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Love-Knight of Retribution, Gwendolen. Future-Telling Ox Man, Kudan. Akatsuki Jutten - Karahiya Dagina. Jasper Antelope of Will, Jasper Rupica. Quicksand Whirlwind, Sa Gojo. Forbidden Treasure of Perjury, Creeping Coin. Lion-Turned Huntress, Atalante. Rail Transport Craftsman, Railroad. Clock Craftsman, Clockwork.

Dragoneye Emerald, Opal Horseshoe.


Pure Hound, Howlite Husky. Morgenstern Craftsman, Morning Star. Monkey General of State, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Secret Gratitude, Kalavinka. Curse-Brimming Monk, Rasputin. Kalavinka and Honome, Maternal Bonds. Suppression Union, Arsenic.

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Absorption Machine, Drain. Vanishing Machine, Lost. Reminiscent Instrumentalist, Dylan. Branded Sword, Al Dhanab. Musical Instrument Seller, Stone Bridge.

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Extinguisher Madmech, Void. Highest Transformation, Antimatter. Central Defender, Ganymede. Romantic Music Squire, Hutten. Submarine Transformation, Deepsea. Disturbance Machine, Diversion. Rigel and Azumi, Intimate Bonds. Angel of Stage, Tsubasa Ikaruga. Manor Exploration Team, Birman. Antique Dealer, Tabby Cat.


Trip for Collecting Data, Abyssinian. Little Bravery, Kuroashineko. Beacon of Insurrection, Selkirk Rex. Angel of Punishment, Nakazanie. Five Luminous Holy Beast, Iblis. Wings of Affection, Muriel the Giant Crab. Holy Beast, Aura Kujata. Fealty Knight, Sagarmatha. Scuttling Eidolon, Aura Boz. Sagarmatha and Misaki, Loyal and Filial Bonds.