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A troop of experimental chimpanzee soldiers have escaped from the U. Army and into the jungles of Vietnam. Despite being Marvel Boy is back, and his timing couldn't be worse! What house of horrors awaits the West Coast Avengers? And what familiar face is going to throw a wrench into All-out war on multiple fronts! Arsenal, the monstrous robot that once took on all the Avengers, is back in an all-new way - just as Tony Stark changes everything with From the cusp of tomorrow's dreams to the forefront of imagination, one man always soars on the cutting edge of adventure!

You know his name. Everyone knows his name! Softly, silently, inau- by instalments, partly, incom- dibly. As well, likewise, too, sim- dividually, separately. Philanthropy, unself- tion, in like manner. Nevertheless, notwith- to others, self-sacrifice, self-for- standing, on the contrary, but, getfulness, generosity. Selfishness, self-indul- hand. Change, turn, vary, mod- egoism. Conserve, perpetuate, lastingly, perpetually; uni- preserve, arrest, solidify, retain.

Change, variation, habitually. Now, momently, in- tion. Changelessness, iden- occasionally. Mix, commingle, Altercation. Dispute, conten- unite, combine, blend, com- tion, controversy, difference, pound, incorporate, join, fuse, quarrel, wrangle, dissension. Concord, agreement, ANT. Disintegrate, decom- compromise, reconciliation, pose, disperse, separate, dissi- unanimity, harmony, conso- pate, analyze. Of the amaranth ;.

Obvious, plain, clear, amethystine. Ephemeral, perishable, Ambition. Emulation, rivalry, mortal, fading. Accumulate, heap up, tion. Contentment, moder- up. Disperse, divide, scat- tion. Amendment, im- sipate; portion, distribute, par- provement, promotion, better- cel. Lover, votary, devo- ANT. Degeneration, deterio- tee; beginner, neophyte, nov- ration, injury, detriment.

Liable, responsible, Amazement. Astonishment, be- answerable, accountable; open, wilderment, wonder, marvel, impressible, pliant, docile. Obstinate, irrespon- plexity, awe. Anticipation, calmness, Amend. Improve, mend, repair, coolness, familiarity, prepara- ameliorate, reform, correct, tion, stoicism, self-possession, rectify. Harm, corrupt, spoil, Amazing. Astonishing, astound- debase, aggravate. Compensation, atone- velous, prodigious, strange, mi- ment, expiation, recompense, in- raculous, stupendous, extraor- demnity.

Insult, injury, fault, ANT. Common, familiar, triv- offense.

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Softness, mildness, hackneyed, usual, customary. Winding, devious, amiability. Austerity, ungracious- sive, circuitous; diffuse, dull, ness, discourtesy, moroseness. Agreeable, gentle, good- vague. Direct, straight, frank, tractive, charming, lovable. Crusty, hateful, sullen, plain, clear, lucid, unmistak- surly, crabbed, cruel, unlovely, able.

Minister, envoy, Amicable. Cordial, kind, friendly, legate, deputy, plenipotentiary. Surrounding, encom- tious, favorable, sociable, ami- passing, enfolding, circling, in- able. Unkind, cold, distant, ANT. Penetrating, infiltrat- hostile, adverse, unfriendly. Among, between, in the Ambiguous. Doubtful, dubious, midst of, betwixt, surrounded uncertain, indefinite, vague, ob- by.

Outside, without, be- igmatical. Wrong, improper, faulty, ANT. Modern, young, fresh, incorrect, inaccurate, inoppor- new, juvenile, upstart. Auxiliary, helping, ANT. Correct, right, fault- instrumental subsidiary, sub- ;. Amount, n. Sum, total, aggre- ANT. Alien, adverse, redun- gate, whole; effect, substance, dant, obstructive, impertinent, purport. Portion, instalment, Angelic. Seraphic, celestial, pure, part; failure, deficiency, ethereal, adorable, rapturous, Ample. Liberal, large, spacious, heavenly, divine, spiritual.

