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Just a little something to love. It doesn't Poem SLAM. Sitting in the classroom chilly as can be I ask my teacher may I go to the bathroom and pee Im ready to leave this day is Everyone writing, scripting, making A Living the Good Life. It starts at birth, who you're born to, what kind of status your parents have It depends on your neighborhood, where are you Still Black. Last time I was spitting game It was about the captivity and shame, That gave us this luxurious, change to fame But still I Am Alia. I am reserved, particular, and kind. I am blessed with a brilliant mind.

I am often confident and strong. I am willing to Engaging in a brand new property or home are able to on its own end up being a fantastic nerve-racking know-how along with You Cant teach me nothn. Because I love you. When you say that you love me My heart walks across the sky You talk about forever together Please tell me one more time I My World!

As I write this I am sitting in my world It is where I always like to be When thoughts are flowing This place makes me Do you even teach? That Damn Teacher. The teacher who is boring as a brick wall,the teacher who is never involved with their students, yea yea I understand we in And then I did Chemo! October brings an Who am I? Do YOU know? It's Coming. Change is coming you will see, closer now than it was the other day. Many want to change the world but only a few will A dream.

We say that we all dreams and only we can chase after them, but no that's not always true. Sometimes having someone looking You see the smile plastered on her lips, dripping a story with a twist.

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Lies escape with every phrase, across your ears. The Sun. You speak words I have long forgottenAn array of colors in your room, lanterns glowing It's awesome we can blink It's awesme we can think It's awesome we can move It's awesome we still have food It's a blessing An Urban Dream. I'm getting dolled up before I sleep cause I'm stepping out with him in my dreams tonight. I might not put on a dress just I am Art. I am contradictive, Bitter, Ill tempered, But I am human. They don't see what's internal, Like as if I'm just a wall of Ethereal Palette. The Dragon Student. The United States of Have you ever had apple pie?

If not I suggest you give it a try. Just Struck My Brain. I'd go back to school to gain the tools necessary Live On. A whisper begs to end it all. A song reminds you of your fall. To live may seem like pain, and To die may seem like gain, Where has this At least, be pathological. Amateur patron saints owing the tardy hour. Maestro of the Synapse Orchestra. I slowly exhale, letting the air escape my lungs and crystallize on impact with the frigid, autumn air. I start picturing Poem for Justice.

Justice for all? Damn near justice for none! People die everyday, Because the world can't control their guns Innocent people Why, My God? Why, my God, did you make me this way Only to tear my attractions away? To those who tell me my orientation is wrong, I The Distant College Next Door. Change- Human Perceptions of "us". Do What You Love. Sitting in class and all I hear are complaints, complaints, complaints.

You wanted to be a dancer, not a teacher. So go out Hey You Teacher. Hey you teacher standing in the front of the class room. Common Hardship. I see you walk down the hallway Staring at the ground dully When you lean your head up you give a weak smile I can see the The World Outside. No one will understand. Teachers Get Paid For Nothing. Why are you a teacher? You don't even teach. You said it yourself you don't care about us. You find it more interesting to These words, all have one thing in common Painted Skin.

My garbled news congests online highways. Liquid Love. I've developed such a strong feeling for you-that I can't live my day-to-day life without your reassurance. You keep me going Possum Awesome Possum. To Catalina. There is an island 26 miles off the coast of California. It's called Catalina. A place of reality filled up with all the Kicking Down Doors. The American Dream is about making something from nothing. Going from the deep bottom of the barrel to the top of the Dream Job.

According to statistics I never had the chance to make it out of my city.

Aurora Leigh : Second Book by Elizabeth Barrett Browning @ Classic Reader

There was no way to break the cycle of poverty Delicate Thoughts. Eyes red, dried tears on her cheeks; On the roof she sits with pen and paper Describing the beauty of the street lights The The World Is My Stage. Sun shine bright on me. Sun shine all over me. Sprouse all of me, lift me from my feet. As my whole body covers with an I call her masterpiece because she is the exact definition; a beautiful work of art She didn't even have to try her heart is I can't tell my teacher. My teacher looked at me with disappointment but I know because I head told her one big lie.

I can't tell her that I can't Feels Like You. You feel like home Or a moment worth celebrating over bob marleys' and rum Like a baby's first words And it was this poem We decided to build a house. We decided to build a house It was that part of time before school the leaves had started turning and the reeds in the swamp The smallest thing can change your life in the blink of an eye something happens by chance when you least expected such a Becoming One. Deeper stillAlthough I get tired,There Political Chess anyone??? The day starts calmly with a plane, When it disappears the nation goes insane, What is this the government game?

