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The first reference regards the small chapel at Luqa dedicated to Andrew dates to This chapel contained three altars, one of them dedicated to Andrew. At one time, many fishermen lived in the village of Luqa, and this may be the main reason for choosing Andrew as patron saint. The statue of Andrew was sculpted in wood by Giuseppe Scolaro in This statue underwent several restoration works including that of performed by the Maltese artist Abraham Gatt. Such a tradition was however not widely acknowledged until the 20th century.

According to Hippolyte of Antioch, died c. According to some modern Romanian scholars, the idea of early Christianisation is unsustainable.

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They take the idea to be a part of an ideology of protochronism which purports that the Orthodox Church has been a companion and defender of the Romanian people for its entire history, which was then used for propaganda purposes during the communist era, [33] although this is disputed. Tradition regarding the early Christian history of Ukraine holds that the apostle Andrew preached on the southern borders of modern-day Ukraine , along the Black Sea.

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Legend has it that he travelled up the Dnieper River and reached the future location of Kiev , where he erected a cross on the site where the Saint Andrew's Church of Kiev currently stands, and where he prophesied the foundation of a great Christian city. The third East Slavic nation, Belarus , however, reveres Euphrosyne of Polotsk , a local saint, as its patron instead. The only historical Regulus Riagail or Rule whose name is preserved in the tower of St Rule was an Irish monk expelled from Ireland with Saint Columba ; his dates, however, are c. There are good reasons for supposing that the relics were originally in the collection of Acca, bishop of Hexham , who took them into Pictish country when he was driven from Hexham c.

On the morning of battle white clouds forming an X shape in the sky were said to have appeared. The white saltire set against a celestial blue background is said to have been adopted as the design of the flag of Scotland on the basis of this legend.

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Andrew's connection with Scotland may have been reinforced following the Synod of Whitby , when the Celtic Church felt that Columba had been "outranked" by Peter and that Peter's brother would make a higher ranking patron. Numerous parish churches in the Church of Scotland and congregations of other Christian churches in Scotland are named after Andrew. A local superstition uses the cross of Saint Andrew as a hex sign on the fireplaces in northern England and Scotland to prevent witches from flying down the chimney and entering the house to do mischief. By placing the Saint Andrew's cross on one of the fireplace posts or lintels , witches are prevented from entering through this opening.

In this case, it is similar to the use of a witch ball , although the cross will actively prevent witches from entering, and the witch ball will passively delay or entice the witch, and perhaps entrap it.

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A form of St. Andrew's cross called the Cross of Bourgogne was used as the flag of the Duchy of Burgundy, and after the Duchy was acquired by Spain, by the Spanish Crown, and later as a Spanish naval flag and finally as an army battle flag up until Today, it is still a part of various Spanish military insignia and makes part of the Coat of Arms of the king of Spain as it did with General Franco. In the Western Esoteric tradition , Andrew is associated with the astrological sign of Virgo.

He was also the patron saint of Prussia and of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

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He is considered the founder and the first bishop of the Church of Byzantium and is consequently the patron saint of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. The flag of Scotland and consequently the Union Flag and those of some of the former colonies of the British Empire feature Saint Andrew's saltire cross.

The Confederate flag also features a saltire commonly referred to as a St Andrew's cross, although its designer, William Porcher Miles , said he changed it from an upright cross to a saltire so that it would not be a religious symbol but merely a heraldic device. The Alabama flag also shows that device. The feast of Andrew is observed on 30 November in both the Eastern and Western churches, and is the national day of Scotland.

In the traditional liturgical books of the Catholic Church, the feast of Saint Andrew is the first feast day in the Proper of Saints. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Saint Andrew disambiguation. Saint Andrew the Apostle by Artus Wolffort.

Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland. Action of Churches Together in Scotland.

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Main article: Acts of Andrew. Main article: Saint Andrew in Romania. Christianity portal Biography portal. The Independent. Retrieved 17 December Retrieved 30 November New York: Robert Appleton Company, Retrieved 6 September Encyclopedia of early Christianity , p. Andrew's Cross appeared for the first time in the tenth century, but did not become an iconographic standard before the seventeenth. Calvert was unable to find a sculptural representation of Andrew on the saltire cross earlier than an architectural capital from Quercy, of the early twelfth century.

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Hidden categories: Articles containing Greek-language text Articles containing Ancient Greek-language text Articles with short description All set index articles. Guy2: Seriously!! Well I'll be there then. That guy is awesome! Andrew: Whats up? Of coarse i'll be there. With their big brown eyes, and heart-melting smile it's hard not to fall for them.

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