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Il fanciullo ha un fratello eel una zia. Traduzioue, 2. Exercise for translation. I have the book.

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I have a rose. Thou hast the hat. Hast thou a dog? Hast thou a looking-glass? He has the coat. IVly father has the bird. Has she a pear? Has he the bread? We have a hat. Have we the gem? You have the goose. They have a garden. Have they f. The king has a horse. Have they m, a cherry? They f. Have they m. The child has a book.

The queen has a rose. My brother has the dog. My mother has a pen. Ho io la rosa? Voi avete la rosa. Si, io ho il libro. Avete voi un libro? Si, io ho nn libro. Si, il fanciullo ha un fiore. Si, il fratello ha uno sehioppo. Avete voi Vabito? Note 1. For the polite mode of addressing a person, see the same lesson, Note 4. Hanno essi una pera ed iina ciriegia? Ha egli il pane? Ha el]a iiTi fiore? Hanno essi nna sorella?

Si, essi lianno nna pera ed nna ciriegia. Si, egli lia il pane. No, essi hanno nna zia. Second Lesson. Tlie substantive. The Plural of substantives. Note, Words ending in a preceded by c or g, take in the Plural an 1i after these consonants, in order to retain the hard sound. In the first Part of this grammar we shall always indicate the Plur. V, and the very limited number of those ending in consonants, are also alihe in the Singular and Plural, as: il d the day — i d the days ; il portafogli the pocket-book — i porfafogli; la specie species — le specie; il lapis pencil — i Jdjyis; il cdos chaos — i cdos etc.

The substantive. Except those fem. For further observations on irregularities in the formation of the Plural see the second Part of this grammar. The Plural of the article d is as: il padre — i padri; il cielo — i cieli. Il tempcrino, the penknife. See Kote page Noi avevamo un coltello. Mio fratello ha i temperini. La casa ha due porte. Avevate voi gli alberi? Si, noi avevamo gli alberi. II re aveva due ca- stelli. La regina ha i palazzi. Mio zio aveva veduto tre stufe, Ecco i qiiadri e gli specchi.

Noi abbiamo veduto quattro sorci, I fauciulli avevano tre pere. I duchi ed i monarchi avevano i paesi. Mia zia aveva una stufa. II duca aveva tre eavalli. Le zie avevano i gatti. Mia madre ha due sorelle. Ecco il palazzo del of the duca. Tradiizioue, 4. I had three brothers. The duke has the sword. The children have the flowers. Here are the games, the pencils, and the coats. Here are also the houses, the castles, and the palaces. Had she the hats? No, she had the coats.

The countries have the canals. My father has three sisters. Hadst thou a physician? Yes, I had a physician. I have seen the gardens and the trees. Had they f. No, they had four dogs and three cats. The wives have the eggs. The eye is large. I have two eyes. Here is the house of the poet. There is a God. Avevamo noi un temperino? Aveva io i coltelli? Hai tu veduto un papa? Gli uomini hanno veduto gli dei?

I fanciulli avevano i quadri? I duchi hanno le spade? Avevano essi veduto i castelli ed i palazzi? Avete voi un uovo? Mio padre ha i giuochi? Voi avevate un temperino. Si, tu avevi i coltelli. Si, io ho veduto due papi. No, gli uomini non noif hanno veduto gli dei. I fanciulli non avevano i quadri. No, i monarchi hanno le spade e gli scettri. Si, essiavevano veduto icastelli ed i palazzi. Si, io ho due nova. Anche always stands before the substantive or pronoun to di It relers.

See Avevate voi veduto i poeti? No, non avevaroo veduto i poeti. Third Lesson. Declension of substantives. Italian nouns form the different cases the Singular and Plural by means of prepositions. These prepositions, however, are not, as in English, simply put before the article, but undergo a contraction with the article into one word. There are five cases both in the Singular and Plural ; the nominative and accusative are ahcays alike, 1 The genitive, answering to the question ivliose? It is used to express a source or origin, distance or removal, and also a divclling upon, a characteristic toJeen or fitness for anything.

Also to is rendered by da, when it expresses going to some Like di and a, this preposition is joined with the definite article, and forms the following contractions; from, by the from, by the from, by the from, by the from, by the from, by the from, by the from, by the from, by the from, by the father Singular. These prepositions are not liable to contraction before the indefinite article. It may be observed, however, that di commonly drops its final i and takes an apostrophe in its stead, as: tin padre, a father; una madre, a mother.

