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Robert 1: Yes. Robert 1: That Robert be perpetual. Your Robert is-was and nothing else. Even being a mortal does not make him perpetual. Son dos soldados que hablan acerca de su militancia de la cual fue parte un tercer soldado que, al igual que los dos roles que dialogan, se llamaba Roberto.

Los forjadores de la eternidad: Mito-historia Inka (Spanish Edition)

For whom? For eternity.

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There's not that much room in eternity. Let Robert be eternal. Arrius Senior Member Spain. I agree with those who find that perpetual can't be used in place of eternal here. When perpetual refers to a person it is invariably followed by a noun, e. As for in perpetuity , I have only come across that as a legal term applied, for instance, to allowances and pensions.

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Arrius said:. Last edited: Aug 17, I was suggested that when I asked the same question but with less information in another thread which was deleted by the moderators I don't know why. Therefore, I can't argue why a person told me that perpetuity could work in this context. Logros mundiales. Gromber Ver perfil Ver mensajes. Mostrando 1 - 8 de 8 comentarios.

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Before the light of the gods entered the world, there was only darkness ruled by titans. After an epic war, Zeus seized the heavens and exiled the titans, seeking to imprison them for all eternity. The lands were cleansed and mortals flourished. But arrogance preceeds many a fall.

And even a gods' prison may be breached. In Spanish: Antes de que la luz de los dioses entrara a este mundo, solo existia oscuridad governada por los titanes. Despues de una guerra epica, Zeus conquisto los cielos y exilio a los titanes, buscando encarcelarlos por toda la eternidad.