Turn on the t. Sand Box Children. Help keep the Performing arts and dance program alive in our pubic schools 'I found my voice in Dance'. I found my voice in dance. Hazy bell lights are hung lazily Against the four walls Nerves are inside Others nerves whose are relaxed Mine which are He went home and cried How many times he had tried It was all in vain Nothing could lessen his pain The bullies were all I Am By Myself.

Black Sand. What do you see when looking at me from afar? Staring at me with those stones in your eye sockets. The lava pours over the Discrimination is a Curse. What do you think when you see that girl walking across the street? With her head held down, eyes forward, feet flat on the Perfectly Imperfect. I am not a normal girl They tell me it not real I am not a normal girl I know how I am feeling I am not a normal girl They The place where I learn And am supplied with textbooks.

New knowledge is earned While sharing hot new looks My personality I have a question, will you answer? I don't know, the internet is down. I need help, how can I get it? Oops, I missed Let's Get to it! It's been days when you've been just sitting there relaxing Relaxing like you don't feel those contractions It's been years Black is beautiful Black is meBlack is the color Cant you see, Orange is nice and blue is neat But they cant compete Cuz, Faded Memory. The Woes of School. School, it is the saddest woe of all There is no worse burden than waking up to the alarm And waking up to a day of school How Ana sees herself.

Ana is only fourteen, She looks in the mirror, She doesn't like what she sees, Her body looks fat, it's becoming clearer Social Studies and Science are the best, Computers and technology are the rest, Hot, hot ,hot in July, October is where the A Perfect Dream. I was glittering blitheness and success. I didn't have to overtax Behind the one who doesn't care. I promised not to show weakness I promised not to let them in I promised not to tell my secrets I promised not to care I Those People.

My Voice. My voice might be soft, but it carries a lot of weight. To say what I feel may be to heavy for some people to take. But I do The Domino Effect of Slavery a Sestina. If I had consumed you. Rose bushes line the yard, ready for the slaughter. Their roses torn in two, A malignant growth, and an empty space in my Hiding Hood.

I look around at the faces heading here and there. The faces look how They want us to. Who are They? Why do They want us Scared to change. Am I really ready to change? Every year it is so hard for me to choose a resolution because I don't know if I am ready to Don't be mistaken by these pretty eyes, what lies behind may suprise you. Don't be mistaken by the soft hands, what lies Peace lies within; peace begins within Peace is a special gift, not everybody possess Peace is a concrete shell engulfed Education Quality. I Rise at six everyday, get dressed and ready to leave.

Before I leave i throw the hay, the horses and cows recieve. I am Cody Rowcliff. I am Cody Rowcliff I have suffered through heartbreak and survived. I have challenged new things and excelled. I have been a Testimony of Glory. Precipitation descending to the soil. Fighting for beauty. Are my feelings intellectual or just regrettable? Can my cries make my success acceptable? Or do the promises of feathered I Am Flawless. I am a flower. One who's blossoming into a beautiful woman. A goddess from the heavens above. With a heart Depression is the silent stalker which follows and haunts me each and everyday ruining everything I am.

Cold and quiet like Look Into My eyes there u will see :. Everybody lives in their own world when they are young. Never giving thought to others. Growing up means realizing that our My roses are no longer red and my violets didn't turn out blue. Maybe because my world is turned up side down due to you I Want a Job that Makes a Difference. Applications, Essays, Letters of Recommendation. My Name. Astear When most people hear or see my name they wonder what it means or where it comes from and maybe you are wondering too A Stop To Bullying.

We either sleep while you talk or wait for the bell to ring. A Better School For All. Eyes stare at the board and thoughts stopped at 2 a. My Valentine! My Love…. This is our season You are my only reason For celebrating this period So many do celebrate devoid Of the knowledge Fade into the black. Seems like only yesterdayLife belonged to runawaysNothing here to see, no looking back Every sound monotoneEvery color For all my teachers of all my grades, there's good ones and theres bad, the good memories will never fade, but this poem is Word Problems.

Knock Me Down. When you took at your phone and asked me to smile And tell you I loved you, I just waved you off I didn't notice the Imitative Policy. I'm tired of schools taking claim And not going by their word By putting "anti-bully zone" in the name. Am I the only one Teacher Dismiss.

Everytime i make noise you tell me be quiet and i wish you would. Whats the deal with the homework,are you doin bad or good? Gum Gum. The life that i live may be appalling to some. How i dance and shimmy and crash and bang. But for me it is all the same. Jack's Dessert. He cries everyday and night Wishing everything would com out right But Jack recieves not a thing Even though he would Your Choice. Shooting Clicking Facing.