Da, on the contrary, is never apostrophised. The demonstrative adjectives qiiesfo m. Survey of the clecleiision. Before consonants, except s impiira. Before s impiira. With apostrophe. In the same manner are declined the above mentioned possessive adjectives mio, my, hw, thy, suo, his, her etc. II creatore, the creator. Vanbndle, the animal. Vil sonno, the sleep.

By is; sonOy are. Il padre del fanciullo. La porta della casa. Le porte delle case. Le finestre dei palazzi. Il gat to h un aiihnale. I gatti sono i nemici dei sorci. Io do le rose ai cugini ed alle engine. Yoi date gli scrigni agli amici ed alle amiche. I nemici degli uomini. I fogli dei libri e dei qimderni ivriiing-hooJcs. Le foglie di quest!

Le finestre di qnesta casa. Io vengo dalla citta. The brother of the cousin m. The sisters of the cousin f. The gates of the town. The houses of the towns. The windows of the houses. Grod is the creator of the world. The dog is the enemy of the cat. The dog is the friend of the man, 2. I give the book to the brother. The sleep of the child. Of the death of my del mio friend The leaves of the roses and of the trees of the garden.

Here are the clothes dhiti, m, of the children. We speak Noi parlidmo of the trees and of the plants of the earth. Fanciullo means lad; fanciullay a young lady, a. Thus" a lady would say: ho cinque due mascJii etre fejnminef I have five children, two boys and three girls. The English inversion Saxon genitive : of my frieiuVs.

Tu bai ii libro del cugino. Hai tu il ritratto della zia? Si, io bo il ritratto della zia. Ha egli veduto il giardino Si, egli ba veduto il giardino del re? I fanciulli banno gli scrigni? Si, i fanciulli banno gli scrigiii. Cbi loho aveva la penna del Io aveva la peiina del fratello. Di cbi sono quelle pere? Sono del re e della regina. Di cbi sono quest! Questi libri sono di vostro padre. Avete voi veduto il cane del- Ecco il cane deiramico. Di cbi sono quests ocbe?

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Sono di vostra cugina. Fonrtb Lesson. Frequently the cases of suljstantives are governed by prepositions, which appear almost in every sentence, and should therefore he learned early. Generally speaking the Italian prepositions govern no particular case, i. In elegant speech, however, some of them are used with the genitive and dative case, whereby a slight variation in the original signification is effected. See P. Lesson Note, The prepositions in in , con with , su on , tra, frcL between , and per for are often contracted with the ar- ticle in one word; such is usually the case with in, con, and su, and sometimes with tra, fra, and per, as the pupil may learn from the following table.

The sentence: di chi sono quelle 2yere? La sctidla, the school. Vdcqua, the water. Luigi, Lewis. Sono io? Il gatto e dietro la stiifa. Siete voi in cucina? Luigi e da mio padre.

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I cavalli sono dayanti la porta. Dopo la pioggia. Durante la notte. Avanti il giorno. Questo libro. Questa per a h per mia zia. Senza danaro money. Mia cugina sta a Parigi Fans nella casa di mia zia. Egli aveva le mani in tasca, Il libro h nella tas- ca del padre. Tradnzione, 8. In the yard. During the rain, I am before the house of the physician. Lewis is in the garden. The servant is in the room. The masters are at school. Before the night. The birds are on the roof of the chui'ch. I speak io pdrio of the coat Gen, , — of thefiowei's, — of my father, — of my mother.

My sister is at home. The two knives are upon the table. Where are the cats? They are in the kitchen.

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The horses are in the water. The penknife of the boy is on the table. Without my father. I went Sono andato with my sister. I come with the friend of my brother. Dove h mio figlio? I fanciulli sono dal maestro? Di che cosa ivliat parli sjyealvest tu? Dove abita tuo cugino? Vostra cugina h in iscuola? Obi b andato in chiesa? E in casa vostro fratello? La serva b in cucina o in giardino? Avevate voi veduio le anitx'e ducks nel cortile? Con chi toith whom siete andati? Egli b nel cortile dello zio. Egli e in giardino. No, essi ginoeano play da- vanti alia casa. Io parlo del re. Abita dalla zia.