Demoniac, demoniacal, berant, bountiful, generous. Niggardly, stingy, scant, Anger. Fury, ire, offense, pas- mean, narrow, insufficient. Augment, enlarge, ex- temper, vexation, displeasure, pand, expatiate, increase, de- animosity, wrath, resentment. Patience, self-control, ANT. Abbreviate, condense, self-restraint, forbearance, le- reduce, abridge, amputate, epit- niency, mildness, forgiveness, omize, summarize.

Diversion, sport, Angry. Provoked, indignant, ex- play, fun, entertainment, merri- asperated, irritated, wrathful, ment, pastime, game, frolic, furious, resentful, mad, passion- relaxation. Weariness, disgust, sa- ANT. Calm, unresentful, tiety, tedium, monotony, stren- peaceful, self-controlled, good- uosity. Likeness, relation, re- Anguish.

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Agony, torture, tor- semblance, similitude, compari- ment, pang, acute distress, ex- son. Unlikeness, incongru- ANT. Ease, pleasure, relief, ity, disproportion, disagree- solace, assuagement, ecstasy. Brute, beast, living or- Analysis. Separation, dissection, ganism, sentient being; fauna.

Man ; vegetable ; angel ; ANT. Synthesis, composition, inanimate object, substance; aggregation, combination, co- soul, spirit. Enliven, vivify, Anarchy. Misrule, disorder, law- quicken, invigorate, revive, lessness, violence, confusion. Law, order, government, provoke, encourage, inspire, control, organization, subjec- elate. Deaden, discourage, de- Anatomy.

Analysis, dissection; ter, depress, dishearten, stifle. Life, vitality, spirit, ANT. Synthesis, organization, vivacity, energy, exhilaration, union, construction; body. Old, antique, anti- buoyancy, vigor, liveliness. Trouble, discom- ity. Hatred, enmity, tion, nuisance, irritation. Oratification, delight, acrimony, strife, bitterness, hos- ease, pleasure, relief. Yearly publication, ger. Congeniality, unanim- but a year. Perennial, biennial, tri- harmony, concord, regard, alli- ennial; exotic. Cancel, abrogate, recall, Annals. Chronicles, records, reg- repeal, revoke, countermand, re- isters, rolls, archives.

Romance, tradition, supersede, invalidate. Conserve, confirm, Annex. Add, affix, attach, ad- maintain, enact, establish. Abnormal, unnat- unite, connect. Detach, disconnect, tional, aberrant, unusual, sin- withdraw, separate, remove, dis- gular, eccentric, erratic. Normal, regular, usual, Annihilation. Extermination, ordinary, common, iconted. Soon, shortly, forthwith, struction; non-existence; obliv- immediately, instantly, directly, ion, non-being, eternal blank; ere long; afterward, presently, Nirvana.

Perpetuation, immor- ANT. Herewith, now; already, tality; genesis, evolution, de- previously. Nameless, unac- Annotation. Note, comment, re- knowledged, of unknown author- mark, observation, gloss, scho- ship. Identified, authorized, elucidation. Narrative, text, asser- Answer, v. Reply, rejoin, re- tion, proposition, statement.

Proclaim, publish, re- sible, or liable, go surety; cor- port, herald, make known, state, respond, be similar; do, serve, reveal, tell, declare, communi- suit, pass; refute, defend; sat- cate, promulgate, circulate, isfy, fulfil. Challenge, defy, ques- ANT. Suppress, secrete, hide, tion, interrogate, query, sum- cover up, conceal, bury, with- mon. Refutable, respon- Announcement. Notice, procla- sible, amenable, liable, account- mation, declaration, advertise- able ; corresponding, correla- ment, notification, manifesto, tive, suitable, proportionate. Independent, irrespon- ANT.

Suppression, conceal- irrefutable; unsuitable, sible, ment, secrecy, equivocation, am- dissimilar, different. Amity, alliance, associ- Anxiety. Perplexity, apprehen- ation. Preceding, pre- worry, dread, trouble, forebod- vious, prior, foregoing, anterior, ing, misgiving, eagerness, diffi- precursory. Subsequent, posterior, ANT.

Ease, confidence, con- sequent, following. Date before the true calmness, nonchalance, assur- time ; anticipate, forestall, fore- ance. Stoicism, calmness, ANT. Postdate, follow, suc- composure, lethargy, uncon- ceed, supervene. Forestall, expect, immobility, quietude, phlegm, foretaste, antedate, forecast, ap- stillness. Fury, frenzy, suscepti- to. Postdate, follow; re- excitement, agitation, feeling, flect upon, recall, recollect, re- passion, vehemence, emotion.

