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The textbooks particularly demonize and target. By Mushfig Bayram, Forum 18 After a 19 November raid, Protestants are threatened with prosecution for having legally-bought religious literature. Officials who in September tortured Protestants and thieves who stole property from them remain unpunished.

And 16 male police officers together "humiliated and pressured" a year-old female Jehovah's Witness. November 22, Rome, Italy. Lina Ferrara, Notizie Avventiste. Each year, worldwide, the Adventist Church dedicates one Saturday to religious freedom. We have followed with great concern news. In September, Lushan county authorities dispatched over 50 police officers to tear down the church that cost nearly one million RMB to build. By Jiang Tao Bitter Winter Court fines Kazan devotee of Vaishanivism for conducting Harinama On November 14th, the Supreme Court of Tatarstan left in force a decision of the Soviet district court of Kazan, which on 17 September fined the leader of Vaishnavism, Maxim Murashov, 10, rubles for conducting a harinama a Hindu religious.

The data, submitted by 16, law enforcement agencies up from 15, agencies in , provide information about the offenses, victims, offenders, and locations of hate crimes. Even the most innocent faith-related practices or rituals may cause troubles with authorities in present-day China. By Piao Junying Bitter Winter Not only are. The number of hate-crime incidents targeting Jews increased. Authorities in Henan not only illegally clamped down on a church but also harassed and threatened young children.

The citizens of Ireland voted recently, in a nationwide referendum, to remove a clause from their constitution that had made blasphemy a criminal offense. A gathering of believers from across China at an Apostolic house church was unexpectedly disrupted when nearly law enforcement officers showed up, acting on a tip-off from a local party cadre. By Felix Corley, Forum 18, and John Kinahan, Forum 18 Azerbaijan restricts freedom of religion and belief, with interlinked freedoms of expression, association, and assembly.

Forum 18's survey analyses violations including prisoners of conscience jailed and tortured for exercising freedom of religion and belief, strict state literature censorship,. Of these 67 incidents, 49 took. Jehovah's Witness activity "in any form" would face criminal punishment, the General Prosecutor's Office announced.

Convictions could lead to a maximum eight-year jail. According to a statement. Antisemitism can be expressed in the form of verbal and physical attacks, threats, harassment, discrimination and unequal treatment, property damage and graffiti or other forms of speech or text, including on the internet. The present report provides an overview of data on antisemitism as recorded by international organisations and by. Now Galymzhan Abilkairov, one of two who posted some of the talks online before the ban, has been jailed for seven years, seven months.

Dadash Mazhenov's verdict is due on 5 November. Another Krasnoyarsk Muslim awaits possible trial under house arrest, unable to attend mosque. Six prisoners of conscience are in labour camp for studying Nursi's. Prior to that ruling, more than minority faiths -- among them the Seventh-day Adventist Church. No progress has been made in dealing with registration applications from - among others - hundreds of mosques, unregistered Protestant churches, and the Hare Krishna community. Unregistered religious activity is - against human rights. Jehovah's Witness Karen Harutyunyan has been sentenced in the unrecognised entity of Nagorno-Karabakh to 30 months' imprisonment, for refusing compulsory military service.

Even before his trial, he had been transferred to the prison in the hilltop town of Shusha where he will serve his sentence, Forum 18 News Service. By Joe Grieboski Proposed legislation in Belgium contains provisions specifically designed to discriminate against targeted religions derogatorily designated as "sectarian movements".

This draft law is designed to "fight" against religious minorities through the creation of a new penal offense based not on the criminal activities of such groups,. The court stated that the interior ministry must implement the order automatically in similar cases. Ukrainian expert Gennadiy Druzenko presented the Ukrainian situation as part of the international reports on Religion and the Secular State during the 18th International Congress of Comparative Law, held on July 25 through August 1, , in Washington, D.

Religious liberty in China improving, still room for progress, leaders say. Bao Jiayuan, associate general secretary of the China Christian Council, the. Ukraine is one of the world leaders to respect religious freedom, said Yurii Reshetnikov, the Chairman now former Chairman of the State Committee on Nationalities and Religions at the beginning of this year.

He proved his words with statistics. In January in Ukraine there were 35, religious organizations,. The Christians in many states of India are under severe persecution. The Pastors are being beaten, sent out of the villages and the Christian literature was burnt. It became a continuous program for the anti Christian elements. The present scenario is the valid evidence: The brand new Bibles.