No, essa e in chiesa. No, b andato dal medico. E nel giardino del vicino. Noi avevaino vediito le anitre, e le oche. Noi siamo andati con nostro padre. Piftli Lesson. The partitive genitive. To vedo anitre, I see ducks but no geese. Egli vende del fahacco, lie sells tobacco and other ar- ticles. EgU vende iahacco, he is a tobacconist. Note, In 7iegative sentences the partitive sense is most com- monly expressed by the omission of the article. Thus: We have oio flowers. Non ahbiamo fiori. You have neither money nor friends. Non avete ne danaro 7ie amicL Words.

La farina, the flour, meal. Voro, the gold. Vargento, the silver. VincMostrOj the ink. Che, what? Volio, the oil. Vaceto, the vinegar. Avrd io? Eglino avranno anche del danaro. Tu avrai del formaggio. Questo mercante vende olio ed aceto. Luigi avra anche dei libri e delle nmtite. Avevano esse dei fiori? Nel cortile sono le oche e le anitre. Yi sono oeiie nel cortile. Gli stranieri avranno del danaro.

Noi avremo della miiiestra e della came. Nel giardino vi sono alberi, frutta e fiori.

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You will have milk and eggs. Here is fife bread. Here is some bread. My father had lead and iron. This child bad some flowers. My cousin f. There are soup, oil and vinegar. The merchant had sugar and eoflee. The queen had gold and silver. They will also have some paper and ink. My uncle sells paper, pencils, pens and ink. Lewis has horses and dogs. We have seen horses. Thy sister will have shoes and. I give to thy brother clothes and flowers.

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Shall you have any friends w. These men are foreigners. There are a great many examples like this to be found, where Italians, for the sake of euphony, put a word in th? Article always repeated. Abbiamo noi della farina? Cbe cosa wliat? Ha Ella delle jnatite? Hanno essi delle pere? Che cosa bai tn sotto il brae- cio arm 'i Per chi whom sono qnesti iibri? Tua sorella ha dello znc- chero? Avete delle frutta in casa? No, signora Madam , ma abbiamo del denaro.

Abbiamo came e pane. No, ma ho delle penne. No, ma essi hanno delle prugne. Essi sono per mio cugino. Si, signore Sir , abbiamo delle frutta. Vi sono libri e quadri. Sixth Lesson. The dative of this declension, however, is very rare. It is formed by putting a or ad before the partitive articles del, della, dello, delV ; pi. In familiar conversation Italians often say cosa?

Here tlie article is entirely omitted, cli taking its place before the substantive, as: ISTom. Such is the case, when the substantive is governed l y another word implying measure, weight, mimher or quantity, as: Una botiiglia di vino, a bottle of wine. Un hiccJiiere d'acqua, a glass of water. Died libbre di came, ten pounds of meat. Una quantiid di zuecliero, a great deal of sugar. English compound substantives are often rendered by this genitive, as: II maestro di sciiola, the school-master. II mercante di vino, the wine-merchant.

This genitive is also governed by some adverbs of quantity, as: ouentc, nothing; qualclie cosa, something etc. Qualche cosa di grande, something grand. The nominative and accusative case of this partitive form are always alihc. Nom, Acc. Singular, del vino, some wine, j dellj incMostro, some ink. It must be well understood, that the word governed by these adverbs of quantity cannot be a substantive, Tlie pupil would be entirely wrong in saying as in Frencli: poco di birra, little beer, poco being in such a case considei'cd as an adjective.

Una botiiglia, a bottle. Zina Ubbra, a pound. Vanello, the ring. Vorologio, m. The usual manner of renderino- such expressions does not differ from English. See Part the Adjective, The partitive genitive. Ecco una bottiglia di vino. Noi abbiamo comprato tre chilogrammi di znccbero. Egli iia venduto due quintal! La regina aveva un gran numero di cavalli. Tti pens! Ho rice vu to quest! Mia zia avra una dozzina di calze. Voi avrete un foglio di carta. II coiitadino aveva cinque buoi, dieci cavalli ed una quantita di porci. Egli ha bevuto troppo too much vino.

II vicino ha comprato dieci chili di cioccolata chocolate. Ho ricevuto una lettera e una scatola da mia zia. Abbiamo ve- duto una moltitudine di persone. I shall have some pens. Travelling along the roads that connect these ancient places is soothing for mind and the eye. Whether by bike or by car the panoramas along the road are a feast for the eyes and a pleasure for the soul.