One Chance Shot Goal In a kingdom by the sea Two households both alike in dignity There are things that people judge you on. My conclusion is that their opinions are wrong. All the bully's out there, no Hey There Dehlila. In a desolate bed I lie awake Remembering the good things Time did take Like memories and love and trust that broke Its Merk Kampas rem terbaik di indonesia.

Sitting here thinking about all the mistakes I've made. Sitting here thinking about the mistakes I may make. When I look in Life is beautiful. Life is beautiful just look around Don't you see all of the lovely creatures They're having fun just crawling around So why The world has not seen who I really am There is a fear whom one may know I am a girl who is afraid to show My laugh is loud But I know that if you The glowing moon illuminates the land, Its light warms me where I stand.

Wolves let ou their battle cry, I follow suit with What I Want.

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I think of endless days and short nights I think of powerful blades and deep slashes I think of everything and nothing but Senior Stress. Seniors are tired Struggling Pressured. We try to think But it builds It encompasses us It smothers us We strive to do Candles have no need to burn when you are smiling. They are for the nightime hilltop journeys you take across the expanse College struggle. I'm a good student, but where will that get me My only plan is Del Tech so college prices won't hit me Nobody wants you Happiest Place.

A journey was made in the dark of night, Between 4 chosen people not shaken with fright. Their lives were not what ought to Confedence in myself. Deep down inside I love myself. Everyday when I wake up, I look at myself and know im worth the respect. Worth the respect, Wasteful Beings and Loving Creatures. Loving Creatures, who Finally in my true home, I have a strong and whole heart.

Strengthened by my new family, And nurtured in my new community Perkins Mrs. Clearest voice, sincere talks Laughing mouth, slow walks Walking with Him by my side, living with such heavy lies Guilt, Animation is my life you see A film can bring such happiness and glee Through determination and sweat the process moves on Troubled Past. What is College? College, the time In your life where you are in search of finding your own identity. Day by day as I am trying to portray The Entropy of Forgiveness - Angelica Poversky. The branches on the trees. Its funny how life can connect the world and everything in it togehter.

Just like the branches on the trees. They can be Honest Poem. Growing Pains. I am forever apologetic for breaking you, especially so young.

60 Passionate Lord Byron Quotes on Life and Love

I planted fear within your soul and allowed it to grow in an Make or Break. Meaning to life is a hard thing to find Repeating the same steps every day with no idea of the future No hopes, no dreams, Look at me. The Nobody. She goes by no name. Nor has any friends. She sits alone watching everyone else smile and laugh. She looks at her reflection As a teacher, to us, you don't get itWe think that it leaves you dumbfoundedWe'll say what you want to hearRegardless of how Those who were once so close. Art Tic. Head twitch, sniffing, throat clearing mess I can't hide them I must confess Art calms my Tics that are so hard to hide I I vaguely remember my father.

I was three years old when he died, so his presence in my memory is distant. I view Borderline Beauty. The tornado touched down across the vibrant sunset that abruptly turned to dark grey skies. Her life became nothing but lies Given Up. No Students Allowed. Faculty only, no students allowed. I occupy the space between the ceiling, floor and walls, With the grey smudges from Can I be real with you. I'm coming up in a society lost in variety can't tell weather or not if I'm flying , or if its really even reality we work Blissfully This. The sketches in my notebook, and the raindrops on my window This, Blissfully this The art of nature and its beautiful galore BeautyLook in the mirror and.

Beauty Look in the mirror and what do you see I see a person just like me Beauty on the inside; beauty on the out Why do you It's Six Forty-Five. I wake up to the thrum of the heater in the garage. I roll out from under my covers as the cold attacks I can remember alot of. I can remember alot of awful events that have happended to unsuspecting people. Huriccane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, And i swore i wouldn't love again. You crept insideLike a deer in head lightsI was before you. And thenCrushed slowlyJerking aboutTo the beat of making loveI I wonder what magic Flawless chick.

Yea its me the diva. I'm the girl your guy wants.

Faceless, So Little to Judge

I'm that flawless girl making good grades and rocking pearls you know Favorite Teacher. This enormous epic poem details the world-weary journeys of a young aristocrat who seeks to find a new life by traveling to far-off lands— in other words, a fictional version of his own life. Soon, Byron was as famous or infamous as Napoleon, the famed French leader whom he idolized. In this time of constant social media and the pressure to seek fame at every level, it is comforting to listen to the wisdom of a man who was thrust into fame years ago and learned the pain that can come with it.