Grenade Attacks Were Govt. Plot, Say Kenyan Churches Six dead, 80 injured at prayer rally protesting revised constitution. By Tom Osanjo in Nairobi Major Kenyan churches starkly accused their government June 14 of responsibility for grenade attacks that killed six people and injured almost 80 at a religious cum political rally on June Three successive grenades shocked the thousands of Kenyans who had.

Faith-Based Fracas From the White House to the courthouse, the battle escalates over whether Christian groups have the right to employ only Christians. By Bobby Ross Jr. Asked on an employment form why she wanted to work for the international humanitarian aid organization, Spencer wrote, "Because I. In an Open Address the heads of the Christian Churches of Ukraine expressed to the Ukrainian public the need to protect high moral principles and family values.

In the document, which was unanimously passed on June 10 by all the participants of the Conference of Churches, the. The Religious Liberty Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance WEA express serious concern over the recent developments in Uzbekistan where a church was raided by police without a warrant, seizing property and detaining eight church members and subsequently imposing jail terms and heavy fines on them. RPTs Also Engaged In Modernization Kremlin seeks new models of relations with religious organizations by Elina Bilevskaia Within one month, old-time bureaucrats who were in charge of religious matters were dismissed from the government and presidential administration.

L'art sacré au XXe siècle- Conférence

According to information gathered by Nezavisimaia gazeta NG , an administrative. The Deputy Chief of Minsk's Frunze District Police, Dinas Linkus, said he sent the local police officer to question the Kagramanyan family, who are Pentecostals, about their religious faith. By Felix Corley, Forum 18 News Service After a gap of some nine years, the criminal prosecution of those in Belarus who cannot perform compulsory military service on grounds of religious conscience has resumed, Forum 18 News Service has learnt. The trial of Jehovah's Witness Dmitry Smyk began. A powerful new European commissioner for human rights who is expected to push for new protection for asylum seekers and workers is set to be appointed later this year.

By Robert Winnett, Deputy Political Editor The new commissioner for fundamental rights and social rights is expected to. Leaders of traditionalist Catholicism, a mixture of Roman Catholicism and native rituals, expelled 32 Christians from their homes in a village in Hidalgo. Prior to that it will be taught in a number of regions on an experimental basis, Minister of Education and Science Andrei. They are now being targeted by militant Hindu organizations that blame the church for the abolition of Hinduism as.

The U. Pope John Paul II has said religious freedom is a "cornerstone" of the structure of human rights," an "irreplaceable factor" in both the individual good and the common good, which consists of a just and peaceful social order. US Commission on religious freedom would have found violence-torn Orissa far from normal. By Odd Larsen Although the Maldives fails to respect the freedom of religion or belief of anyone, a particularly vulnerable group is migrant workers.

According to the Government, there are about 80, in the country, about half from Bangladesh with most others from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Indonesia. They emphasized that their mission in the country will not change. Last week militants bombed the Catholic cathedral in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu, killing several people. President Barack Obama says he's not responsible for how other countries defend religious freedoms but added the United States of America would never tell people what they can wear to express their faith.

She is only 28 and is the Minister for Rural Development. Stopping Discrimination Proposed EU law may force out faith-based social services. By Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra Under an anti-discrimination directive passed by the European Parliament in April, Christian churches, schools, and social services in Europe cannot limit their membership to those who share their beliefs.

The directive, which the parliament passed by a vote, must be passed unanimously by member. Jugglers have long fought for job flexibility to handle family needs. Now, time off for religious observances is becoming a hot issue too. In the past few months alone, such disputes have surfaced from New York to Tennessee. In one case, a Nashville hospital settled federal discrimination charges over its refusal to let a Muslim medical technician take Sunday News Reporter Churches in Zimbabwe have called upon the Government to make sure that freedom of worship is clearly spelled out and enshrined in the new constitution, Sunday News can reveal.

In separate interviews, pastors from different church denominations in Bulawayo said the constitution-making process should. The newly-reconstituted Expert Council. Upon receiving a medal from a group dedicated to religious freedom, Denver Archbishop Charles J. He also warned that American religious liberty will be lost if it is not defended. The Organisation of Islamic Conference OIC , which is made up of 57 Muslim nations, met in April to discuss establishing an independent human rights commission. Female visitors said to be merely attending Bible study with fellow believers.