Mimic, imitate, counter- dread, fear. Expectation, pros- represent. Vary, modify, change. Opening, hole, gap, prehension, presentiment; pre- rift, chasm, loophole, orifice, science, prevision, forethought. Realization, consum- ANT. Closure, blank wall; mation, despair, enjoyment, sur- seclusion, imperviousness.

Acme, vertex, pinnacle, fear. Repugnance, repul- ANT. Base, nadir, foot, root. Adage, maxim, prov- horrence, hatred, hostility, erb, saying, dictum, apothegm, loathing. Attraction, affinity, ANT. Lecture, disquisition, congeniality, sympathy, har- discourse, sermon. Each, individually, sev- Antiquated. Quaint, obsolete, erally, distributively, sepa- bygone, ancient, archaic, old- rately.

Together, collectively, ANT. Modern, modish, new, synthetically, in the aggre- recent, stylish, fashionable, gate. Tn or from " The Antiquity. Ancient times, eld. Revelation of St. John the early days; ancients, people of Divine"; prophetic, mystical, early days; great age; pi. Concealing, obscuringt ANT. Modernity; futurity, shrouding, eclipsing. Unauthentic, un- meanor, air, complexion, man- canonical, legendary, fictitious, ner. Disappearance, eva- rious. Palpable, authorized, Appease.

Calm, pacify, soothe, accepted, authentic, genuine, quell, mollify, mitigate, lull; current, verified, attested. Plea, excuse, defense, oncile. Aggravate, exasperate, justification, vindication, ex- provoke, inflame, incense, eat-. Charge, censure, im- Appellation. Epithet, title, de- putation, condemnation, insult, scription, designation, name.

Anonymousness, name- Apostate. Renegade, turncoat, lessness. At- traitor. Adherent, supporter, supplement. Main body, original, Apothegm. Saying, dictum, whole, total. Belong, inhere, ad- word. Sermon, discourse, ti- late. Be remote, far-fetched, Appall.

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Terrify, frighten, dis- or forced, have no bearing upon. Longing, craving, de- fright. Reassure, embolden. Clothes, dress, rai- pugnance, antipathy, disgust. Praise, approbation, guise, garments, robes, ves- commendation, compliment, ture, wardrobe, equipment, plaudit, acclamation, eclat, trappings.

Nudity, deshabille, ANT. Denunciation, censure, rags, tatters. Seeming, probable, hissing. Means, in- manifest, clear, patent, evident, struments, appointments, ap- plain, legible, specious. Real, hidden, dubious, equipment resources, ; steps, improbable, doubtful, unimag- measures, ways; contrivances. Fit, appropriate, Appeal. Address, invoke, en- suitable, pertinent, apt, proper, treat, implore, supplicate, sue, relevant, germane ; adjustable.

Irrelevant, useless, un- ANT. Protest, defy, abjure, available, impertinent. Petitioner, solicitor, Appearance. Semblance, look, suitor, candidate, aspirant. Divert, misuse, dis- ANT. Miss, lose, misundeT' card, divorce. Determine, establish, Apprehension. Arrest, cap- fix; assign, allot, designate; ture; understanding, intelli- nominate, name, create; equip, gence, mind, reason ; notice, cog-. Reserve, cancel, dis- fancy, sentiment, notion, fear, arrange, reverse, unthhold, re- suspicion, anxiety.

Escape, non-detection; withdraw. Assignation, as- lethargy; illiteracy, stupidity, signment, agreement, arrange- stolidity; confidence, noncha- ment; meeting, tryst; station, lance. Give notice, inform, command, order, edict, ordi- tell,publish, advise, acquaint.

