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Wow that is the life! I wish I could do what you do! It is like vacation everyday! You must be rich! Here is the low down: full-time. Maybe a phone that used to work fine can no longer hold a charge. Perhaps the battery quit working on a laptop computer. Or a GFCI outlet tripped and had to be replaced. The most. Before you.

We spent the summer of in Alaska. It was by far one of our funnest—and most stressful!

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We spent 4 months traveling from the Kenai Peninsula to the Arctic Circle. Kali is a little more ambivalent since we have a 1 year old! To stay on track, make a schedule for your workday. Your livelihood depends on how well you manage time. Prioritize your responsibilities in a list, and finish the most urgent ones first. When administrative tasks pile up, they can become overwhelming. Use a calendar to record work hours, appointments and deadlines. Keep the calendar organized and up to date. Your passion for growing your business will push you to work hard.

But, you might end up working too much and get exhausted. To prevent burnout , plan on taking breaks throughout the day. But, you'll be setting yourself up for trouble.

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Overloading yourself with work can wear you down, putting you at risk of making mistakes. Take breaks to do things you enjoy, like grabbing lunch with a friend or working out. A change of pace recharges your mind and helps to inspire some new ideas you can apply to your business. Every job requires certain tools.

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As a home-based business owner, you also need the right tools to run your business. Every company has unique needs when it comes to finding the right gear. Here are just a few tools you might need for your home-based business:. Whether you use the tools to stay organized, communicate with customers or create a product, you need to find the right ones for your company.

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