It can be a double-edged sword: it brings both the scrutiny of faceless masses and a platform to influence them. The advantage of being known by people of whom you yourself know nothing, and for whom you care as little. Recognized wherever he went in England, Lord Byron often sought to be alone more than anything. Besides requiring peace and quiet to write, Byron also had good reason to escape from society: his debts! Lord Byron was a profligate spender, often racking up debts far beyond even his ability to pay. If he were alive today, Lord Byron would have all the fanciest credit cards, but they would all be sure to be maxed out.

Still, solitude can be the best way to cleanse the mind and clear the brain. Byron sought solitude both in nature and in his travels, finding the best place for him to achieve peace and clarity. He wrote at length of the power and pain of feeling and thinking. His epic poem Don Juan , though satirical, emphasizes the frequent woes and sorrows of a man who loves too often and is often not loved back.

These quotes express the feelings and passions that come with the experience of a life led openly, and they ring just as true now as when they were written years ago.

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The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray. In the novel, the vampire character, whose aristocratic indifference allows him to suck the life out of everyone, is modeled on Lord Byron himself. Though some were unappreciative of his observations, Byron was an insightful judge of character. He did not spare himself from his own insights, and often made note of his own failings along with those of other people. Here, as I watch'd the dying lamps around, From yonder shrine I heard a hollow sound.

Once like thyself, I trembled, wept, and pray'd, Love's victim then, though now a sainted maid: But all is calm in this eternal sleep; Here grief forgets to groan, and love to weep, Ev'n superstition loses ev'ry fear: For God, not man, absolves our frailties here. Thither, where sinners may have rest, I go, Where flames refin'd in breasts seraphic glow: Thou, Abelard! Ah no — in sacred vestments may'st thou stand, The hallow'd taper trembling in thy hand, Present the cross before my lifted eye, Teach me at once, and learn of me to die.

Ah then, thy once-lov'd Eloisa see! It will be then no crime to gaze on me. See from my cheek the transient roses fly! See the last sparkle languish in my eye! Till ev'ry motion, pulse, and breath be o'er; And ev'n my Abelard be lov'd no more. O Death all-eloquent!

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Then too, when fate shall thy fair frame destroy, That cause of all my guilt, and all my joy In trance ecstatic may thy pangs be drown'd, Bright clouds descend, and angels watch thee round, From op'ning skies may streaming glories shine, And saints embrace thee with a love like mine. May one kind grave unite each hapless name, And graft my love immortal on thy fame! Then, ages hence, when all my woes are o'er, When this rebellious heart shall beat no more; If ever chance two wand'ring lovers brings To Paraclete's white walls and silver springs, O'er the pale marble shall they join their heads, And drink the falling tears each other sheds; Then sadly say, with mutual pity mov'd, "Oh may we never love as these have lov'd!

And sure, if fate some future bard shall join In sad similitude of griefs to mine, Condemn'd whole years in absence to deplore, And image charms he must behold no more; Such if there be, who loves so long, so well; Let him our sad, our tender story tell; The well-sung woes will soothe my pensive ghost; He best can paint 'em, who shall feel 'em most.

This poem is in the public domain. Know, then, thyself, presume not God to scan; The proper study of mankind is man. Go, wondrous creature! Go, teach Eternal Wisdom how to rule— Then drop into thyself, and be a fool! Could he, whose rules the rapid comet bind, Describe or fix one movement of his mind? Who saw its fires here rise, and there descend, Explain his own beginning, or his end?

Alas, what wonder! Two principles in human nature reign; Self-love to urge, and reason, to restrain; Nor this a good, nor that a bad we call, Each works its end, to move or govern all And to their proper operation still, Ascribe all good; to their improper, ill. Man, but for that, no action could attend, And but for this, were active to no end: Fixed like a plant on his peculiar spot, To draw nutrition, propagate, and rot; Or, meteor-like, flame lawless through the void, Destroying others, by himself destroyed.

Most strength the moving principle requires; Active its task, it prompts, impels, inspires. Sedate and quiet the comparing lies, Formed but to check, deliberate, and advise. Thicker than arguments, temptations throng. At best more watchful this, but that more strong. The action of the stronger to suspend, Reason still use, to reason still attend. Attention, habit and experience gains; Each strengthens reason, and self-love restrains. Let subtle schoolmen teach these friends to fight, More studious to divide than to unite; And grace and virtue, sense and reason split, With all the rash dexterity of wit.