Hakan Tastan and Turan Topal each paid the fine of. Vatican : Religious freedom and reciprocity: follow lesson from pope in Regensburg. A "serious setback to the development of a modern, progressive and liberal Armenia". By Felix Corley, Forum 18 News Service Armenia's controversial proposed new Religion Law and the proposed new Article in the Criminal Code to punish the sharing of beliefs were approved by Parliament in their first readings on 19 March, the parliamentary website reported.

A wide range of. President Nursultan Nazarbayev now has one month to respond to the ruling. According to media reports, the law supported the restriction of activities. Venkata Rao Paulose in connection with the sale of a book said to hurt the religious feelings of Hindus; the book was sold near a Christian conference Rev.

Paulose organized in January in Sanjay Nagar Colony,. Roughly 84 per cent belong to the Serbian Orthodox Church, 5. By Julia Duin Kazakhstan, a key U. With little explanation, the country's constitutional council announced February 11 that amendments. Two legal appeals have failed, and she is beginning to suspect the legal system.

Religious police, others warn key figure in expatriate church to leave by Jeff M. Two of the incidents included. A draft law would restrict people in changing their religion. National media have tended to.

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The military regime orders a halt to services and prayers in private buildings and homes. Those who do not follow the new dispositions will have the building confiscated, and will face "serious action. The Myanmar military has prohibited Christian and Muslim groups in the city of Yangon from holding prayer meetings in private homes, according to a January 13 report from AsiaNews.

The property owners of buildings rented by believers for their worship services were recently handed an order by officials of the. Speaking at a forum on the influence of religious leaders on foreign policy, Land said a. Dr Ishmael Noko has called on Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev to ensure the review of a draft legislation which, if signed into law, would place. By Roger Elliott In the city of Samsun on the north coast of Turkey, the beleaguered congregation of the Agape Church Association struggles against local Islamic hostility toward its presence.

In the last three years Agape church members have endured false allegations and verbal abuse from Muslim and. Attacks by politicians, the waning of religious influence, and the probable amendment of the agreement with the Catholic Church are some of the situations over which the annual Catholic report on Religious Liberty is critical of the Spanish government.

Histoire, déontologie, médias : à propos de « l'affaire Roques » - Persée

The report, presented in several European capitals, including Madrid,. By Felix Corley, Forum 18 News Service Despite the call back in April by the Council of Europe's Human Rights Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg for Armenia to free all its imprisoned conscientious objectors, those who cannot serve in the army or perform the alternative service under military control currently. Kyrgyzstan has joined the roster of former Soviet republics that are intent on asserting state control over faith communities. In the process, these states are depriving many citizens of the freedom of religion guaranteed by their constitution and protected by international conventions.

A new draft law that has. The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom USCIRF is deeply concerned over a draft law that gravely threatens freedom of religion in Kazakhstan in the latest, disturbing signal of tightening restrictions on human rights in the Central Asian country. The current, unpublished version of the law does not. The 13th hearing. By Michael Larson Authorities in an Egyptian village arrested 50 Coptic Christians, whose shops were then looted, to pacify Muslims following violence that erupted on Nov.

Muslim villagers attacked the homes and shops of Coptic Christians in violence-prone. As renewed violence in Mosul halts return, refugees wait in Turkish legal limbo. In percent. Now that the Law's second and final reading is complete, it will go. The acquittal was announced in a court at Ain El-Turck, 15 kilometers nine miles west of the coastal. Tribunal tries to save face by claiming pastors never converted from Islam. World Evangelical Alliance commissions new leaders in poverty and religious liberty. The World Evangelical Alliance has commissioned two new leaders to take forward its work in the areas of poverty and religious liberty.

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The Methodist Church in Malaysia MCM has reaffirmed its commitment to reach out to the needy and the oppressed through social, medical and educational services in the country. The Methodist church, which is the largest protestant denomination in the country, also committed itself to uphold truth and justice.

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Vietnam: Archbishop of Hanoi: freedom of religion is a right, not a concession from the authorities. An Dang Freedom of religion is a human right, and not a favor granted by the government. This principle has been reiterated by various sources, in reply to the authorities of Hanoi which, as they continue their campaign of intimidation and abuse against the Catholics over the.

Methodists express concern over erosion of religious freedom in Malaysia. The Methodist Church, which is the largest protestant denomination in the country, also committed itself to uphold truth and.