Ancient domain of the Malatesta, great part of the artistic and cultural heritage of Cesena is due to this family. Piazza del Popolo, Albornoz Palace and the Masini Fountain mark the city centre, from which they start the main streets of the town, full of shops and luxury boutiques. From the square you will enter to Rimembranza Park, by climbing the gentle slope and walking the trails up to the Malatestian Fortress, one of the most evocative and recently restored in Romagna.

Its walls surround the town centre and look down to the city illuminating it from above. Allo stesso modo anche dalla Basilica di Santa Maria del Monte si guarda Cesena in prospettiva, per godere di un altro meraviglioso scorcio. Likewise you can overlook the city from the Santa Maria del Monte Monastery, from which you can enjoy a wonderful perspective. Subito si distinse per la rappresentazione delle migliori produzioni drammatiche e liriche, testimoniate dalla presenza di prestigiosi interpreti italiani del periodo.

Il teatro fu dedicato al grande tenore cesenate Alessandro Bonci dopo le sue esibizioni nel e Alessandro Bonci theatre was inaugurated on August 15th, , three years after the start of work designed by architect Vincenzo Ghinelli. Immediately it distinguished itself for the representation of the best dramatic and operatic productions, evidenced by the presence of prestigious Italian interpreters of the period.

The theater was dedicated to the great tenor Alessandro Bonci after his performances in and Tradizionale festa popolare che ogni anno si svolge nella settimana di mezza Quaresima. A livable and people-oriented town, in which squares, streets and building create an harmonious balance, with taverns, small shops, green areas and picturesque courtyards. Known as Casa Artusi this is a place where traditional dishes can be enjoyed and it also hosts cookery courses. Traditional folk festival which takes place every year in the middle week of Lent.

The name comes from the old sawn lady, a large papier mache puppet, representing a woman, full of sweets and toys that are distributed to the children. According to tradition, the origin of this festival dates back to medieval times when an old loose woman, guilty of having eaten meat in contravention of the Lenten fast, was condemned to be sawed alive. But Segavecchia has roots much older and comes from Mediterranean rites linked to the celebration of the natural cycle of life - death - life and rural celebrations: the old sawn lady would represent the end of winter and the return of spring full of fruits and gifts for the men.

Alcuni di loro furono accompagnati nelle proprie case e usati come lasciapassare per entrare nelle case di varie altre famiglie. Oggi raccoglie fra le sue mura biblioteca, scuola di cucina, spazio eventi e ristorante. Forlimpopoli was founded in the second half of the II century B. Casa Artusi, opened in , is a gastronomic and cultural institute conceived by the passion for culinary experimentation.

Today, within the walls of its library, it houses a cooking school, a space for events and a restaurant. Among the most famous deeds of Passatore we remind the Forlimpopoli night the night of January 25th, Fifteen robbers penetrated, during the intermission of a performance, in the municipal theater they climbed on the stage, opening the curtains and aiming their guns to the audience and they started robbing the richest men o the town present in the theatre.

Some of them where brought at their houses and forced to let them go inside the house of many other families. Museo Archeologico Ospitato nelle suggestive sale al pianterreno della Rocca, il Museo custodisce preziose testimonianze della storia locale. Built in the middle of the 15th century the Servants of Mary settled in Forlimpopoli in the hospital and in the oratory of the Beaten Blacks, spaces that were transformed into a larger church with a convent. The interior, rich in works of art and elegant tasteful furnishings predominantly late Baroque, there are a valuable Annunciation Marco Palmezzano and the organ with doors painted by Livio Modigliani.

Ricette romagnole e piatti innovativi in un ristorante elegante sito in una struttura con osteria ed enoteca. The glorious past of Ravenna is evidenced by the richness of artistic works in the territory and guarded carefully. The mosaics made Ravenna famous in the world, but there are a lot of attractions in such a city where art and nature succesfully come together. I mosaici che decorano le maggiori architetture risalgono al IV e V secolo e richiamano ammiratori da tutto il mondo.

The various bike paths reach every part of the city, from the Planetarium to the Garden of the Forgotten Herbs. Ravenna is a chest that collects all the marvels accumulated throughout the ages. The mosaics that decorate the most important buildings date back to he IV and V centuries, and they attract tourists from all over the world. Grandi opere che attraggono visitatori dal mondo. The touristic choice is wide: culture, sport activities, relax on the beach and journeys among the nature in the parks, meditative moments in the churches as well as adrenalinic and funny days in Mirabilandia.

