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With an aching hard-on.


After he was married, the first light of dawn became his favorite time. What more could any guy want? And so the hard-on stayed. Do not want! Silly, silly Sarah. As I kept reading and got to know Daniel, it made perfect sense. Sex, of course.

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And in losing his wife, Daniel lost not only someone he loved, but someone he made love to, and the deep abrupt tragedy of her loss makes his sleepy, semi-unconscious reachings for his wife, Michelle, that much more painful for him. Jayne, in her review, and Jane, in an email to me, both pointed out the extraordinary external force acting against the Daniel and Catherine: the entire city of New York will not let Daniel forget his wife.

Not so here. If anything was going to spur Daniel into changing his life after Michelle died, it would be irresistable attraction, which is not only one of my very favorite plot devices, but is used in this plot in particular to reveal more about both characters. Neither one is pleased to be removed from their comfort zones, particularly when they realize the many, many reasons that their relationship could be uncomfortable.

And I wish that in one scene, Catherine would not have been chasing after a black market faux designer bags, as their sale and distribution has been linked by Interpol to terrorist activities. It seemed a poor choice of activity for Catherine, particularly since she is so attentive to detail and quality as she vets antiques.

Looking for independent book sellers? This book is also available from Powells. I have read this one already. LOVED the first one ut this one left me a little meh, I thought the inner voice of the heroine was not as authentic. And I thought the scenes that were supposed to be funny fell a litlle flat. Sounds wonderful and very real. I love tortured widow heroes is it wrong to wonder if my husband would mourn me as deeply?

I loved the references and wondered what a New Yorker would think. A total opposite of her real life and love. I too wished for the scene with the brothers as you did because the dynamic between the brothers was wonderful. I read this on the train home on Sunday, all in one sitting—which is rare for me. Anyway, I loved it. My fave scene to show his mental process was when he sorted through the photographs for his MIL. He found himself putting too many in her pile, his subconscious brain moving on, but then he started again and made both piles equal—that he should miss her as much as his MIL did.

Trying to make grief into something orderly. You're rolling the dice. I mean, really. I don't think there's much more to say than that, is there?

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Look, I love me some Aidan, especially in Sex and the City 2 because he looked like a giant, delicious Cliff bar after a morning run:. BUT this sequel was completely unnecessary and pointless.

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The big drama was that Carrie kissed Aidan? That's it?! After all the drama we've been through with these characters over the course of six seasons and a movie, this is what the writers give us? This B. ABC after-school special dilemma? Obvs, making out with a dude who isn't your husband is bad news bears, but in the world of SATC , this transgression has all the relevancy of friending someone on LinkedIn: none.

Samantha Kim Cattrall offered to babysit Brady for Miranda. Charlotte lent Carrie money, so Carrie could purchase an apartment. A pregnant Miranda emotionally supporting Charlotte, who was struggling with her fertility.

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Carrie helped get the girls together, so they could support Miranda after her mother passed away. All of these are examples of just how much the these ladies were there for each other. This show, like The Golden Girls that came before it, was about the special relationship that woman have with one another. Sure, dating men plays a huge role, but like Big says: "You girls are the loves of her life; a guy is lucky to come in fourth.

Maybe, but I'm being honest. He had hot chemistry with her, their sex was awesome, and he lurved her. I know Steve and Miranda were meant to be together, but I still made this face when she gave Robert his two weeks notice and picked Steve:. I know Steve and Miranda were meant to be together, but I still made this face when she gave Robert his two weeks notice and picked Steve: More From Glamour:. Topics satc sex and the city tv movies.

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By Suzannah Weiss. By Ashley Ross. It was amazingly thrilling. Then, after all that happened, I received a call from the Guinness World Records office. They sent me a certificate of my world record and I framed it, which now proudly resides in my vanity cupboard. My Parents are understandably very proud. Nearly , and counting. Why do you think they allowed yours to stick but not others? For instance a reporter at the Toronto Star tried to create a similar book but it was also deleted.

Maybe Jeff Bezos just has really great taste and he loved my offering—ha ha! With my book, when I started selling it through Amazon, I had to specially print the cover with a unique barcode so that the Amazon fulfillment center could process them this requirement may be different now. I then sent a ton of books to the Amazon fulfillment center and they were logged in the system, getting linked to my Amazon page for the title. Possibly no one at the fulfillment center opened my book to see the blank pages inside or maybe they allowed the book on their platform because it was actually sent in a physical form, and they now had loads of them in their warehouse!

Even so, my book was looked on by the media as fresh and newsworthy when I launched it. If it quacks like a duck…then…well…. You followed up your blank book with 50 pages in different shades of grey.

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Can you tell us about that project? And they often encourage me towards further naughtiness.

But my sage argument did nothing to placate the situation. Most people and authors would complain that getting media attention is difficult or impossible. How do you do it? And does it bother you that your stuntish books seem to outsell your serious titles? Love those questions. I actually fail a lot.