La vie après la vie : De l'autre coté de la mort, l'ultime mystère - Raymond Moody

Religious freedom worsens in Jordan, Algeria Religious freedom took a turn for the worse in the last year in China, Egypt and Iran, but also in normally more tolerant countries like Jordan and Algeria, the State Department said Friday. The State Department's annual report on religious freedoms around.

The US has criticised the Gujarat and Rajasthan state governments for enacting or amending "anti-conversion" laws while acknowledging that the central government generally respected freedom of religion. Department of State said that the Turkish government generally respected religious freedom in practice. According to the report's "Turkey" chapter, "the Constitution provides for freedom of religion, and other. Department of State of conditions around the world that have an impact on this vital human.

Laws that infringe on people's rights to change their religious beliefs are being enforced more often around the world by governments trying to protect numerous religions, the U. State Department said Friday. The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission has announced a national review of what Australians think about freedom of religion and belief. ABC News quotes the Commission's race discrimination commissioner Tom Calma as saying that Australia needs to understand what religious freedom means in the 21st century. East Timor: The Church freaks out over the arrival of other Christian sects.

They quit the Roman Catholic Church. Rampaging Hindu extremists kill four more Christians today By Shireen Bhatia At least 18 people are confirmed dead in 92 incidents of violence against Christians since suspected Maoists murdered Hindu leader Swamiji Laxmanananda Saraswati and four others on Saturday Aug. With Hindu extremists. By Maureen Fan China describes itself as a religiously tolerant society, one that allows its citizens to worship freely. This week, per Olympic tradition, it is extending that same freedom to athletes in the form of worship rooms in the Olympic Village, each dedicated for the world's major religions.

By Jonathan Luxmoore Christian churches in Kazakhstan have condemned a new draft law on religions, which they say will re-impose Soviet-style restrictions in the Central Asian republic in which Islam has the largest number of followers. In Iran, apostasy is a crime that can be punishable by death. Martine Lapied. Il est co-auteur de Lucifer au couvent. Histoire d'un tabou social Max Milo, Perspectives historiqu Haut de page.

La revue A propos de la revue Commander Varia Travailler avec la revue. Suivez-nous Flux RSS. Le national, soit : qu'est-ce que le national? Tant pis pour les parlers fautifs, tant pis pour les textes de loi : si nous allions au fait? Qui sont les nationaux? II n'y a pas de nation canadienne. En somme : l'artificiel. Il ne sortirait pas du Pays. Sans chefs, le peuple oublie sa vocation. Au lieu de maudire un milieu qui les tire. Loin de s'en offusquer, elle s'en enrichit. C'est mal l'entendre. L'existence devient une culture extensive. Paysages familiers, milieu familier.

Et qui va me donner mon pain. Je la regarde et j'y cherche ma subsistance. Un regard circulaire sur la terre n'y ramasse que fort peu de chose. Il n'est pas toute la terre. Un jour, je partirai, je m'arracherai. N'importe, n'importe. A tout le moins c'est l'appauvrir. Pierre qui roule n'amasse pas mousse. Oui, si nous oublions Dieu. Or nous savons qu'elle n'est pas le terme. Tout ce qui lui manque, sa soumission ontologique au tout. Le Canada compte peu dans la politique mondiale et moins encore la Laurentie. D'ailleurs, n'est-ce pas une tradition que nous voulons continuer?

A plus forte raison, un peuple adolescent. Il y faut beaucoup de force. Qu'on ne s'effraye pas du mot Aventure. Lorsqu'on tourne en rond -- dans la vie spirituelle comme dans la vie nationale -- on ne risque rien et on ne gagne rien. Et qu'il faut suivre seul, en avant, tellement en avant. Ne pas me contenter de mots. La proie s'annonce belle. Que la source soit laurentienne et qu'ensuite on chante le Japon si l'on veut. Ils panseront cette blessure.

De vie et non de survie. Tout cela, jeunesse, s'inaugure dans le bouillonnement de ton coeur. Je pars victorieux. Pas comme un tyran dont je serais l'esclave! Celle-ci se trouve donc dans la situation d'un terme faible en face d'un terme fort. A Rome, il n'est pas impossible que ce terme nous ait desservis. Pure question de vocabulaire qui peut avoir du retentissement. Qu'on excuse la longue citation de ce texte capital et l'italique dont nous nous sommes permis de souligner ses principales affirmations.

Congar, O.