Great masterpieces that attract visitors from all over the world. Built in the early 16th century, the cloister of the Abbey of Saint Maria in Porto gets its name from the Loggia del Giardino. The original building underwent changes in its use and function from the period of the Napoleonic suppressions. The museum moves in various directions, in order to investigate art workshops, from the wide topics of contemporaneity in a historical perspective, to the frontiers of emerging creativity and from work to promote the patrimony to the recovery of material culture and manufactured articles.

Dal Museo alla Bottega All summer Friday, until August 15, you can visit the exhibition Tamo and the mosaics collection at the MAR continuing with a visit to a workshop. Fu costruito verso il da Teodorico il Grande come sua futura tomba. Dal IX secolo la basilica porta il nome attuale. The Mausoleum of Theodoric in Ravenna, is the most famous funerary construction of the Ostrogoths. It was built around by Theodoric the Great as his future tomb. It is to be drunk when fermentation is not fully completed and is used by farmers to gauge how good the harvest will be.

Da non perdere la bellissima Pieve di S. The area has been inhabited since ancient times and proof of this is provided by tombs, vases and coins dating from the times of the Roman Empire. Pesci del lago: Carpa, Carpa amur, Tinca, black bass, spigola, storione, gatto americano, trote, lucci e salmerini. Pomeriggio con musicisti, story tellers e ballerini di musiche tradizionali. In the afternoon, entertainment is provided by musicians, cian story tellers and traditional folk dancers. George Byron era infatti amico di Teresa Gamba, moglie di Alessandro Guiccioli, ai tempi proprietario del maniero.

This mediaeval village, an outlying hamlet of Roncofreddo, has been awarded the Orange Flag. It stands around the castle, which overlooks the settlement from the hillside. On the manor there are a small hanging garden and several buildings, dating from different periods, laid out in a half-moon shape. Two ancient arched gates, located close to each other, lead to the village centre and Piazza Byron, named in honour of the British poet who frequently visited the castle. In fact, George Byron was a friend of Teresa Gamba, wife of Alessandro Guiccioli who owned the country house at the time.

The castle belonged to the Guiccioli family from the 18th century until when Countess Margherita sold it to Count Giovanni Volpe, son of the famous historian Gioacchino Volpe. Its mediaeval historic centre features a square surrounded by its most important buildings.

Clinging to the rock, the Romanesque cathedral is one of the best examples of mediaeval architecture in the Montefeltro area. Meanwhile, the ancient Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta, which looks like a ship run ashore on a reef, is the oldest religious monument in the area. The Renaissance fortress is as impressive as fascinating; designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini and commissioned by Duke Federico da Montefeltro for defensive purposes it stands on a rock that falls perpendicularly to the valley below.

Su un grande sperone roccioso dalle pareti a strapiombo sulla valle, sorge San Leo, bellissimo borgo del Montefeltro, che spicca tra i paesaggi dipinti da Piero della Francesca. On a large rocky spur, whose sides drop sheer to the valley below, is the delightful village of San Leo, standing out in the landscapes once painted by Piero della Francesca. Old and modern poets and artists have visited this characteristic village of the Montefeltro, which lies behind San Marino and the shore of Rimini.

Un vero summer program della lirica. AUGUST Montefeltro Festival - an opera festival founded to help overseas artists to improve their phonetics of singing; an authentic opera summer program. And the landscape that can be seen from San Leo is truly breath-taking. I Balconi di Piero della Francesca Due punti panoramici dai quali osservare i paesaggi rappresentati da Piero della Francesca. The Fort of San Leo rises at the highest point of the village. Locale caratteristico e suggestivo alle porte di San Leo, lungo la via principale.

Osteria Belvedere Ristorante La Rocca Piatti casarecci romagnoli in ex falegnameria dal tocco rustico. It leads into Piazzetta Castello, a meeting place and market square. The small square is overlooked by Santa Annunziata Oratory, which dates back to and displays an oil painting by Stefano Montanari, and a mansion that once belonged to the Ghirardi family, lords of the Castle that overlooks the village.

From the manor, that has been turned into a restaurant, you can enjoy a wonderful wiev, that spreads all over the shore from Rimini to Ravenna. A Montiano ci si delizia di sapori e di prodotti tipici. Meanwhile it is the Malatesta Fortress the main part dating from the 16th century which dominates the mediaeval village with its traditional and bucolic atmosphere. With its many delightful corners and narrow streets it was heavily contended, particularly as it stood on what was once the border between Cesena and Rimini. The walls of the fortress can be seen on Piazza Maggiore and were renovated in basing on the ancient historical design.