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Deceive, mislead, hood- law. Appoint, allot, ap- Approach, v. Advance, draw propriate, divide, distribute, near, bring near, go near, push ; share, grant, dispense, assign, broach, address confidentially; deal. Retain, collect, con- lar,or equal. Diverge, retreat, go vert. Apt, pertinent, suit- like. Praise, commen- applicable, adapted. Untimely, irrelevant, port, consent, sanction, indorse- unfitting, impertinent, mis- ment, concurrence, assent. Censure, protest, de- Appraise. Estimate, prize, nial, disapproval, dissatisfac- value, rate, fix a price for, sur- tion.

Praise, commend, ANT. Undervalue, discard, sanction, support, encourage, misprize; discount, rebate, al- authorize. Disparage, condemn, Appreciate. Estimate justly, disown, repudiate, dislike. Approach, raise the value of; recognize, nearness, similarity, likeness, respect. Undervalue, misjudge, pinquity, neighborhood.

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Remoteness, variation, disdain. Arrest, seize, take, Appurtenant. Belonging, con- catch, capture; imagine, con- nected, appended, attached, co- ceive, regard; perceive, realize, ordinate. Isolated, detached, un- Aridity. Dryness, parchedness, allied, independent.

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Theoretically; neces- ness; dulness, indifference, tor- sarily, apodictically, constitu- pidity, insensibility. Moisture, fertility, ver- ally, inductively. A posteriori; practi- Arise. Ascend, mount, get up, cally, according to experience; stand up; rebel, revolt; result, deductively from facts.


Opportune, seasonable, ANT. Descend, dismount; apposite, timely, apt, suitable. Inopportune, irrele- Aristocracy. Government of vant, untimely, inapt, unsuit- nobles; nobility, peerage, gen- able. Disposition, knack, ANT. Democracy; people, endowment, tendency, inclina- populace, masses, rabble. Equip, array, furnish, propensity. Unreadiness, unskilful- cover, protect, guard; prepare. Divest, disarm; expose. Umpire, judge, referee ; Army. Soldiery, legion, arma- controller, master, lord.

Appellant, claimant, troops. Individual; citizens. Despotic, autocratic, Aromatic. Fragrant, spicy, tyrannical, overbearing, pe- balmy, redolent, odoriferous, remptory; capricious, wilful, ambrosial. Scentless, malodorous, ANT. Considerate, lenient, fetid, offensive, noisome, rank. Excite, provoke, insti- Arbitration. Mediation, inter- gate, stimulate, animate, kindle, cession, interposition, interven- warm, whet, summon, awaken. Allay, mitigate, mod- trial, judgment, decision.

Litigation, contention, Arraign. Accuse, charge, indict, disputation, appeal, dissension. Passionate, fervent, in- ANT. Acquit, discharge, con- tense, vehement, fierce, fiery; done, release. Settle, determine, ad- astic, strenuous. Cool, cold, indifferent, rank, range, distribute, place; ,. Reasoning, proof, ANT. Confuse, disturb, evidence, controversy, discus- jumble, disperse, disorder, de- sion, debate; subject, topic, range.

Order, parade, show, stract, outline. Assertion, assumption; ment, line of battle, disposi- dogma. Disorder, confusion, truth, honesty, artlessness, in- jumble. Apprehend, capture, Artificial. Unnatural, factitious ; seize, detain, hold, take pris- feigned, counterfeit, fictitious, oner; stop. Liberate, free, dismiss, strained. Natural, genuine, spon- Arrival. Advent, coming; comer, taneous, transparent, artless, person or thing arrived. Departure, going. Designer, contriver, Arrive.

Reach, get to, come at- skilled workman, artisan; me- ;. Depart, set out or sculptor, carver; master, mas- forth, be gone. Haughty, insolent, Ascend. Rise, mount, soar, as- proud, lordly, disdainful, su- go up, tower. Descend, fall, sink. Power, authority, imperious. Humble, diffident, po- control, government, influence.

Subordination, ser- ate. Craft, business, calling, em- Ascertain. Determine, establish, ployment, trade; practical settle, flx, define, verify; dis- knowledge creation of beauty ; cover, find out, get at. Guess, surmise, sup- tude, cleverness, ingenuity pose, presume, conjecture. Austere, rigid, severe, ANT.

