not run for a fourth term, and in stepped down from office, allowing for a peaceful transfer of power to his democratically elected successor, Hifikepunye Pohamba SWAPO. A good opportunity to learn about Owambo culture From here, visits can be arranged to the historical. Homestead and Museum at Tsandi. Worlds apart from European palaces, the..

    This African- chapel and hiding place during tribal wars. The site,.. Local crafts of the area can kiosk, craft centre and facilities.. Proclaimed as a town in , Okahao town is located at about 75km west of Oshakati Oshana region , 25km east of Tsandi and 55km south of Outapi.

    Okahao is an emerging small town that is indeed a strategically located urban centre with various economic development potentials.

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    Okahao is the commercial. Okahao Town is looking forward to various new upcoming developments including private clinics, medical centre, schools, a hotel, a guesthouse, ser-. Relative to its age and size, Okahao town boasts various economic activities comprising of formal and informal trading, transportation, technical workshops and construction businesses. The majority of the working class however is employed by various ministries and public institutions in town such as the district hospital, schools and other government agencies. Banking services are. In addition to its gov-. Uukwaluudhi Safari Lodge, north of Etosha National Park in the arid Kunene region, offers travellers a chance to follow Black Rhino on foot, and see the wildlife of the Kaokoland.

    Accommodation… include eight well-appointed Meru tented units, all en-suite with views over the Uukwaluudhi plains, accommodation includes breakfast and dinner. This glittering oasis in the rugged landscapes, offers relaxation, conferencing and opportunity to come face-to-face with forgotten Africa. This region is bordered in the north by Angola the cattle farming and the small-scale cultivation of ma.

    Cunene Province in the west and the Cuando Cu- hangu, a kind of pearl millet. Although the inhab. Region; in the south-west by the Oshana Region; sive cultivation. It extends. The town Eenhana well-maintained paved road from the Angolan.. Tsumeb trunk road. The eastern part enjoys good.. The northern and western parts of the region are the grazing land, but the shortage of water and poor.. The predominant activities communications render it uninhabitable.

    A recently.. It acknowledges the courage of the combatants of the armed struggle in the Namibian War of Inde. Following independence.. Ongula Village Honestead Lodge. I believe vention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in. We finement and injected with poison. Some were simply.. Throughout the armed liberation strug- jected with poisonous chemicals. Those heinous acts.. To them, the Geneva Conventions the apartheid regime, Wouter Basson, who became..

    The enemy soldiers. One such case involved an enemy soldier. The discovery of. Many sons and daughters of Namib.. We are, however, consoled by the fact that today we have carried out a dignified reburial of our heroes and heroines whose remains were discovered in mass graves here at Eenhana and in surrounding villages. The shrine should therefore not be regarded as a regional project. Consequently a decision was also taken that, should further remains of our heroes and heroines of the liberation struggle be discovered in future, such remains would also be reburied at the locality where they were found.

    It aims to allow people of SA a platform to view their opinions. Speak Out aims to be the champion and the wake up call. In this consumer show, current affairs and Reality TV combine and the results are learning outcomes that empower the viewer without becoming too preachy. It sets out to challenge retailers and service providers on behalf of the man or the woman in the street and to investigate civic issues that currently affect us all, for example load shedding. Bonita is worried about Charmaine. Kat and Nimza nearly come to blows.

    Leeto is horrified to discover who will handle his lobola negotiations. While the focus is on people and entertainment, Pasella also features actuality and news inserts. Anel is in tears over her ex-boyfriend. Charmaine has a heart to heart with Neville. Musiek Roulette sees three pre-auditioned contestants being selected from the audience and qualify to participate in the roulette games by singing a section of a specific song as soon as the intro is heard.

    The contestants are put to the test as they answer questions based on the content of medleys which are sung by various artists during the show. Each contestant decides individually how much money they want to risk on a specific question or task before it is revealed. Entertainment Home.

    Follow Us. Terry Flores. Variety December 3, What to Read Next. Yahoo Celebrity. Associated Press.