Montiano, however, has Roman origins, in the period following the fall of the Roman Empire, when many refugees came on he hills overlooking the Via Emilia to escape the Barbarians. Montiano also offers those who visit delightful dishes and typical local produce. Its architecture is astounding with noble mansions, town houses and narrow streets and squares to be discovered step after step among the network of mysterious underground tuff caves once used as cellars or devotion place.

Built in , 25 meters high, in the Gothic Revival style with battlements at the top and crowned by the image of San Michele Arcangelo in hand- wrought iron indicating wind direction. Even today it keeps showing the correct time to the inhabitants of the city. Sono nati qui Guido Cagnacci, maestro della pittura seicentesca, e Tonino Guerra, poeta, scrittore e sceneggiatore. Santarcangelo is a land of artists and poets; among the famous people who was born here there are include Guido Cagnacci, a 17th-century artist, and Tonino Guerra, a poet, writer and screenwriter, as well as the dialectal writers Raffaello Baldini and Nino Pedretti, and more recently, the actor and comedian Fabio de Luigi.

The local cuisine is another important treasure and is based on traditional homemade dishes, especially tagliatelle. Ben visibile, nella piazza centrale Ganganelli, il grande arco trionfale eretto nel dalla popolazione in onore del concittadino Papa Clemente XIV. Central Piazza Ganganelli is dominated by a huge triumphal arch, built in by the inhabitants of the town to honour their fellow citizen Pope Clement XIV. Museo Tonino Guerra Oltre 60 opere tra quadri, sculture, ceramiche, arazzi e tele stampate.

Stamperia Marchi Nasce nel Trattoria del Passatore Nata nel novembre del nel centro storico di Santarcangelo. Utilizziamo la tradizionale pasta fatta a mano: tagliatelle, cappelletti in brodo e ravioli, passatelli, strozzapreti che vi ricorderanno i sapori dei piatti della vostra adorata nonna.

It boasts several different sections including those dedicated to natural history, pre and proto-history, the Romans, the Middle Ages and majolica, as well as a parish church and an Antiquarium. Si trova nella Chiesa di S. Lorenzo, portato qui dai monaci del monastero di Poggiolo.

From the end of the 15th-century and for about years, gunpowder was produced in the town. It can be made entirely of sheep milk, or of a mix of sheep and cow milk. The cheese is left to ripen in underground pits for 3 months. These oval-shaped pits are carved into the rock since A journey through the places that fuelled his artistic inspiration and his poetry should be experienced by rereading the poems that can be found along the way.

Per aumentare la risonanza del segnale, i pastori realizzavano grandi incavature coniche nel monte come megafoni per comunicare fra loro o segnalare imminenti pericoli. Leonardo had spread among the shepherds of Romagna Apennines, a special acoustic system amplifying the sound of the horn. To increase the signal resonance, the sheperds realized large conical caves in the mount, to be used as megaphone for communicating with each other and warn about imminent dangers. The ethnographic notation that Leonardo transcribed into sheet 2 recto of K manuscript, is very valuable for its singularity.

Museo Da Vinci Documenti, ricerche, disegni e modelli tratti dagli appunti di Leonardo Da Vinci, riattivano la relazione col passato. Tanti piatti che si staccano dalla tipica cucina romagnola e danno qualche sensazione nuova. Consigliato per chi vuole provare un panino unico nel suo genere.

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I sapori genuini della Romagna da gustare immersi nella natura. La cucina propone i piatti della tradizione romagnola, con pasta fatta in casa, la carne che proviene dalla propria azienda agricola e dolci fatti in casa. Ristorante il Passatore Il locale si presta ad ogni genere di occasione, dal piccolo spuntino a base di piadina affettati e formaggi al pranzo completo a base di prodotti locali e stagionali.

Storica trattoria casalinga nella piazza principale di Sogliano. The Roman bridge of Savignano is the best known monument of the city of which it is the very symbol. It consists principally of three large stone arches that rest on two central pillars. The whole is made up of large blocks of Istrian stone, a durable compact limestone that does not exist in the area, and therefore was presumably was imported by sea.

Concerti del Suffragio La rassegna musicale savignanese torna alla Chiesa del Suffragio con un nuovo concerto ad ingresso libero.