Wits, just like fools, at war about a name, Have full as oft no meaning, or the same. Self-love and reason to one end aspire, Pain their aversion, pleasure their desire; But greedy that, its object would devour, This taste the honey, and not wound the flower: Pleasure, or wrong or rightly understood, Our greatest evil, or our greatest good.

Pleasures are ever in our hands or eyes; And when in act they cease, in prospect rise: Present to grasp, and future still to find, The whole employ of body and of mind. We, wretched subjects, though to lawful sway, In this weak queen some favourite still obey: Ah! Teach us to mourn our nature, not to mend, A sharp accuser, but a helpless friend!

Or from a judge turn pleader, to persuade The choice we make, or justify it made; Proud of an easy conquest all along, She but removes weak passions for the strong; So, when small humours gather to a gout, The doctor fancies he has driven them out. What crops of wit and honesty appear From spleen, from obstinacy, hate, or fear! Thus Nature gives us let it check our pride The virtue nearest to our vice allied: Reason the bias turns to good from ill And Nero reigns a Titus, if he will. The fiery soul abhorred in Catiline, In Decius charms, in Curtius is divine: The same ambition can destroy or save, And makes a patriot as it makes a knave.

This light and darkness in our chaos joined, What shall divide? The God within the mind. If white and black blend, soften, and unite A thousand ways, is there no black or white? Vice is a monster of so frightful mien, As, to be hated, needs but to be seen; Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face, We first endure, then pity, then embrace. No creature owns it in the first degree, But thinks his neighbour farther gone than he; Even those who dwell beneath its very zone, Or never feel the rage, or never own; What happier nations shrink at with affright, The hard inhabitant contends is right.

Wants, frailties, passions, closer still ally The common interest, or endear the tie. To these we owe true friendship, love sincere, Each home-felt joy that life inherits here; Yet from the same we learn, in its decline, Those joys, those loves, those interests to resign; Taught half by reason, half by mere decay, To welcome death, and calmly pass away. The learned is happy nature to explore, The fool is happy that he knows no more; The rich is happy in the plenty given, The poor contents him with the care of Heaven.

See the blind beggar dance, the cripple sing, The sot a hero, lunatic a king; The starving chemist in his golden views Supremely blest, the poet in his muse. See some strange comfort every state attend, And pride bestowed on all, a common friend; See some fit passion every age supply, Hope travels through, nor quits us when we die. Alexander Pope Essay on Criticism [But most by numbers] But most by Numbers judge a Poet's song; And smooth or rough, with them, is right or wrong: In the bright Muse tho' thousand charms conspire, Her voice is all these tuneful fools admire; Who haunt Parnassus but to please their ear, Not mend their minds; as some to church repair, Not for the doctrine but the music there.

These equal syllables alone require, Tho' oft the ear the open vowels tire; While expletives their feeble aid do join; And ten low words oft creep in one dull line: While they ring round the same unvary'd chimes, With sure returns of still expected rhymes; Where'er you find "the cooling western breeze," In the next line it "whispers through the trees" If crystal streams "with pleasing murmurs creep" The reader's threaten'd not in vain with "sleep": Then, at the last and only couplet fraught With some unmeaning thing they call a thought, A needless Alexandrine ends the song That, like a wounded snake, drags its slow length along.

Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot [Shut, shut the door] P. Shut, shut the door, good John! The Dog-star rages! What walls can guard me, or what shade can hide? They pierce my thickets, thro' my Grot they glide; By land, by water, they renew the charge; They stop the chariot, and they board the barge. No place is sacred, not the Church is free; Ev'n Sunday shines no Sabbath-day to me; Then from the Mint walks forth the Man of rhyme, Happy to catch me just at Dinner-time. Is there a Parson, much bemus'd in beer, A maudlin Poetess, a rhyming Peer, A Clerk, foredoom'd his father's soul to cross, Who pens a Stanza, when he should engross?

Is there, who, lock'd from ink and paper, scrawls With desp'rate charcoal round his darken'd walls? Arthur, whose giddy son neglects the Laws, Imputes to me and my damn'd works the cause: Poor Cornus sees his frantic wife elope, And curses Wit, and Poetry, and Pope.

Friend to my Life! Or which must end me, a Fool's wrath or love? A dire dilemma! Seiz'd and tied down to judge, how wretched I! Who can't be silent, and who will not lie. To laugh, were want of goodness and of grace, And to be grave, exceeds all Pow'r of face. I sit with sad civility, I read With honest anguish, and an aching head; And drop at last, but in unwilling ears, This saving counsel, "Keep your piece nine years. Dare you refuse him?