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Misrepresentation, cari- self-denying, abstinent, stern, cature; candor, simplicity; in- puritanical. Lenient, indulgent, Article. Tiling, substance, com- epicurean, pampered, mild, tol- modity; part, portion, particu- erant. Impute, attribute, as- paper, monograph, brochure. Nothing, nullity, cipher; ANT. Dissociate, exclude; totality, entirety, unity, integer.

Join, unite, connect, Ask. Request, petition, solicit, fasten together; enunciate, ut- entreat, beg, beseech, suppli- ter distinctly, pronounce. Disperse, separate, AXT. Refuse, reject, deny; rend, dissect, disjoin, discon- command, claim, exact, extort, nect; whisper; render mute, si- enforce, insist. Air, mien, look, counte- Artifice. Cunning, craft, machi- nance, expression, feature, bear- nation, stratagem, guile, device, ing; state, attitude, posture, contrivance, cheat, imposture, condition, appearance; direc- trick, ruse, maneuver, wile.

Fairness, frankness, Asperity. Denial, contradiction, per; roughness, unevenness. Sweetness, pleasant- avowal, retraction, repudiation, ness; gentleness, mildness ; confutation, abjuration. Tax, value, appraise, es- Asperse. Slander, calumniate, timate, compute, fix, assign, de- traduce, vilify, attack, abuse, termine, impose. Discount, rebate, uA- disparage, censure, slur, malign. Eulogize, vindicate, Assiduous. Diligent, industri- clear, defend, extol, praise, ous, untiring, indefatigable, de- shield. Pronouncing with painstaking, laborious, persist- the rough breathing; yearning, ent, active.

Indolent, remiss, inat- spiritual ambition. Apathy, inertia, indif- stant. Appointment, al- pudiation, avoidance. Attack, invation, determination, offer, presenta- charge, onset, onslaught, ag- tion; transfer, allowance. Withdrawal, refusal; ANT. Resistance, defense, re- acceptance, reception. Make similar, cause ing. Gather, collect, con- ate, incorporate, absorb. Contrast, reject, sepa- together. Disperse, scatter, dis- Assist. Help, aid, succor, re- miss. Concourse, company, speed, sustain, promote, fur- gathering, congregation, as- ther, cooperate with, patronize. Hinder, oppose, an- throng congress, parliament, ; tagonize, prevent, resist, coun- legislature, synod, diet, coun- teract.

Companion, com- dancing party. Dispersion, dismissal, partner, colleague, coadjutor, disunion, disruption. Acquiescence, ac- federate, peer. Antagonist, enemy, foe, currence, approbation, accord, opponent, rival, stranger, op- consent, agreement, compliance. Disagreement, dissent, Association. Federation, fellow- difference, protest, declension. Asseveration, prot- society, union, partnership, estation, allegation ; position, lodge, company, confederacy, statement, word, declaration; corporation, fraternity, club. Solitude; disintegra- nance.

Arrangement, al- rible. Humane, noble, honor- group, parcel, collection; vari- able, admirable, chivalrous, gen- ety, miscellany. Disarrangement, dis- Attachment. Adherence, friend- placement, misplacement j con- ship, regard, tenderness, love, glomeration. Soothe, pacify, miti- clination, union. A lienation, aversion, ANT. Excite, inflame, pro- coolness, distance, estrange- voke, aggravate, exasperate.

Arrogate, feign, pre- animosity, dislike, enmity, di- tend, take, usurp, accept, affect, vorce. Attack, v. Assault, storm, as- ANT. Waive, allow, surren- sail, invade, charge, rush upon, der; doff; concede, grant, aban- spring upon censure, criticize ; ;. Withstand, defend, re- Assumption. Presumption, hy- sist, support, shield, aid, up- pothesis, theory, postulate, con- hold, shelter, vindicate, protest. Lose, fail of, forfeit, ery. Truth, fact; timidity, Attainment.

Winning, getting, distrust, misgiving, consterna- accomplishing, securing; eru- tion. Confidence, effront- accomplishment, mental re- ery, presumption, assumption, sources, information, learning, arrogance, impudence, self-re- enlightenment. Inspiration, intuition, pledge. Doubt, distrust, hesi- Attempt. Try, undertake, seek, tancy, misgiving, timidity, con- endeavor, essay, attack, strive. Abandon, shun, drop, Astonish.