Quaderni Trentino Cultura - Atti Pasquini Symposium

His daughter Riccarda personally takes cares of the visitors at the house, where you can trace back the years of the dance halls and listening the most famous performances of the great composer. Dove mangiare Ossteria! Un locale dal design PostRecycledindustriale che propone spettacoli live, djset in vinile, presentazione di libri e dischi. Stuzzicherie tipiche da tutto il mondo, anche vegetariane, con un vasto assortimento di Birre artigianali, Sidro e relativi abbimamenti culinari.

The centre is equipped with a large gym where it is possible to follow the Feldenkrais method - a method that stimulates the nervous system through unusual movements that form new cell communications and synapses which, by developing intellectual potential, make it possible to restore bodily functions that have been lost. Just 5 km from Sogliano, the small village of Strigara is like a balcony overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The source of Pisciatello Torrent is on the hill of Strigara and according to some experts it is the Rubicon River, once crossed by Julius Caesar and his troops, the border that in the Roman Republic of the 1st century BC could not be crossed bearing arms.

In fact, it is easy to get the courses of the two rivers mixed up as their sources are in the same area. A pranzo, a cena, una merenda, un aperitivo tra amici. Yes, the dream to open a place on our own came true. Respect for seasonality, the excellence of local products, collaboration with local producers, are the basis of our food and wine project. For lunch, for a snack, for a drink or an appetizer.

Remains from the Malatesta period include, amongst others, the Ghiacciaia or Ice House and town walls. There are also various archaeological remains linked to the ancient art of working clay. Le grotte si snodano per m, sono suggestive dal punto di vista speleologico, ma anche faunistico. Infatti ospitano una colonia di esemplari di pipistrelli. They are karst caves that develop underground for more than m of burrows and cavities, carved by an underground stream.

A curious legend tells that Dante Alighieri himself, after crossing this area, has taken inspiration from these caves for describing the environments of the cantos. The caves spread for metres and they are very suggestive in terms of thing to see and wildlife. In fact they are home to a colony of specimens of bats. The Visitor Center Onferno organizes guided tours of the caves and the Nature Reserve, which covers over hectares characterized by a dense and lush vegetation, as well as formations of gullies and chalks. You can visit for free the Nature Museum and the Botanical Garden. For groups and schools personalized visits can be organized in the days and times of preference, even outside programmed openings.

In the days around August o are held in Gemmano pardella the Pappardella d the Festival and estiWild boar festirful val: a wonderful opportunity to mmer spend a summer evening of local ving food, good living and good ea-ting! A majestic castle soars atop the hill on which the village stands, the perfect blend of architecture typical of a mediaeval fortress and the Renaissance elegance of a building that has been turned into a noble residence.

It is the country house of the Malatesta, now home to the Tito Balestra Foundation named after the local 20th-century poet which houses over 2, works, including paintings, artwork and sculptures by artists such as Morandi, Guttuso, Chagall, Kokoschka and Matisse, one of the best collections of modern and contemporary art in Emilia Romagna. The people of Longiano took part in the revolts of the Risorgimento and also helped Garibaldi to reach the sea in Cesenatico; a memorial stone in the town recalls this historical key event.

During the Second World War, the town experienced heavy bombing as it was a cornerstone of the Gothic Line. Today, visitors can visit the tunnels of the old wartime shelter, hidden on the hillside on which the castle stands. Longiano has proudly been awarded with the Orange Flag seal of excellence, given to outstanding small towns and villages in Italy, and has succeeded in protecting its wonderful quality of life.

Il teatro progettato dal Turchi aveva una capienza di posti, oggi , distribuiti tra il loggione e i due ordini di palchi; la sala e le decorazioni sono di Girolamo Bellani e Giovanni Canepa. Dove mangiare Ristorante dei Cantoni Il Ristorante dei Cantoni sorge nel proprio in questo quartiere. Terre Alte Le Felloniche Ristorante Pasta casareccia e pietanze di carne in un locale rustico e colorato. Un ristorante dove il pesce regna sovrano.

Michele tutte le mattine si reca al mercato ittico di Cesenatico e acquista, contratta e decide per il miglior pescato. Risale agli anni mille e poi fu dimora dei signori Malatesta, per passare in seguito alla Chiesa di Ravenna. Indeed some experts believe Pisciatello or Urgone Torrent is the real Rubicon River although this dispute has yet to be solved. Like many other villages in Romagna it has an ancient castle that is still well-preserved and soars majestically above this charming hamlet.

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