Amaze, startle, sur- dismiss, negleot. Presence; persons ANT. Encourage, embolden, present; train, retinue; minis- assure. Keen, discerning, acute, ANT. Absence; non-atten- sagacious, shrewd, sharp, cun- dance; neglect, abandonment. Care, notice, obser- knowing, perspicacious, crafty. Stupid, unintelligent, ness, alertness; study, reflec- imbecile, dull, idiotic, short- tion, application ; respect, cour- sighted, shallow.

Thera was struck by lighting and from that day forward she heard the Voice. A reluctant prophet with the power to see into the future, she fought alongside Ashok Vadal and his company of men known as the Sons of the Black Sword until a shapeshifting wizard with designs on her powers of precognition spirited her away. He holds her prisoner in the House of Assassins.

With his sword Angruvadal, Ashok was unstoppable. But Angruvadal is gone, shattered to pieces on the demon possessed husk of a warrior. Now, Ashok must fight without the aid of the magic blade for the first time. But there is much more at risk in the continent of Lok. Strange forces are working behind the scenes. Ashok Vadal and the Sons of the Black Sword are caught up in a game they do not fully understand, with powerful forces allied against them. Ashok no longer knows what to believe.

He is beginning to think perhaps the gods really do exist. Thomas Theisman didn't. After risking his life and a fresh round of civil war to overthrow the Committee of Public Safety's reign of terror and restore the Republic of Haven's ancient Constitution, an interstellar war was the last thing he wanted. Baron High Ridge didn't. The Prime Minister of Manticore was perfectly happy with the war he had. No one was shooting anyone else at the moment, and as long as he could spin out negotiations on the formal treaty of peace, his government could continue to milk all those "hostilities only" tax measures for their own partisan projects.

His Imperial Majesty Gustav didn't. Now that the fighting between the Star Kingdom and the Havenites had ended, the Andermani Emperor had his own plans for Silesia, and he was confident he could achieve them without a war of his own. Protector Benjamin didn't. His people had made too deep a commitment to the Manticoran Alliance, in blood as well as treasure, for him to want to risk seeing it all thrown away.

And Honor Harrington certainly didn't. The "Salamander" had seen the inside of too many furnaces already, knew too much about how much war cost. New stories of the war between humanity and the catlike Kzin from Brad R. Shoemaker, and more! The predatory catlike warrior race known as the Kzin never had a hard time dealing with all those they encountered, conquering alien worlds with little effort.

That is until they came face to face with the leaf-eaters known as humans. Small of stature and lacking both claws and fangs, the humans should have been easy prey. But for years now the humans and the Kzin have been engaged in a series of wars, with neither side able to declare decisive victory once and for all. A new collection of short stories set in the Man-Kzin Wars shared universe created by multiple New York Times best-seller, incomparable tale-spinner, and Nebula- and five-time Hugo-Award-winner, Larry Niven.

Complete Contributor List: Brad R. Shoemaker Hal Colebach Jessica Q. Fox Jason Fregeau. Next in series, which debuted with the stunningly reviewed Witchy Eye. Butler delivers another brilliant Americana flintlock fantasy novel. In New Orleans, a new and unorthodox priest arises to plague the chevalier and embody the curse of the murdered Bishop Ukwu. Dodging between these rival titans, a crew of Catalan pirates—whose captain was once a close associate of Mad Hannah Penn—grapples with the chevalier over the fate of one of their mates. Despite unprecedented victories on the part of humanity, the war with the alien Chiata Horde drags on.

The Chiata may be temporarily hindered by the cunning tenacity of General Alexander Moore and the men and women who fight at his side, but they have no intention of beating a hasty retreat. In fact, intelligence suggests that the Chiata Invasion is at hand, and with numbers sure to overwhelm humankind. But hope has come from an unlikely source: the Thgreeth, long-dead inhabitants of a world ground under the heels of the Chiata millennia ago.

In the crumbled ruins of their homeworld is a map—and it may lead to victory. And nothing will stand in the way of her mission: to take down the alien scourge. Zander Krycek made a choice that saved his world of Ithaca, but doomed his reputation and banished him to a planet far, far away. And the place to start is with the mysterious aliens who also inhabit Ithaca.